Occupy Wall Street Protest Escalating — 700 Arrested

The NYPD have had enough, apparently.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been blossoming now for close to three weeks, but it took a turn for the worse Saturday, October 1.  According to sources at Yahoo! News, over 700 protesters were arrested in one fell swoop when the protesters stormed onto the Brooklyn Bridge and refused to leave.  The NYPD quickly decided this was unacceptable and began hauling people off by the hundreds.  However, there was some scrutiny as to how the escalation occurred.  A lot of the protesters are saying that the police told them to go to the bridge and then used it as an excuse to arrest them.  The police insist that they repeatedly warned them to leave the bridge or face arrest, and after the several warnings began taking people into custody.

The incident was being reported on Yahoo! News front page as of 8:05 A.M. this morning.  By 9:27 A.M, the article was pulled down and is inaccessible.  Hmm…  As of now, there is still an article about this on the Times blog, but if the link is dead, we apologize.  Censorship is a “you know what.”

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