Common Sense Conspiracy’s Inaugural “Top Five Conspiracy Sites for Bullshit”

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we here at Common Sense Conspiracy have a simple mission statement.  We filter through the bullshit so you don’t have to.  For years, we have enjoyed delving into conspiracy theories, paranormal events, UFO’s, and the like.  What we found was that there is a wealth of information out there on the Internet (regular and Deep Web) to be found that can really broaden your horizons and show you that not everything in this grand ole world is what it seems on the surface.  Unfortunately, what we also found was that in between these gems is a whole lot of random musings with no factual evidence.  We affectionately call this “bullshit” and we created this website to allow people like us to have a place to come to get real information without having to deal with the latest tin-foil hat concoctions.  We hope that we are doing a good job at this.  Everything we post online is heavily researched and we feel is pertinent information that people need to know.  In some cases, we will post some things that are really outlandish just to pick them apart, but for the most part, you can count on Common Sense Conspiracy to be a clean-cut alternative to other conspiracy sources.  However, we spend a lot of our time perusing what is out there, and we are starting with our coveted “Top Five Conspiracy Sites for Bullshit” to help you have a frame of reference to see what you’re missing out there.  Hopefully, this will help you know that the CSC is the place to be, but because we are good sports, we will provide links to each site in turn.  Anyhow, without further ado, here is Common Sense Conspiracy’s 2011 Top Five Sites for Bullshit.

5.  Godlike Productions  —  When you log onto our good friends at Godlike Productions’ site, you will find that it is mostly a forum for “friendly” discussion.  However, there are plenty of links to conspiracy-related articles.  The reason that Godlike makes this list is that complete disregard for any filtration.  These guys shoot at everything and hope they will hit pay dirt every once in a while.  And judging from their longevity and traffic, they certainly do.  However, the “bullshit” factor here can be very strong at times.  For example, check out the posts in the forum where political heavy-hitters anonymously give huge revelations about upcoming policies and politics.  They, of course, have to remain anonymous, so there will be no credentials, but always count on a huge flood of replies poking these figures for more information.  Of course, you or I could log in and claim to be a Bilderberg customer service rep and Godlike will roll out the red carpet for us.  We like Godlike Productions (no, really, we do), but if there is a top 5 list for bullshit, I’m afraid these guys have to be on it.

4.  Revelation 13 — Don’t take this the wrong way.  We love the book of Revelations here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  We like the Bible, Jesus, the whole thing.  We have a certain soft spot for religious conspiracies.  However, this site, which receives a staggering amount of web traffic considering its subject matter, ties literally everything to the book of Revelations and prophecy.  Did you eat tomato soup for lunch?  There is a good possibility that Revelation 13 has an article about how you are paying tribute to the Anti-Christ, or at the very least, the Devil.  They also tie a lot of bible prophecy into astrology, which is where the bullshit can sometimes get so thick that you just can’t see the shore anymore.  The page is loaded with every topic imaginable and how it ties into the book of Revelations in some outlandish way or another.  Another benchmark for the bullshit list is admission of wrongdoing.  For example, at Revelation 13, you can still read a multitude of articles about how the comet Elenin is a Revelations prophecy come to fruition.  Only… it doesn’t seem to have happened, does it?  We like these guys (we really do) but unfortunately, their name should have probably been “Revelation Bullshit.”  Or “13 Revelations of Bullshit.”

3.  Above Top Secret —  Oh, goodness, where to begin?  We love this site, and we link to them at the bottom of our page.  This is not a reciprocated link…we do it out of the kindness of our hearts because we love the idea.  Above Top Secret is the ultimate place to go as an ordinary citizen if you want to spark paranoia and chaos in the hearts of every man.  The articles are user-contributed, which means that it can run the gamut of conspiracy fodder.  The powers-that-be at ATS don’t show up very often.  In a lot of ways, this site runs itself, and we at CSC personally love the idea of an open forum.  Actually, we have one of our own, so stop by and tell the world what you think.  However, opening a website that garners the traffic and attention that this web behemoth does also opens the propensity for bullshit.  We respect Above Top Secret and its users, but they are in dire need of a bullshit filter.  Oh, good.  They have one.  It’s called Common Sense Conspiracy.

2.  InfoWars — The main features when you log onto InfoWars…the huge a*$ donate widget in the middle of the screen.  We’re talking huge.  Denominations of 100, 500, 1000.  Sky’s the limit if you want to donate to InfoWars.  Alex Jones is of course the mover and shaker here, and InfoWars is probably the most commercialized conspiracy site on the Internet.  The idea of InfoWars is a conspiracy unto itself.  They do a great job of reporting “unreported” news.  The only problem is that a lot of the “unreported” news is unreported because it was skillfully crafted by Alex Jones’ team of writers that are busy right now writing articles about how Mickey Mouse is part of the New World Order and having to stop at red lights is a violation of our civil liberties.  You know how we always say we like these guys…we don’t really like this one.  Alex Jones’ sites are worse than the others listed…the others don’t filter the bullshit.  Alex Jones creates it.

1.  Prison Planet — Okay, so at the end of the day, Prison Planet is really just part of InfoWars and InfoWars is really just part of Prison Planet.  Apparently Alex Jones felt that his stuff was so compelling that he needed two websites to promote it.  We agree with him, and that’s why he occupies both of the top spots on the Top 5 Conspiracy Sites for Bullshit list.  Prison Planet is another example of Alex Jones’ staff’s unyielding proliferation of bullshit.  Want to hear about Bohemian Grove?  Believe me, Prison Planet has you covered.  Alex Jones has the T-Shirt.  He even infiltrated it to film it…only he forgot the film.  Simple oversight?  Yep.  Simple bullshit?  Yep.

So, in recap, this has been our inaugural list of the Top Five Conspiracy Sites for Bullshit as determined by some bona fide bullshit experts at Common Sense Conspiracy.  We hope you’ll check these sites out and be reminded why you come here in the first place.  And in 2012, we’ll see who is the new bullshit champion…

Thanks for reading as always…
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  1. Great article that is much needed. One small correction: there is no book in the Bible called “Revelations” (with an ‘s’ at the end); that’s OK, it’s a common error. There is the Book of Revelation (which almost didn’t make it into the canon) at the end of the “New Testament.”

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