Steve Jobs’ Death and the Suicide Debate — Fact or Fiction

As you know, we here at Common Sense Conspiracy try to provide relevant content daily to our loyal readers, and today, we noticed that we were experiencing a huge spike in traffic. Upon checking

Steve Jobs is probably best known for the "i" family of products that revolutionized cell phones, the way we listen to music, and of course, desktop and laptop computers.
into the searches that were leading a lot of new visitors to our site, we found that a lot of people were searching for terms like “Steve Jobs conspiracy” and “Steve Jobs suicide.” We had posted a small article yesterday simply communicating the breaking news of Jobs’ death here on the site, and I guess since we are normally involved with conspiracy theories, a lot of this traffic was driven here. First of all, while we hate that the tragic death of Steve Jobs’ brought some new visitors here, we’re glad to have you and hope you will enjoy the things our site has to offer. In the meantime, we have been looking into why people are searching for these things.
There seems to be a lot of rumors going around about Steve Jobs’ untimely death today, mostly stemming from timing. Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer for some time now, and his recent transferring of power to a new CEO at Apple caused a lot of speculation that the cancer had taken a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. Apple actually was the first to acknowledge the passing of their foremost creative force, but they did not give a cause of death. This only led to further speculation and eventually the fever pitch of people wanting to know if there was something more than the media was telling.
Common Sense Conspiracy can see no reason to think that Steve Jobs’ death was a suicide. He even vehemently spoke out about suicide during an incident last year at FoxConn, a company that designs many of the components that Apple uses in its devices. Jobs took several measures to try to stop the dreadful events that were happening there and made it quite clear that nothing is worth taking your own life.
But did the onset of another long and arduous battle with cancer change his views? At this time, there is nothing but speculation. Anyone that knows the pain and uncertainty of a battle of this proportions can certainly understand why someone, especially someone like Jobs’ who had endured it before, would be willing to throw in the towel and call it a life. Certainly Steve Jobs has a myriad of achievements to hang his hat on. While it may seem like there’s some sense to Jobs committing suicide, there is no evidence. Right now, we simply have to wait and see.
So, as we say often here at Common Sense Conspiracy, sometimes it is what it is. Maybe Steve Jobs simply succumbed after a long, brutal battle with pancreatic cancer. If he did commit suicide, it is quite probably more details will arise as the dust settles over the next few weeks. If he did, does that change your opinion of him? Make it better? Worse?
Suicide or no, conspiracy or no, one thing is for sure…the man had a great influence over technology and has had an effect on many of our lives. No one deserves the torture of dealing with cancer, but it’s also a telling thing about the brutality of the disease. This man had not millions, but billions of dollars at his disposal, but even he could not conquer it. That tells you something about just how potent this disease is.
Cancer, the great equalizer. When it’s all said and done, the poor man with twenty cents in his pocket can die right next to the billionaire? We hope that whatever the outcome, Mr. Jobs rests in peace.

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