CIA Whistle-Blower Susan Lindauer Reveals the Bitter Truth of September 11, 2001

Let us start by saying that this video weighs in at an hour and a half of a speech by former  Susan Lindauer, a journalist who claims to have inside knowledge of the events surrounding 9/11.  Normally, Common Sense Conspiracy would not even consider posting a video of this length, but the revelations made here and the way that they are revealed is just too poignant to not be put here for your perusal.  Ms. Lindauer is a very brave woman for the things she said here in a public forum.  She was actually imprisoned for a year through the Patriot Act and was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial at one point by a federal judge when the CIA brought her up on charges of conspiring with a foreign government when she communicated with Iraq during the war.  The government went pulled out all the stops to try to make sure everyone thought she was crazy, organizing a huge team of doctors and psychologists to declare her mentally incompetent.  Watch the video…at least a little of it.  Does she sound mentally incompetent to you?  Maybe if the government tries so hard to make us think someone is insane, we should automatically assume they are probably telling the truth.

The real question:  did the CIA convince enough people she is crazy that they won’t have to kill her?

Common Sense Conspiracy predicts that Ms. Lindauer will turn up the victim of a horrible “accident” soon.  We hope we’re wrong, but… sometimes it is what it is.

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  1. Your story lines up with everything that people now believe what really happended on 911, you give a very good explanantion. I hope more people will hear the truth.

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