Common Sense Conspiracy Website Denies Involvement in “99% Manifesto”

The administrators of Common Sense Conspiracy are people just like most of you.  We were tired of being exposed to our daily dose of Alex Jones-like sites that have a “shoot at everything that moves” philosophy regarding conspiracy theories.  We wanted to filter through it and provide people with an open forum for discussion and information.  Our doctrine is simple:  take everything you read with a fair dose of common sense and make up your mind for yourself.  So, we put our heads together, and Common Sense Conspiracy was born.

Now, what can only be described as a manifesto for the 99%, the catchphrase description for the common people across the world, is being distributed internationally at a frantic pace.  The manifesto already has over 3,000 “likes” on Facebook.  It is making the rounds quickly.  It is entitled “The New Common Sense” and reads almost like a new constitution in its format.

While we do agree that it’s a wonderfully catchy slogan, Common Sense Conspiracy categorically denies any involvement with the creation or proliferation of this document.  We have reported on the Occupy movement extensively, but have always done so with our trademark “look at the facts” style, presenting both sides of the argument.   This general disclaimer is what it is.  We neither support nor oppose the Occupy manifesto, and we certainly are not trying to say that there is a problem with them using the common sense idea.  What we are saying is that some of you have drawn the natural correlation between the manifesto and our own endeavor, and we want to make it clear that Common Sense Conspiracy was in no way, shape, or form involved in the drafting of this document.

We appreciate all of our readers and remain dedicated to our cause, but we’re not really trying to get shipped off to Guantanamo Bay either.  A person left a preview of this document as a comment on one of our posts, and we have researched it thoroughly.  Having provided this disclaimer, we do encourage you to read the manifesto and decide for yourself how you feel about it.  It is certainly making waves in the social media world.

The New Common Sense for the 99% can be examined in full here.