The Beast Of Dartmoor

If you haven’t heard of the Beast Of Dartmoor then the wait is OVER!! Many have suggested that a large black cat population lives and thrives in the British countryside. Some say that the countryside can’t support black cats. By its brief appearance, it looks like a large black lion. Could it be just a large black dog? Or could it be our personal favorite, the HELLHOUND!! So if this is your first time seeing this, then give the video a look and tell us what you think?

One thought on “The Beast Of Dartmoor”

  1. If that isn’t a lion I will eat my hat.. Not that I own a hat, but still…
    It bounds like a big cat would do (read LION) when chasing game. And Dartmoor is FULL of game! You have the ponies, the livestock and other wildlife which would be easily enough to sustain large cats. After all, in the 70’s or somewhere there about, exotic animal owners had to get permits to keep their big cats. If they couldn’t they had to rehome or euthanise them. A lot of them got released because of this…

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