Babushka Lady

This may or may not be a lesser known JFK conspiracy tidbit. The Babushka Lady, as she is commonly known, was seen recording footage at the time JFK was killed. The police were actively seeking her out so they could claim her footage but she disappeared. She has never been identified nor has she ever came forward with her footage. Will the real Babushka Lady please stand up?

2 thoughts on “Babushka Lady”

  1. It seems obvious to me she hadn’t a camera & camera case but a simple pair of binoculars and binocular case. I only studied her story and pics for a minute. If she knew Ruby, etc. and from the fact that she STAYED there looking while EVERY OTHER observer fled for fear of getting shot pointed to me that she had a very good reason to stay and watch closely what exactly was going down so that she could give an exact report to her cohorts. And seems like she must have KNOWN the shooter wasn’t a crazy but only after ONE target which is the other reason she wouldn’t flee like normal observers. I am a bit clever at times. 😉

  2. Judging from the now revealed curves of Zapruder’s receptionist Marilyn Sitzman, who steadied him from behind when he was filming, the Babushka Lady might just as well be Mrs. Zapruder.

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