Bohemian Grove — Alex Jones Biggest Lie??

Alex Jones has claimed to have blown the lid off of Bohemian Grove. This is his claim to fame. We here at Common Sense Conspiracy disagree with this video’s claim that the footage is fake. That will be discussed in another post. What we believe is that Mr. Jones did not capture the world’s elite on video as he has proclaimed from all of the mountain tops and all of the soapboxes he could find. The video deals with the fact that the world’s elite seem to be absent and the frequency with which Mr. Jones cameras RAN OUT OF TAPE. Did he forget to bring extra tape? The world’s foremost conspiracy theorist apparently can’t remember to bring tape for his cameras. But, as always you be the judge.

2 thoughts on “Bohemian Grove — Alex Jones Biggest Lie??”

  1. The video is deliberate disinformation.

    You must understand – a key part of both their power over us and their twisted ritual agenda involved TAUNTING us with their existence. For many years they have deliberately released carefully crafted bits of “evidence” utilizing elements of of the genuine padded out heavily with fiction. If you study the history of many of these theories over the past several decades you will be able to see the common elements of reality they have allowed us to see and discard the deliberately obfuscatory trappings.

    One thing is consistent among all acounts: BG is based on sex rituals, most commonly ritual semenancy. The public is catching on just a little bit faster than they would like, and as a result “evidence” like Jones’ is presented to distract the public temporarily until their plans catch up. But make no mistake – it’s all about perversion.

  2. Seth, thanks so much for your commentary. We at Common Sense Conspiracy actually established this site for issues just like this. We believe in conspiracies, and some accuse us of trying to debunk every conspiracy known to man. Fact is, we advocate plenty of them, but we can’t stand things like this, when people’s minds are twisted by perversions of the truth with little or no basis in fact. We see this in all types of theories, and only in cases like this, do we subject our viewers to it, because sometimes you have to know the enemy to defeat it. People like you, Seth, and others like you, is what this site is all about, and we hope you’ll stick around and help us navigate through the bullshit together.
    Thanks so much…
    Common Sense Conspiracy

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