By the People, For the People — Common Sense Conspiracy Needs You

As most of you know by now, Common Sense Conspiracy is a new site in the sea of the internet, and we cannot thank our loyal readers enough for making our launch a success.  Just a little over a month ago, our brainchild was released to the public, and the reaction has been staggering.  Your comments, votes, and most of all, views, have made all of the hard work put in to make this site a reality worthwhile.  At this critical stage in the evolution of Common Sense Conspiracy, we want to reiterate our mission statement and personally invite all of you to participate in what we consider to be a great experiment in truth.

The mission statement of Common Sense Conspiracy has always been simple.  We filter through the bullshit so you don’t have to.  We spend hours scouring the internet, examining videos, images, and content in a never-ending quest for truth.  We hope to provide a service to those of you interested in things like this by exposing you to the information that you need when it matters.  Hopefully, we have taken some steps toward achieving that goal.  Now, we want to hear from YOU.  The following polls are a chance for you to shape the future of Common Sense Conspiracy and let us know what areas of interest you are most fascinated with.  There are only so many hours in a day, and we work hard to provide the content that we think you need to see, but we also would like to provide an even better service by knowing where you would like it to go from here.

We appreciate your views more than you can even imagine, but participation is the key to our future success.  Leave comments, join the forum, and embrace this community of people on a desperate quest for truth.  The water’s nice.  Come on in!

Your votes will help us mold Common Sense Conspiracy into the site you want, which is what it’s all about.  Thanks so much and happy voting!
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