Libya Turns to Islamic Sharia Law — Real Democracy Huh?

A special congratulations to NATO, the rebellion, and the United States and allies from Common Sense Conspiracy!  With the revelation that Libya’s new government will be based on Islamic sharia law means a true change for the country and the region.  This is real democracy, right?  It brings to mind a full-on propaganda war that we have all been exposed to day after day in the media ever since September 11, 2001, although it really started much sooner than that.  Let’s take a cold hard look at the sharia law system and how it relates to our own ideas.

Libya -- Free at last?

The Islamic sharia system is based on the Quran first and the teachings and example of the prophet Muhammad.  Experts in the realms of government and politics have judge sharia law to be “compatible” with democracy, whatever that means, although it is often noted that there are no set parameters for what makes a democracy a democracy in the first place.  People that live in the classic democracies like the United States and Great Britain often equate the word democracy with voting.  Election by the people.  Laws by the people.  Representation for the people.  The truth is that most countries in the world have some sort of voting system in place, and yet, if you went there, the last thing you would call it when you left is a democracy.  Remember, even so-called rogue nations like Yemen and Iran have state-sponsored elections for government posts.  The next thing people say is that elections in countries like Iran are fixed, so it’s not a “true” democracy.  Any student of Common Sense Conspiracy would know that there are a great many people that believe that the United States’ elections are just as meaningless.  Anyhow, the point is that democracy is not about elections and votes.  It’s about a system of equality, as the Bill of Rights represents in America, and freedom for the people to worship and believe as they will.  That is where the giant fork in the road is between democracy and Islamic sharia law.

Under sharia law, religious practices are very simple.  Everyone in the nation will be Muslim.  They will be a practicing Muslim.  There is no changing sides, discovering a

Islamic traditions regarding females has long caused international dismay.

new faith, or exploring new ideas.  You will be born Muslim and you will die Muslim.  This in and of itself goes against most of our ideas of a democracy right away.  And this is what Libya is going to adhere to in the coming years.  Members of the rebellion are already upset, with people commenting on the shame that so many Libyans gave their lives in the struggle for “freedom” only to find out that all they accomplished is a new life under another oppressive regime.  Islamic sharia law practices are traditionally associated with the unequal treatment of women in the Muslim society.  A lot of the women in Libya saw the exodus of Gaddafi and the installation of a new government as a ray of hope that maybe change would come and women might one day get to enjoy the equality and advantages they do in democratic societies.  However, it seems that it will not be the case for Libya.

The United States and others are so enthusiastic to claim victories in situations like this.  The reality is that while Gaddafi may or may not deserve his fate, not much has really changed in the country that he ruled with an iron fist for forty-two years.  Especially if you happen to be a woman.

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  1. Sharia law is not a democratic form of governing, but rather a theocratic form whereby the imans and ayatollahs govern and judge based solely the most extreme fundamental interpretations of the Quran. As the funfamentalist purporting sharia say, “there is no law other that God’s law.” Under sharia there can be NO other government, NO other voice.

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