Mayan Calendar Ends in 2011, Not 2012 — Incidentally Today

Interesting day here at Common Sense Conspiracy with two of the most prevalent conspiracy theories around engaging in a mash-up.  This video features an interview with Dr. Carl Calleman, the “expert” on the Mayan calendar.  Don’t worry, in a future article we will disect Dr. Calleman fully to see what he’s all about as we have done with other so-called experts in the past.  In any case, he holds that the Mayan calendar actually ends, well today, as it turns out.  A “miscalculation” has led to the common idea that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, but the good doctor says it actually ends, well right now.  Another popular theory about the comet Elenin also falls today… this is the day when the comet reaches its closest point to Earth.  There is already speculation that Elenin has caused an earthquake in Peru.

The fun thing about this theory of Dr. Calleman is we’re going to know real quick whether there’s anything to it.  So far, there’s no reason to think the world won’t be here tomorrow, but I’m thinking of calling in to work anyway just for the hell of it.

Stay safe people!


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