Contributed Content: Aquino Cojuangco — Facts They Don’t Want You to Know

Common Sense Conspiracy exists for you, the reader, and for this reason, one of our loyal viewers, Pan Doe, requested that we post this video exposing some of the flawed history of the Phillipines.  While we must confess that our knowledge on the history of the Phillipines was limited at best, this video has definitely aroused our interest.  Common Sense Conspiracy is devoted to providing quality, factual conspiracy theories internationally, so please take a few moments to enjoy this excellent user-contributed presentation.

5 thoughts on “Contributed Content: Aquino Cojuangco — Facts They Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. Wonderful video Pan Doe. This really opens our eyes to the oppression of the Filipino people. Seems like what happened there is happening everywhere else. Those were some serious New World Order tactics. Hopefully, we can inform enough people of this plight and something will be done about it. We look forward to more viewer contributed content in the future!

  2. your welcome, i give a lot of credit of the owner of this youtube video, PinoyMonkeyPride, in spite of all threats that he may receive in our present administration. When I watched that video, it makes more sense to me because this is what I exactly seen in the last 25 years of my life. Spread the word educate the masses and change the world :p

    1. We agree 100% and we hope you will keep us updated as you find out more about this… please stay in touch with us as we work toward our common goal of spreading quality information…

  3. you can check PinoyMonkeyPride’s Youtube channel for more info about some conspiracy theories about the modern history of the Philippines…(although most of them are true…)

    1. Thanks so much. We are going to check it out and see if we can dig up some more interesting info about this real, live conspiracy unfolding before us.

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