Eye on Iran — Tensions Rise as United States Increases Military Presence Says InfoWars

Those of you that follow Common Sense Conspiracy are probably already aware of the crisis that is developing over Iran’s alleged involvement in an assassination plot on a Saudi Arabian ambassador.  In our article The Iran-Backed Assassination Plot and the Propaganda Machine, we examined the timing of the announcement that the assassination attempt had been foiled by U.S. authorities and what it means for the overall goal of those that make the big decisions.  According to our friends at InfoWars, the United States is upping the ante now with several “significant” military maneuvers being exercised over and around Iran.  Soldiers are fully-equipped and on high alert.  While this is being billed as a practice run for now, reports from the Pentagon indicate the military maneuver is 100% ready to strike if necessary.  It is also coinciding with the prisoner swap that is also causing increased tensions in the area.

The next target?

According to the breaking report, the activity is in the air and sea.  Over 41 giant transport aircraft will be packed to the brim with battle-ready soldiers.  Seven warships will be positioned strategically to provide support.  By all appearances, it would seem that we are making ready to invade Iran, possibly as soon as tomorrow.  Only one problem:  InfoWars’ news scoop is typical Alex Jones fodder.  First of all, one would expect a military build-up like this to be front-page news.  None of the major news services are reporting it at all.  The prisoner swap is being covered, but without any mention of this huge military maneuver supposedly taking place at the same time.  Sure, you can say that for the media to ignore a major story for its own purposes is not so unusual.  However, going back to the propaganda machine, why would the media spend so much time and energy making us believe that Iran was involved in this foiled assassination plot only to not report what is happening now?  The stories don’t add up, as is so often the case when dealing with Alex Jones.  A quick review of the InfoWars article shows no sources whatsoever with only a few veiled attempts to make the article sound “official.”  This is the cookie-cutter formula for Alex Jones’ Prison Planet and InfoWars sites.  They try to create a buzz with provocative articles that attract a lot of attention but cannot be substantiated.  This type of fear-mongering and distorting of the truth is the reason Common Sense Conspiracy exists.

As the article spreads like wildfire on the internet, lots of conspiracy sites regurgitate the information to get in on the action.  We are posting this rebuttal to it in the hopes that some of the people that hear the buzz stop by here first and remember to look at the facts first.

Having said that, it is the opinion of Common Sense Conspiracy that some sort of conflict with Iran is imminent.  Stay tuned for the real dirt…

2 thoughts on “Eye on Iran — Tensions Rise as United States Increases Military Presence Says InfoWars”

  1. When I worked at the Naval Air station Atlanta in 2002, I was doing dental exams on Marines that were being deployed to Iraq in November 2002. This was well before the media stared the coverage of the bogus WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION excuse for Invading. I asked the soldiers where they were going to be positioned and they told me that the south of IRAQ was already secured and that we had troops there already.This was 4 months before the invasion. Just realize that if the US has 41 C-4’s loaded with troops then we will get the war propaganda crap in January 2012 and there will be a butt load of false information to feed the American people about Iranian plots to blow up the US that until then were not released because of “NATIONAL SECURITY” I can see this now because I was there in 2002

    1. Thanks so much for the reply Phyllis. We love to hear real insider information like this from people who have lived it. No propaganda here, just some truth. Please continue to enlighten us with your commentary, especially in light of the huge announcement today.

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