Don’t Drink the Water? Japanese Cabinet Member Drinks Water From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Yummy! Better than Dasani!

In the ongoing attempt by the Japanese government to convince Japan and the world that the nuclear crisis surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is nothing to be concerned about, Yasuhiro Sonoda “volunteered” to drink water from a radioactive puddle.  He drank it from a clear glass and the water looked perfectly natural and safe.  Sonoda is a cabinet office parliamentary secretary, whatever that is, and found himself under fire by reporters at this news conference designed to stem the tide of allegations surrounding the incident.  Apparently, water was brought from the basements of the #5 and #6 reactor buildings from the plant to show to the press.  A reporter asked Sonoda if he would drink it to prove it was safe.  He was more than happy to do so.

Case closed.  I mean, obviously this water had to be from the reactor.  I mean, it isn’t like he could have just run some tap water from the restroom, right?  Certainly that water was authentic.

A nice gesture, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy think this might be a little grandstanding.