The God Gene

Scientists claim to have found a gene in our DNA that they say is responsible for our belief in God. These same scientists say that theyare going to treat this belief like a disease and vaccinate us from this “disease”. What is the ultimate goal? To vaccinate the people in the Middle East to “cure them of their affliction”. And I guess after that they will focus on everyone else. So that is how they view a belief in God, everyone has to be sick!

2 thoughts on “The God Gene”

  1. Hey There Commonsenseconspiracy,
    Interesting Post, Do Christians have the courage and self-awareness to dare ask the following questions? Do we honestly find everything we have been told about God lovable? Can we in our “heart of hearts” love a God who demands service, adoration, praise, obedience, and gratitude? Can we love a God who providentially chooses to protect some on earth and not others? Can we love a God who arbitrarily heals some people on earth and not others? Can we love a God who we have to beg or plead to for help. Can we love a God who requires his son to suffer and die on a cross to repay God or satisfy God’s sense of justice? Can we truly love a God who has set up laws for us to obey and punishments for the violators. Be honest! We may fear and cower under such a God, but can we wholeheartedly love and embrace such a God?
    Keep up the posts!

    1. Thanks Frank…you raise some excellent questions that we’d love to take on some time in the future…thanks for stopping by.

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