Occupy Wall Street Movement Taking Protests to Billionaire’s Doorsteps

After being a heck of a thorn in the side of the Financial District in Lower Manhattan for over a month, the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are changing tactics.  The throngs will continue to impede the ordinary business of Wall Street as best they can, but a select group of around 800 plan to take the fight to the doorsteps of some of the rich moguls that the protest credits with causing the corruption in America’s financial and political systems.  Dubbed the “Millionaires March,” the sizable group will march to each of five notable targets:

Protesters camp out in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park by the hundreds.

Rupert Murdoch, NewsCorp CEO

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan-Chase CEO

David Kock, conservative billionaire

Howard Milstein, financier

John Paulson, hedge fund mogul

Upon arriving at the millionaire’s homes, the protesters intend to present each with an over-sized check (like the ones when companies make donations to charities and have a photo-op) that represents the amount of money they will save when New York State’s tax on millionaire’s expires at the end of the year.   While the tactics sound interesting, what do you think the odds are that these good people get anywhere near these businessmen’s homes?  I’m guessing not very good.  Hopefully the crowd will stay non-violent, as well as the police.  Common Sense Conspiracy will keep you updated on all things “Occupy Wall Street” as notable events occur.

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