Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg — Stage Set for Obama Ousting?

Not only does it appear that Republican presidential candidate (and Texas governor) Rick Perry attended this year’s Bilderberg meeting, but he did so with quite a lot of media and public fanfare.  This is highly unusual.  This video talks about Perry’s invitation, what Bilderberg is (at least a tame enough explanation for the nightly news) and what it all means, even referencing some of our past presidents who caught fire in the public eye after visiting this ultra-secret, powerful organization of the most influential people in our world.

One of my favorite parts of this video is when they reveal what Rick Perry will be speaking to Bilderberg about.  State and federal relations?  What kind of sense does it make for a presidential-hopeful to be talking to an international organization about state and federal relations?  I seriously doubt other countries want to hear about that.  Why would they?  It’s completely insignificant to them.  Maybe this would be appropriate for a meeting in Washington among Congress members, but at the Bilderberg meeting?  No way.  This is an obvious cover, and not a very well conceived one.