Comet Elenin Update — Discoverer Weighs In on Latest Observations

In December 2010, astronomer Leonid Elenin, for whom it is named, discovered the comet that has inspired so much pandemonium.  Now, just two days ago, the same man wants to set the record straight on what is going on with Elenin now.  According to the man himself, the comet Elenin has indeed been disintegrating and he believes that soon the world will catch its last glimpses of the supposed “doomsday” comet.  Pictures posted on his personal

The comet is indicated in this picture from discoverer Leonid Elenin.

website indicate the comet’s lack of cohesion.  “On the left you can see possible position of this ‘cloud’,” Leonid writes. “Brightness of this object does not exceed 18m, which means what now, magnitude of the comet is lower then predicted on 12m. Hopefully in the near future debris of the comet will be observed on a large telescopes, and perhaps we’ll see some details of this ‘cloud’.”  So, this just more proof that the comet Elenin paranoia was a bust.

Leonid Elenin was interviewed in a recent issue of a popular astronomy magazine called Universe Today.  When asked about the drama and fears about the comet he discovered, Elenin indicated he didn’t understand why people chose the comet he observed to the be the target of all of these conspiracy theories.  He reiterated that the comet was never at any point predicted to pass close enough to Earth to have any effects and that scientists had predicted the disintegration of the comet all along.  Basically, everything happened exactly as was expected from day one, and all of the fear-mongering, as he called it, was nothing more than people with an agenda trying to scare people and cause a craze of hysteria.

While it’s a pretty safe bet that some people will not let go of comet Elenin until it has been completely banished from our universe, we at Common Sense Conspiracy think there is a considerable amount of evidence that it’s time to shift gears and leave Elenin in our rear view mirrors.  However, we will continue to report the news surrounding the comet as long as people are still interested.

Visit Leonid Elenin’s personal site where he posts pictures from his own observations at SpaceOrbs.