CNN Yanks Popular Article on Comet Elenin, Earthquakes, and Being Prepared

Forgive the gawdy music (what is with YouTube and the terrible soundtracks?), but turn the volume down and sink your teeth into this interesting video detailing an article on CNN’s iReport site entitled “Comet Elenin, Earthquakes, and You.”  Apparently this article was posted on September 26, 2011 during the Elenin hysteria revolving around an alignment (that passed by without incident, by the way).  CNN removed the article from its site quickly, but not before many people viewed it.

The problem with this video is that while it claims to be uncovering a conspiracy, it is actually a part of one itself.  The conspiracy is that this video is created to give you, the viewer, the impression that CNN actually published a legit, professionally-written article about Elenin and the doomsday prophecies, it somehow passed the normal screeners and censors to make it online live, and then was spotted and yanked down immediately.  If that were true, this would be very interesting news.  A real news organization apparently recognizing that Elenin is more than it seems, against the statements of NASA and other media outlets.  Unfortunately, what the video fails to explain is that the site that this article appeared on is iReport, a special area of CNN’s website that allows ordinary people to post their own news articles.  These articles are not fact-checked or censored before they appear online.  So, while it is true that CNN did decide to take the article offline, it is more like they just didn’t want to be associated with the drama surrounding the comet Elenin.  It’s not like they actually considered it legitimate enough to pay one of their veteran authors to pen an article on the subject.

By the way, conspiracy theory friends.  Professional articles don’t have titles with capitalization like this:  Comet ELENIN, Earthquakes, and YOU.

It’s a dead giveaway.