Ironically, Republican Voters Prove to Be More Progressive Than Democrats — Feel the Bern

It’s a pretty surprising result.  Donald Trump is the Republican establishment’s nominee for President of the United States.  He kinda came out of nowhere and used his reality television prowess paired with business savvy to sweep 17 competitors for the Republican nomination.  And he is not a Republican.

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, looked like he might play the spoiler to Hillary Clinton’s party, but something funny happened as voters went to the polls for both political parties in the United States.  The Democratic Party, which champions its progressivism, turned out to be less progressive than Republican voters.  Despite tons of support for outsider Sanders, Hillary has prevailed, and now Sanders looks like an unhappy child mad because his toy was stolen in the sandbox.  When it all came down to the polls, America wasn’t ready to cast that one-party two-party political system out the door just yet.

Think about it.  We could have had Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders.  Who is the Republican?  Who is the Democrat?  Neither.  We could have had the first presidential election where crafty individuals used the resources of the two political parties to tell it to go you-know-what itself.

Instead, we only got one.  Republicans proved to be more progressive than Democrats.  Who’d have seen that one coming?

Police Kill Americans at an Alarming Rate, and They are Not Just Minorities

We all know the controversy surrounding various incidents between African Americans and police officers over the years. It was particularly bad this past year, with multiple questionable incidents where unarmed men were killed by police. Well, while there is definitely a problem with the way the numbers are distributed (despite a lower percentage of the population, African Americans have a disproportionate amount deaths at the hands of police), it is more than just a racial issue. American police forces are killing

When exactly is it okay for police to kill unarmed individuals, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity?
When exactly is it okay for police to kill unarmed individuals, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity?

Americans at an alarming rate no matter how you look at it, and while there may be some racial bias involved in those numbers, the fact of the matter is that it is an across-the-board problem as well.
In American politics, we often hear about gun control, gun control, and more gun control as an answer to problems. And yet, hundreds of Americans are being gunned down by police while they are unarmed. The media touts when this happens to African Americans, but the truth is it just happens a whole lot any way you look at it.
We at Common Sense Conspiracy are not trying to downplay the racial aspect, but we also believe that focusing on the racial aspect takes away from a broader look at the problem that American police just seem to think that using deadly force is a pretty available option. You don’t have to be that sure. Shoot first and ask questions later. The video below from The Guardian sums up both parts of the equation quite nicely, and it is particularly disturbing when you compare it per capita to other nations. It seems that American police are getting braver and braver when it comes to pulling the trigger on unarmed civilians, and yet everyone points to civilians having guns as the big problem. Maybe the police should practice gun control first instead of trying to force it on the population as a whole. Perhaps we are getting to a point where civilians legitimately need guns to protect themselves from officers of the law as well as criminals. How did we get here?

Illuminati Watchdog Site Predicts George Clooney to Be Next Sacrifice After Prince, Paul Walker

It’s pretty bold to go public with a serious specific prediction about what the Illuminati is going to do next.  With the death of legendary musical artist Prince on April 21, 2016, Illuminati theories are in overdrive, but the site below is going on the record that 2016 hasn’t seen its last Illuminati blood sacrifice yet.  Prince was just the opening act.  George Clooney is next.

First of all, let’s answer the obvious next question.  Is George Clooney connected to the Illuminati to begin with?  A quick spin around the Internet will quickly make you wonder.  There are all sorts of theories about Clooney.  Some say he has joined the New World Order as some sort of ambassador.  Others say he has literally sold his soul for fame and fortune, the more common Illuminati blueprint.  Still others say his bride is actually a man, and that he married a male as part of some sort of Illuminati spectacle.  In any case, the theories are all over the board, and as is so often the case with these types of accusations, there is almost zero proof or evidence of any kind.  But that isn’t stopping Illuminati watchdogs from going right out there on the limb and saying that Clooney is a marked man.

So, what do you think?  If George Clooney does die in some way in the coming months, will you believe that this theory is true?  Should Clooney go into hiding?  Is he the next Illuminati blood sacrifice?


