Occupy Wall Street Encouraging Others — Occupy Your City

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement was ignored by the mainstream media until it grew so large that it simply cannot be ignored any longer.  While the media still undercuts its importance and tries to throw stones at the structure and what its goals are, the movement only continues to impress and inspire other Americans.  The following video is a new phase of the movement where protesters are asking Americans to create their own version of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in their owns towns.  This is dubbed appropriately “Occupy Your City.”  This is a good video that shows one of the most impressive aspects of the movement.  A lot of protests are isolated to a certain demographic, but this one is capturing the hearts and minds of young and old, poor and rich, and all races.  It also does a good idea of expressing the spirit of the movement.  While we at Common Sense Conspiracy try not to take sides and compromise our journalistic integrity, we have to admit that we are starting to warm up to the idea.  Watch the video and then please vote in our poll and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Encouraging Others — Occupy Your City”

  1. I saw this going around a Occupy Portland and also Seattle. Many people are embracing this inside and outside the Occupy movement,seems to be getting around the country. It makes sense to me and explains how many of us feel.
    In Unity,
    A Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE, born of necessity, from and for
    the collective conscience of the \\”99%\\” to and for the oligarchic
    \\”1%\\” of the United States of America.
    SECTION I: The Right to Equal Participation in Government has
    been taken from the People and is explained. — A Plan is offered
    to restore the Right to Equal Participation that requires only
    the use of tools and procedures that have already been proven to
    work. — The restoration of Equality must take priority above all
    and reasons are given. — Outside damaging influences must no
    longer be allowed privileged access to Elected Representatives in
    a Constitutional Republic. — An Offer in Compromise that would
    reunite this Nation with its Foundation is clearly stated. — A
    clear, workable and simple method by which we may rebuild
    ourselves as a Prosperous Nation and return to being One Hundred
    Percent is explained. — A New Litmus Test of our government is
    declared and explained. — A plan and petition to rebalance the
    Branches of Government is outlined in detail.
    SECTION II: Monitions are forwarded to our Leaders, to the
    Congress in specific, to the Media, to Law Enforcement and the
    Domestic Militia, and to the \\”1%\\” — A direct message and plea
    for the \\”99%\\” from the author(s).
    The following link is the full document, it is offered for non-profit public use:
    Please read and SHARE, This is being embraced by many in and outside the Occupy movemet
    Thank you,

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