Elenin’s Disintegration Being Questioned — Gone or Alien Shield Revealed?

As the hysteria around the comet Elenin continues, despite the without-incident passing of one of the major dates in question, Common Sense Conspiracy continues to scour the internet for the latest news, facts, and crazy stories.  Today, a new hypothesis has arisen about the so-called disintegration of the comet that was reported here, and at other sites, during the last couple of weeks.  According to these new reports, a “respected” scientist named Richard C. Hoagland has examined the evidence surrounding the disintegration of comet Elenin and has found that it has not disintegrated.  In fact, it is now showing signs of a tetrahedral energy shield.  According to Hoagland, this is the only way the comet could have survived a coronal mass ejection it encountered from the Sun way back on August 19th.  The tetrahedral energy shield indicates only one thing:  Comet Elenin is not a comet at all, but an extraterrestrial-manned object with a force-field somehow capable of deflecting the Sun’s solar flares and preventing its own demise.

For a through examination of this new “development” surrounding the comet Elenin, please visit this site at Did Comet Elenin Disintegrate?  In the meantime, let’s do some research together on this expert called Richard C. Hoagland.  An expert, you might conjecture, would probably have a myriad of degrees, scientific essays published, and an awesome work background in his field.  What does Hoagland have in his corner?  Let’s look at his resume.

He operates a website about conspiracies involving space.  He was a curator at a space museum, and he claims to have been a correspondent for CBS during the Apollo program.  His theories that he gets behind include such conspiracy mainstays as lost civilizations on the moon and Mars.  He also believes that civilizations existed on Jupiter and Saturn, but assures us that we will never find out any facts about this because the U.S. government is going to extreme measures to make sure this is hid from us, the public.

Richard C. Hoagland has never been published in a scientific journal of any kind, not even amateur ones where peers review and vote for articles to be published.

Hmm… As always, Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t just provide you with a link for more bullshit and hysteria, but some research behind the “facts.”

Sometimes it is what is is.  This is one of those times, I’m afraid.