Video Reveals Conspiracy Between Google and NASA to Conceal Nibiru

This video results from an interesting investigation into the supposed rogue planet Nibiru that many believe is currently barreling toward Earth.  It turns out that the coordinates of some celestial objects that have been labelled as possibly being Nibiru come up to a completely empty area of sky when entered into Google Sky, a complement to Google Earth that allows viewers to explore the nighttime sky.  Fascinated, I decided to confirm this on my own.  The video is absolutely correct.  If you use these coordinates in Google Sky, the program automatically centers in on the region you requested.  At this point, nothing seems to be amiss.  However, as it zooms in, it is designed to look as if the blacked-out region of the sky is perfectly natural (even though a starless region of that size is unlikely anyway).  It’s not until you zoom out a little bit that you clearly see that a black box has been placed over the region.

I had to admit, it seemed pretty interesting to view it for myself.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy always look further.  My next step, I decided, was to see what other sources had to say on the

The ominous black square in Google Sky has caused much debate.

matter.  Another popular online program to view the nighttime sky is WikiSky.  So, I took the same coordinates over there and did a new search.  Adding to the mystery, WikiSky featured the blacked-out region of sky as well.  As a matter of fact, it is exactly the same.  You can even see where a bright star at the bottom of the black box was cut off.  Always one to be thorough, I tried a third source.  Microsoft’s World-Wide Telescope is yet another online sky-exploring program.  I entered the magical coordinates and once again was greeted with the mysterious box.  Now that’s three sources all with that region of the sky blacked out.

At first glance, this does seem a lot like a cover-up or conspiracy of some kind.  Just what is behind the black box at the coordinates 5h 53m 27s -6 10′ 58?  One fundamental problem I had with this was the black box itself.  We’ve all seen what can be done with special effects in Hollywood movies, and we all have witnessed the magic of Photoshop where popular celebrities have been edited very realistically.  So, if this massive conspiracy between Google and NASA to conceal this region of the sky that supposedly contains the planet Nibiru were indeed true, don’t you think they have the capability to do better than simply throwing a black box over the area in every major sky map program.  Wouldn’t it be much easier to create a panel to put over the region by using other pieces of the nighttime sky and simply pasting it into to cover up what you didn’t want the public to see?

Further research on the internet revealed that many people were making even more outlandish claims about the blacked-out area.  Some were saying that Nibiru is getting noticeably closer, and NASA couldn’t just allow that to be viewed by anyone.  These accusation immediately aroused by skepticism.  After all, most people are aware that Google Earth is not a real-time video.  It is a pieced-together assembly of extensive photographing of the Earth’s surface that took place over years.  To verify this, just choose a recent disaster area, such as Joplin, Missouri or Tuscaloosa, Alabama where tornadoes ravaged miles of the town.  If you zoom in now, you will find the Google Earth images are still pre-disaster.  I was quite sure that Google Sky worked on the same principle.  A look into Google Sky’s inner workings was even more shocking.  Not only is it not in real-time, but Google Sky is assembled from imagery of a nighttime sky survey performed in 1958.  That’s right, 1958!  Google Sky is over half-a-century out of date.  This is possible, of course, because in astronomical terms, not much has changed since 1958.  And certainly there is no reason to hide a brown dwarf ever growing larger.

So, I was becoming fairly satisfied that there was no real conspiracy here, but the black box was still troubling.  Common Sense Conspiracy needed answers, so we went to the source.  It turns out that all three of the sky-mapping programs I used all are the same one.  The survey from 1958 is the basis for all three of the sky engines.  Therefore, there was no conspiracy of the black box being placed on each site.  They are all using the same fundamental data, so naturally, since the black box appears in the original, it appears in all three.  But why does it appear at all?

The black box revealed.

A simple visit to the Space Science Telescope Institute reveals a very simple explanation.  During the survey of the sky back in 1958, some of the data became corrupted.  The area that is blacked out is simply an area of data that was considered too corrupted to allow into the set.  Don’t worry; they have since examined the region again and you can view what is really behind the black box anytime you like.

It’s an exciting theory and it kind of gives you a little chill when you see that black box for the first time, but when you really look into the facts and consider all sources, I’m afraid that sometimes it is what it is.  This is one of those times.