No Connection Between Turkey Earthquake and Comet Elenin

A very powerful and destructive earthquake struck eastern Turkey on Sunday, October 23, 2011.  The 7.2-magnitude quake caused massive destruction in and around the city of Van, the provincial capital.  Reports of damage and casualties are still trickling in, but expect it to be quite bad.  Death toll could easily be over 1000, experts are saying early Sunday morning.

Search results are already indicating that some people may be tying this deadly earthquake to the comet Elenin that has created so much paranoia over the past few months.  One of the most common theories about the comet is that it is somehow changing the Earth’s crust, causing a multitude of sizable earthquakes when alignments occur.  For the record, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to be the first to say that there is absolutely no connection between the comet Elenin and this earthquake today in Turkey.  For starters, the comet Elenin has been widely reported to have mostly disintegrated.  Even if that were not true, there is no alignment currently in progress.  Don’t listen to the hype; whatever happens going forward, this is an isolated event and has no correlation with any comet Elenin event.  View some of our previous reports for more information on comet Elenin.