Was Killing Gaddafi An International Crime??

Gaddafi was a prisoner of war. Killing a prisoner of war is “supposed” to be an international crime, unless you are an “evil dictator”. There are some very strong claims made in this video about how NATO was in Libya under U.N. resolution 1973 and how the U.S. and its allies abused said resolution.

2 thoughts on “Was Killing Gaddafi An International Crime??”

  1. I find the pictures of Qaddafi on the internet disturbing. I question the media’s integrity. Why must they be displayed all over the media?

    1. Thanks Jerry. We agree with you, although I realize CSC did post a small thumbnail of the picture in question. However, we did it to add to the debate and put it out for the people to decide, not to advance the media’s agenda. Hope you understand.

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