Science Fiction No More — CERN Trumps Einstein

Today, the CERN laboratory in Switzerland publicly announced that tiny (even for a

Is Einstein's speed of light barrier history?

quantum physicist’s standards) particles called neutrinos were completing their underground journey faster than the physicists expected.  How fast you say?  A few kilometers per hour.  Not exactly.  These quantum particles are doing something that up until now has never been witnessed by human beings.  That’s right…they are moving faster than the speed of light.

The implications of this find if it is confirmed by other scientists are immense.  Einstein’s theory about the barrier for speed restricts humanity from being able to engage in all sorts of technologies before only envisioned in science fiction novels.  That includes time travel and the ability to one day visit other stars and galaxies.

So, what is this doing on Common Sense Conspiracy?  Mainly, it is just a big news article that deserves mentioning, but the fact that such a momentous discovery receives such little attention in the media is of note.  This should be an event, a scientific discovery for the ages.  And yet, it’s simply a footnote buried under the usual political mumbo jumbo and random news of no significance whatsoever.  Don’t worry; Common Sense Conspiracy is looking out for you.

Get the rest of the story at Strange Particles May Travel Faster Than Light.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. I completely screwed up on that one. I knew that, but slipped up when typing it up. I thank you for pointing it out and have corrected it. We’re humans over here, believe it or not, and we certainly make mistakes from time to time. My apologies and please continue to let us know if you spot any inconsistencies in the future. Thanks for reading.

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