Earthquakes Rock Three Continents Ahead of Elenin Alignment

At Common Sense Conspiracy, it’s fair to say that we have reported on the panic surrounding the Elenin comet with some disdain.  As the theories seem to grow and get more and more ridiculous in nature, it became easier to dismiss it as a foolish notion probably conceived by aluminum foil-wearing maniacs.  After looking at the facts objectively over the last several days, we determined that most of the Elenin paranoia is probably unfounded.  The reason for this is there just simply isn’t enough factual data to tie it all up into a nice bow, and then the merging of Elenin with other conspiracy standbys, like Nostradamus predictions and the complete insanity surrounding the Nibiru planet, only took away from its credibility.  However, our mission statement here is to present the facts and let you decide for yourself, and some new developments have to be reported.

On September 16, 2011, which is tomorrow for me as I write this article, the comet Elenin will reach a

It's coming. Are you ready?

state of alignment between the Earth, the planet Saturn, and the sun.  What does this mean?  As usual, it depends on who you ask, but one of the main effects that almost all of the theories about Elenin agree on is that these alignments cause earthquakes, in some cases, massive ones.  Now this is where the inconsistency in data comes in.  Do a quick search for Elenin on the net, and temporarily ignore Common Sense Conspiracy, where you know you will get only facts.  Visit a few sites that claim to explain this phenomenon and then come back here and exchange results.  What we found was that the information across the web is terribly, horrifically inconsistent.  For example, one site is trying to create panic for tomorrow because it is the first planetary alignment of the comet Elenin.  Cue the scary music here, but if you really stop and think about it, how can this be possible?  The comet Elenin has been around for thousands of years and this is not the first time it has aligned between the planets, our Earth, and the sun.  As a matter of fact, another website, The Elenin Timeline, actually breaks down each planetary alignment, dating all the way back to 2004.  According to this site, not only have there been plenty of alignments, but almost every possible configuration you can think of is documented.  They even document the phase of the moon here, insinuating that a full moon during an alignment can have even graver consequences for our tectonic plates.

The Elenin Timeline goes a step further. For each alignment that it documents, a significant earthquake is also recorded.  Once again, this dates back to 2004, and according to the site, every planetary alignment of the comet Elenin has resulted in an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude or greater (they didn’t report if it was less than 6.0).  Got to admit that’s pretty interesting, but at Common Sense Conspiracy, we don’t just lap data like that from the water bowl.  We check the facts.  So, in a painstaking operation, we started verifying the data to see how legitimate the timeline’s claims really were.

First suspect.  April 1, 2007.  The timeline claims that the comet Elenin’s alignment with Earth and Mars caused the massive 8.1 earthquake on the Solomon Islands.  This also happened to be a full moon, a recurring theme here.  According to records with the Cal Tech Seismology Laboratory, the dates and data are correct.  A few months later, in August, Elenin supposedly aligned with Earth and Venus, triggering the 8.0 earthquake we all remember striking Peru.  Then, a little break until May 12, 2008, when Elinen aligned with Earth and Neptune to trigger a 7.9 rocker in China.  But that’s where the wheels fall off, folks.  According to Cal Tech, there was an earthquake in China, only it happened on June 2, 2008, more than three weeks after Elenin’s supposed alignment.  What’s more, it is recorded by seismologists as being a 6.1 magnitude quake, which is considerably less impressive than a 7.9, as in buildings falling versus your pictures rattling on the wall.

The timeline gets back on track in 2009 with the September 29 8.1 quake in Samoa coinciding with the alignment of Elenin, Earth, and Venus.  The next quake on the timeline was the 6.9 earthquake that struck China, Russia, and North Korea on February 18, 2010.  This one adds up okay, so that’s two in a row.  Then comes another just 8 days later on February 26, 2010.  An alignment of Elenin, Earth, and the sun caused a 7.0 in Japan.  Once again, spot on.  So far, the timeline is looking pretty accurate on this, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy examine these things from every possible angle.  We were able to use reputable, scientific sources to verify the earthquakes happened on those dates, but so could anyone looking to promote a clever hoax, right?  Much more difficult to get the dates when Elenin alignments are supposed to happen.  Dozens of sites list these alignments like they are fact, and yet we have found it very difficult to find even one legitimate source that lists the alignment dates.   To add to the confusion, today, September 15,2011, one day ahead of the alignment with Saturn, three separate earthquakes on three different continents explode.  It wasn’t heavily reported on the news because none of the three were significant in earthquake terms (i.e. no damage or deaths).  All of the quakes were between 3 and 6.9 in magnitude with one around Cuba, California, and Japan, where a 6.1 magnitude quake is like going over a speed bump in your neighborhood.

Our conclusion:  it’s a startling coincidence, yes.  But the facts still remain.  Elenin is between 3 and 5 kilometers wide.  It will not pass the Earth any closer than Venus.  If it were capable of causing shifts in the magnetic field, flipping our planet like some sites say will happen to Saturn tomorrow, or causing ravaging earthquakes, consider this.  The moon, our nighttime sky friend, has one billion times the tidal force of the comet Elenin even in its absolute closest approach next year (which is still 100 times the distance from the Earth to the moon).  If you’re worried about Elenin, then you need to run frantically from the moon, because according to these facts and figures you are acknowledging, the moon is going to unleash some serious havoc on the Earth at any moment.  What it’s waiting for, I don’t know.

The earthquakes are disturbing, though.  Or could it just be that 3.1 magnitude earthquakes in California happen everyday.  And 6.1 magnitude quakes in Japan happen everyday.  What do you think?
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If we’re not here tomorrow, I guess Common Sense Conspiracy failed you.  Be at peace, my brother.

13 thoughts on “Earthquakes Rock Three Continents Ahead of Elenin Alignment”

  1. Did Elinen aligned with earth on February 27 2010 when Chile’s 8.8 earthquake happened? What about September 24 2010 New Zealand Quake or Japan Earthquake this year? Those have been the biggest one and more destructive so far.

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  3. I have been looking for a site like this for quite some time; I will save YOU to favorites!! I do believe though that an alignment is considered the day of, day before, and the day after for a total of three days (maybe more in some cases). You should check out and review here, a paper written by Mensur Omerbashich entitled “Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity”. In this report several alignments are taken into consideration including some of Elinens alignments.

    I compared Elinens alignments to earthquakes using the JPL site and USGS earthquake data. In so doing I found that every time there was an Elinen-Earth-Sun or Elinen-Sun-Earth alignment, there was an earthquake as well with the exception of 2 or three time all the way back to 2004 I believe. This was just a quick observation I did one afternoon. I did not document these observations so I am hazy on the specific findings but the data is there for anyone to look at. Yes the earthquake correlation is interesting, but I dont think we have to worry about the Earth flipping. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments and we are glad to have you aboard, Broadleef. I will definitely check out the paper you referred to. Sounds like an interesting read, and we are always seeking anything that can help us get a better handle on these things. We found the same as you; earthquakes do seem to correlate with the alignments, but not always major ones. Many of the earthquakes that have been attributed to Elenin were just as prevalent on other days. That’s part of our mission here is to sift through the facts and not just take everything at face value, and we encourage you to do the same. Please join the forum and start some discussions on anything you like. See you soon.

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