Alex Jones — A Cesspool of Bullshit?

Common Sense Conspiracy was created to try to provide a competent resource of relevant information that is based on factual evidence and not just fear-mongering overactive imaginations, especially those with an agenda.  For the past month we have done this, and the outpouring of support from our readers and the conspiracy theory community has made it obvious that people want us around and we have found our place.  One of the figures that most influenced our desire to create this site and forum is one Mr. Alex Jones, someone who day after day makes real conspiracy theorists look bad by spewing fact-less accusations so fast that it almost feels like we are being bombarded.  His websites are inundated with a “conspiracy theory” about every piece of news that comes out.  Over the next weeks and months, Common Sense Conspiracy will be taking on Alex Jones and company on several key issues, but for now, this wonderfully produced video using Alex Jones’ own audio shows that true extent of the lies he pushes in every medium he can find.

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