As Protesters Invade Times Square Movement as Vibrant as Ever

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to break boundaries in New York City and elsewhere, with other similar protests springing up not just around America’s cities, but in other countries as well.  The latest advance is into legendary Times Square.  The protesters have flooded the square even as it continues to operate.  They are interspersed with tourists and people attending Broadway shows, with many of the latter witnessing a surreal scene as riot police patrol the area.

Sandra Fox, 69, of Baton Rouge, La., stood, confused, on 46th Street with a ticket for Anything Goes in her hand as riot police pushed protesters toward her.

“I think it’s horrible what they’re doing,” she said of the protesters. “These people need to go get jobs.”  It’s safe to say that not everyone in America is for the Occupy Wall Street movement, but there are enough that are to make a protest entering week six as motivated and vibrant as it was on day one.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick visited the protesters in Boston’s Dewey Square for the first time Saturday afternoon.  He was shocked by the different walks of life participating.  The age groups working together for a common cause are staggering.  The solidarity of racial and religious backgrounds is just as surprising.  If that’s not enough, the range of issues that the protest is concerned with runs the gamut of what’s wrong with America these days.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is here to stay.  Only soon, it will be called Occupy America.  Or even the world.

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