As November 5 Approaches, Varying Views on Anonymous and Operation: Facebook

In case you have been living under a rock or you don’t check Common Sense Conspiracy as much as you should, a story has been widely reported stating that a group of computer hackers called Anonymous intend to shut down the Facebook social media system on November 5, 2011.  This is mainly just a show of force to show what they are capable of in the future.  The media got wind of this and has dubbed it Operation:  Facebook despite the fact that chatter on the Internet seems to indicate that if the operation is real, there is at least a fragmenting of the Anonymous group.  Not all are for the action, and this is unusual in and of itself; Anonymous thrives on the traditional show of solidarity among its members.  It is uncommon for their to be dissent in their ranks, especially leading up to a very public hacking attack.

The supposed reasons for the attack relate to what members of Anonymous have referred to as very flagrant violations by Facebook, mostly relating around privacy and distribution of information.  Twitter responses seem to indicate that not everyone is behind the possible attack.  View two such responses below.  As we wait to see what happens on November 5, Common Sense Conspiracy will examine the hacking group Anonymous in more detail, chronicling some of their past “achievements” and what their overall goal may be for the future.  Also, we will analyze the threat to Facebook itself, pointing out some of the red flags that might indicate it’s a phony.  Of course, if Facebook is leveled on November 5, it will be safe to assume that these guys meant every word they said.

Don't shoot the messenger?
Denials long before the hacking attack is supposed to go down.