Crisis Point Novel Reveals Bilderberg and the New World Order Like Never Before

The recent release of the fictional novel Crisis Point by Brandon Pierce has caught Common Sense Conspiracy’s eye as a bold new way of looking at the infamous Bilderberg group and the New World Order.  Pierce takes us inside a Bilderberg meeting through the eyes of a young Democratic senator with presidential hopes.  He is excited to be invited to attend the conference, but when he arrives, he is shocked to find out what Bilderberg really is and the agenda they are promoting.  He is even more shocked to find himself embroiled in a terrorist plot of epic proportions, as Abbas Saleem, a leader of the Arab Reform Initiative, has infiltrated the group, getting all the heavy hitters on his side one by one.  When an eccentric economist strides to the podium to give a presentation on the state of the world economy, everyone is anxious to hear what he has to say.  Thomas Allbright finds himself in a terrible situation, as he reveals the contents of his briefcase that was given to him by Saleem that will change the fate of the Bilderberg group forever.

This is a suspense thriller at its finest, but it also has a lot of well-researched information that really lends insight into how Bilderberg operates and what their intentions are.  Even more sobering is the feeling one gets as the novel races to its mind-numbing conclusion that this could really happen.  What if a terrorist could hold Bilderberg hostage?  What if one person could wield the terrible power that an organization like Bilderberg holds and bend it to his will?

Crisis Point is currently available for Nook or Kindle for just $2.99 as a Black Friday promotion.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to go inside Bilderberg like ever before.  We were able to get hold of Pierce and were able to work out a special promotion for Common Sense Conspiracy readers.  Pierce has generously offered to give the first ten people to comment on this post a copy of Crisis Point for free.  No strings attached.  Leave a genuine comment with a valid email address and a copy of this bestseller-list bound treasure is yours.  Remember, it’s a great book to read while you sit under your Occupy tent after not shaving or showering for six or seven days.

For those of you not lucky enough to make it in the top ten, Crisis Point is available for purchase.   NOOK VERSION        KINDLE VERSION

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