Alabama Immigration Laws Causing Global Outcry

There’s no conspiracy here… The state of Alabama has simply decided that it isn’t going to take it anymore.  Recently passed immigration legislation that makes Arizona look like a safe haven have illegal immigrants panicking as even basic rights are no longer on the menu.  The law, HB56, not only allows the type of stereotyping that was consistent with the Arizona law, but it goes much further.  Many illegal families are already packing up and leaving for fear of deportation or jail, or more importantly, leaving parent-less children in the care of the system.  HB56’s Section 30 pushes the envelope of immigration regulation by barring illegal immigrants access to public services that were otherwise easily acquired.  Now, proof of citizenship is required to get even an identification card or drivers’ license.  According to Section 30, no illegal is allowed to enter into any business transaction with a state-sponsored agency.  Now what would be some common state-sponsored agencies in Alabama?  How about the public education system?  Water works?

This sign posted in an Alabama water agency outlines the new procedures for getting water service. The requirements of an Alabama ID or drivers' license are impossible for illegal immigrants to obtain.

To drive the point home, water agencies in Alabama began posting signs in their offices with a polite message:  No papers, no water.  The debate is raging on whether this is ethical, as many consider things like running water to be a basic right.  The state of Alabama holds that it is a basic human right…for citizens of the United States of America.  The drama surrounding these controversial laws is not just a national issue.  The situation in Alabama is being reported internationally, in many cases to public outcry.

President Barack Obama is currently entered into legal proceedings to bar Alabama’s law until it can be reviewed by higher courts.  As we all know, the wheels of our judicial system turn ridiculously slow, and even the Prez can’t get the fast track in a case like this.  In the meantime, Alabama is going right on with their immigration agenda.

The Common Sense Conspiracy ironic moment of the day:  Alabama’s farmers are complaining because so many of their workers are packing up and leaving the country.  It seems that illegal immigrants, incidentally, make up a huge percentage of the agricultural workforce in the state.  I’m sure each and every one of those farmers was paying their illegals fair wages with benefits, right?  Of course, they’re outraged.  They just lost the keys to their sweatshop in the name of border control.