Coca Cola, Guns, and Knives — Soda Doesn’t Just Rot Your Teeth Anymore, Researchers Say

A new study from the University of Vermont brings up a whole new darker side to soda.  Now, soda in all its forms has taken a lot of criticism the last couple of years.  First of all, there is the obesity epidemic.  Michelle Obama was

Not just for target practice anymore, eh?

active in trying to get sugar-laden sodas banished from school cafeterias across the country.  Even diet sodas are targeted as well.  Chemicals like aspartame have long been linked to cancer studies in albeit uncorroborated studies.  Also, diet experts say that diet drinks actually have a negative effect on drinkers by activating their “sweet tooth” and just making their drive to get something sweet or carbohydrate-filled even greater.  And everyone knows the connection between drinking a lot of soda and hyperactivity in children.

All of these allegations look like child’s play next to what the University of Vermont is claiming.  According to the study, teenagers who consume four or more cans of soda per day are much more likely to act violently and to carry a weapon.  Of low soda consumers, only 23% had carried weapons such as guns and knives on their person in the last year.  Of the four-or-more per day crowd, the percentage rises to 43%.

View the entire breakdown of the study here.

3 thoughts on “Coca Cola, Guns, and Knives — Soda Doesn’t Just Rot Your Teeth Anymore, Researchers Say”

  1. Thank you for writing this…its important that the public is aware of this. But there is something else you should know. Hopefully you will write about this as well. Coca Cola contains copious amounts of Fluoride. not just because the water is fluoridated but because they add extra to it. They arent concerned with your teeth (especially since fluoride does NOTHING to prevent cavities)..they are concerned wit the calcification of your pineal gland. its the only reason fluoride exists in our toothpaste (STOP USING FLUORIDATED TOOTHPASTE) is for the very same reason. The third eye aka pineal gland is our connection to Source. our spiritual center so to speak. They want it dead. believe that.

  2. in fact Im quite surprised you havent included this in your article, seeing as how this is a conspiracy site.

    1. Common Sense Conspiracy examines many conspiracy theories and we will be addressing the fluoride one in the future. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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