Obama Announces All Troops to Leave Iraq in 2011

What a week for the Obama administration, right?  First, Gadhafi goes down, lending credibility to the United States’ involvement in the Libyan revolution.  Then, the very next day, Obama announces that the troops are coming home.  The Iraq War of nine years is finally over.  Cue the confetti and balloons, right?  Don’t forget about Osama bin Laden earlier this year.  It seems like a slam dunk victory for Obama and company, but here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we like to look at the facts.  So, let’s reassess the situation.

Good job, George. You only missed it by eight years.

Listening to President Obama’s speech “announcing” that our military personnel are coming home, and he means every last one, it sounds like he has been brokering this amazing turn of events.  After all, one of his most poignant campaign promises was to end the war.  Get the troops out.  Here’s a dose of reality:  the timetable for the troops coming home at the end of 2011 has been set for over three years.  That’s right, George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, brokered the plan for the withdrawal of our military forces from Iraq this year.  President Obama has claimed a victory for himself by simply allowing something that was already decided to go forward.

Interestingly enough, Obama and our military leaders have been the past several months haggling with the Iraqi government to let us stay.  That’s right, the very ones who were so pro getting the troops the hell out of Iraq back during their presidential campaign were actually arguing for them staying.  The Iraqi government simply politely refused.  No doubt they’ve had enough and are ready to see what a new day without American occupation will be like.  Obama and company lost the battle, but then they were able to put a positive twist on it by showing the world that Barack Obama did indeed come through on his campaign promise.  The war is over.

The timing is interesting, obviously.  Obama has suffered less-than-stellar approval ratings over this past year and needed some positivity for his upcoming re-election bid.  That much is pretty easy for anyone to see.  Think about the big picture though.  With thousands of protesters hunkering down in New York City and literally around the country, Obama needed something like this to come along.  Something to hang his hat on.  Up until now, the White House has completely ignored the pandemonium occurring daily for over five weeks in the Big Apple, but now they are hoping that between the Gadhafi victory and the final days of the Iraq War, people will start to recognize the achievements of the current administration.

Is that all, you say?  Not hardly.  Think about it some more.  We need those troops freed up.  We need those guys out of Iraq.  How much do you want to bet that they leave all of their operational structure in the Middle East perfectly in place, because it’s time to move onto the next target.  Iraq has been conquered.  The West will always have its hands in Iraq now.  Our troops being absent is not as big of a deal as it seems at first glance.  It’s not about occupation now, because what’s done is done.  The regime was toppled.  Saddam Hussein was executed.  A new government has been installed, one that mirrors not only the views of the United States and the democratic world, but also that of the upcoming New World Order.

Sounds like some tin-foil hat stuff, right?  Not really.

Organizations like Bilderberg control what happens in the West.  They do this by controlling the money.  Completely.  They are slowly but surely extending their reach.  The acquisition of Iraq was very valuable to them, not because of the land, but because of the oil that lies beneath it.  The fall of Gadhafi is just another domino on the table.  Libya has a remarkable oil supply, and now they owe their “liberation” to NATO, the United Nations, and, good ole America.  Think we just stop by, drop some bombs, and say there you go, Libyan people?  You’re liberated now!  Enjoy your freedom and be merry!  Not exactly.  The economics behind this are where the real liaisons begin.  Libya “owes” us something now.  More importantly, they owe it to the world agenda.  They are now to be a democracy, and with that comes responsibility.  They must embrace the new world that will soon be installed upon us, and they must turn their backs on the Muslim world and be our ally.  Like Iraq.  Like Kuwait.

And so the war drum beats for Iran.  Watch in the coming days as the media and our government start to ramp up the support for a full-on invasion of Iran.  It’s the logical next step, and it’s not just about oil or nuclear weapons

See who is not in green?

or geographical dominance.  It is also about money.  Delve into the world economic system and you will find that a certain small group of people control an awesome amount of the money.  Visit the World Bank.  Check out organizations like Bilderberg, once a tautly secret society, but they’re getting braver every day as their agenda moves toward fruition.  What you’ll find is that this small group of people that control so much of the world’s currency don’t control one rial, which is the Iranian currency.  They also didn’t control Libya…or Iraq.  At least until things changed.  The game of dominoes is underway, and Iran is clearly next.  Watch the language change over the next days as the media kicks into high gear.  Those troops might come home for Christmas, and let’s all hope they do, but as much as we at Common Sense Conspiracy do not want to see it happen, they won’t be home long.  There is more to come…

In closing, we leave you with one final thought.  The war in Afghanistan has raged longer than the Iraq War and has accomplished seemingly less.  Why on Earth is no one outraged that there is no initiative to end this war as well?  The answer…  Coming soon on Common Sense Conspiracy…