Hackers In Your Home…And Your Car

Anytime a webcam is live and Internet-capable, the possibility of hacking persists.

There is an increasing presence on the net and in our search results for people wanting to know if certain things can or cannot be hacked.  Much of this activity comes from the Deep Web, which we have already addressed at length.  The fact is, hackers hack.  This is what they do and they love a challenge.  Webcams are one of the most common targets.

The reality behind webcam hacking is that it is indeed possible.  As you might expect, most documented cases of webcam hacking revolves around males trying to catch an attractive female changing clothes or checking their email topless.  In this age of Internet connectivity, many webcams are perfectly accessible to hackers, and the possibility of your camera being used without your knowledge is very real.  However, there are some common sense (get it?) things to remember.

Hackers manipulate software to turn your devices against you.  The fact that half of the free world is available on WiFi makes this easier for them.  However, hackers have absolutely no control over the physical.  This means that while a physical connection exists to your devices, there are no limits to what a persistent and educated hacker can do.  But there is also no better defense than pulling the plug.  Severing the physical connection means no hacking, simply put.  Furthermore, most webcams have lights or LEDs that come on when they are active.  This is once again a physical effect.  Even the most determined hacker cannot stop your webcam’s light from coming on.  If the light is lit, someone might be watching.  If you didn’t activate the webcam yourself, it may be time to worry.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy pride ourselves on filtering through the bullshit, and the bullshit in this category is immense.  One commonly perpetuated theory is that hackers can access your webcam and play back data.  Webcams are like a mirror; they bounce back the image in front of their lenses.  Webcams do not record data; you must have a separate program that processes the images and saves it on your hard drive.  A hacker cannot play back when you came out of the shower or the conversation you had with your best friend on Skype.  If they were

The day is coming where an enterprising hacker could deactivate your brakes.

able to hack in while this was going on, that could be another story.  The idea that hackers can look back in your webcam’s history is false.  They would be better off trying to travel in time.

Hacking will no doubt be a big part of our lives in the future.  As more and more of our day-to-day life functions are turned over to computers, the possibility of hacks becomes more prevalent.  For example, our cars are ever becoming more computerized.  The day is coming in the future when a diligent hacker could deactivate your brakes or terminate your engine with a well-placed piece of code.  Fortunately for all of us, that day isn’t here yet.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  But not yet.

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