Earthquake in Peru — Elenin Connection?

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake shook Lima, Peru today around 4:00 P.M. CST.  The earthquake occurred in almost exactly the same place as the 2007 quake that caused widespread damage.  The 2007 quake was more concentrated; today’s tremor shook a much wider area despite being less powerful.  Damage was nowhere near the level of the 2007 quake according to early reports, but many people were in full panic mode as they remembered the eerily similar events from four years earlier.

Common Sense Conspiracy has followed the comet Elenin throughout its journeys through space in recent months to try to present the facts about all of the doomsday scenarios that have been synonymous with Elenin’s name.  Today’s earthquake does happen to coincide with an Elenin event… over the next few days, the Earth was supposed to fall in the path of Elenin’s dust cloud.  October 30 marks the day in which Elenin will be at its closest point to Earth.  While it is coincidental that the earthquake today did fall in the midst of this event, it has been widely reported that Elenin has severely disintegrated, eliminating the threat that may or may not have ever existed to begin with.  Most likely, Elenin is now incapable of having an effect on much of anything.  Look for much chatter about this earthquake and Elenin, but we believe that the facts remain that there is just not a lot of factual reason to believe that Elenin has anything to do with it.  Please visit our Comet Elenin area to view much more information about the comet and the intrigue with it.  Check back with us often as we will continue to post more information as it becomes available.

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  1. 2011 10 28 18:02:33: Displaying a recent earthquake near “near the coast of central Peru” of magnitude: 5.5

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