The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is a frequent target of conspiracy theorists in our current era, usually related to the circumstances surrounding the proposed New World Order.  It’s surprising how many people are completely unaware of this group of super-elitists that meet under the shroud of almost impenetrable secrecy once a year to supposedly set the policies that will guide the world for the upcoming year and years.

The Bilderberg Group acquired its name from the Hotel de Bilderberg where it held its first meeting in 1954.  The group was initially formed to bridge differences between Europe and North American sentiments following the conclusion of World War II.  In the history books of Americans, the United States is portrayed as a hero for its role in ending the conflict, but this is just a by-product of the patriotism and disinformation that the U.S. government is now famous for.  The reality was that there was a tremendous amount of anti-American sentiment existing in Western Europe after World War II that stemmed from many different sources.  The final blows of the war didn’t help things either.  The United States’ decision to unleash atomic bombs on Japan left most of our European allies unsure about America’s role as a world superpower in the years following.  The first Bilderberg meeting was held to unite leaders and persons of influence from Europe and America to forge a plan to promote what is known as Atlanticism.  That refers to the Atlantic Ocean, of course, which separates the Americas from Europe.  The idea was to boost a sense of unity between the Americas and Europe, not just at a social level, but at all levels, including politics, economics, and military defense tactics.  It could be said simply that this was the birth of the concept of the New World Order.

Bilderberg continued this tradition each year, although the places of the meeting changed.  It should be noted that the meetings are held in secret and many of the people who attend will readily deny their attendance (or even the existence of the organization itself).  The tradition endures to this day, and over the past couple of decades, there is a connection between up and coming political figures attending the meeting by invitation and then becoming household names shortly thereafter.  Good modern examples would be Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, although almost anyone who is anybody in the upper ranks of American government can be linked to Bilderberg in some form or another.

The ideas of the founding fathers of Bilderberg have grown a bit over the years.  Now, it is supposed that Bilderberg’s reach has exploded farther internationally.  The globalist agenda has taken center stage with Bilderberg seeming to move policy toward the New World Order.  The New World Order is a simple concept:  a one-world government where countries as we know it today cease to exist in favor of a common whole.

At Common Sense Conspiracy, we have studied Bilderberg at length, going even as far as to write a book about it due out before the holiday season.  We advocate this theory as being one of the more valid theories out there.  The group of people that assemble at these meetings are heavy hitters of the highest level, and we simply refuse to accept that they are meeting for any other reason but to organize their efforts into a cohesive plan for the future.

This introduction to Bilderberg is designed to educate some of our readers that may have not heard of this organization and encourage research into the subject.  As always, we will continue to develop our own case study into Bilderberg, what it is, what it represents, and the facts of the matter.  We hope with time that you will start to see that there is an overwhelming amount of data that indicates that there is some credence to the conspiracy theories surrounding this secretive organization.  Don’t worry; we will examine the facts in excruciating detail here at Common Sense Conspiracy, and bring you timely information so you can judge for yourself.  The rest, as they say, is up to you.

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