Boys in the Girls’ Room? Transgender Debate Conceals Something Much More Sinister

It’s a classic case of “while you were sleeping.” America is embroiled in a debate that can only be described as senseless. And that doesn’t even depend on which side of the issue you fall. That issue is, of course, whether people, specifically transgenders, should use the restroom associated with their physical sex or the one they identify with in their minds. The progressive side says they should be able to use whichever restroom they like. The conservative side says why can’t we just keep going with the penises in this room and vaginas in this room. It did seem to be a pretty efficient system for centuries, but once again, what difference does it make?

They know how to push Americans' buttons.
They know how to push Americans’ buttons.

Of course, we are seeing extremes in the debate. Conservatives claim child molesters and hormone-crazed teenagers will use transgender rights as an excuse to gain access to the other bathroom to commit atrocities. Progressives claim that transgenders will somehow be maimed emotionally by having to go in a bathroom that doesn’t suit them. In the meantime, American everywhere on both sides of the issue are mad, angry, and tired of the other side pushing a different way of life on them. And yes, that works perfectly for both sides. And there it is. That’s where we come to the title of this article.
In the very midst of the transgender location of urination debate, our government has very publicly acknowledged one of the greatest conspiracies of our time. With the debating of law on the floors of Congress allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for damages, our government is outright acknowledging that they did purposely and sinisterly cover up this nation’s involvement in this world-changing act of terror that continues to affect each and every one of us every single day all these years later. Let that sink in for a moment. Publicly. Right in your face, they are saying that we knew they were in on it. We decided that our relationship with them economically was more important, and that going to war with them over the death of a few thousand Americans was just not worth it. Why not just overlook their involvement?
But wait. It gets more sinister. Not only did they cover up Saudi Arabia’s involvement, but remember Afghanistan? Democrats all over America frequently criticize the Iraq War and blame George W. Bush for all sorts of war crimes and treachery. You never hear anyone criticizing the decision to invade Afghanistan for absolutely no reason at all. What’s more, we did not invade or even impose sanctions on the country that actually was in on it.

Spending our time in all the wrong places.
Spending our time in all the wrong places.

We often talk about on Common Sense Conspiracy how conspiracy theorists get dragged through the mud by the mainstream media. Just like when Edward Snowden revealed that conspiracy theorists had been right all along about domestic surveillance, this is another example of it turning out that the conspiracy “nuts” were right all along. The government isn’t even hiding it any longer. They covered up the truth behind 9/11.
Where’s the outrage? Where’s the protests? Where is the anger? It’s standing outside your local Target because they let transgenders go in the other restroom. It’s standing outside a Donald Trump rally. Checkmate. The government knows exactly what they are doing, and they draped that wool over your eyes again. It’s time for Americans to wake up, no matter which restroom they are using.

Did Adele Just Say That Beyonce Was Jesus Christ?

A lot is being made of a statement made by singer Adele at a recent concert in Denmark.  Adele is quite obviously a huge fan of everyone’s favorite Illuminati high priestess Beyonce, and she stopped in the middle of her concert to offer high praise for Beyonce’s latest album effort entitled Lemonade.    Some people were a little shocked about the high praise, when she stopped and said that Beyonce was Jesus <f-bomb> Christ.

Is this some sort of Illuminati-laden message?  Is Adele letting the world know that she worships the ground that Beyonce walks on literally?

Guys, this one is all smoke and no fire.  The mainstream media is trying hard to make a story out of this by not explaining that when Adele said Jesus Christ, she was using it as an exclamation and not actually saying that Beyonce is Jesus or the Messiah or whatever the media is trying to make it sound like happened.  Now, we can all have a great debate on whether the expression was appropriate at her show, but anyone viewing this in context as it happened would not walk away thinking that Adele just compared or equaled Beyonce to Jesus.  See for yourself.


There is plenty in this world to discuss, but this one is just not one of them.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich Should Be Tried for Treason Against the United States of America

A sensationalistic article title? Well, yeah, you got us on that one, but it’s time to just come out and tell the truth here. First, let’s set the stage with all of the standard disclaimers. Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we have made it abundantly clear our position on the 2016 election. It’s quite simple. All the candidates are terrible in their own way, and none of them have anything but keeping the corrupt system in place first on their hearts. This includes supposed “insurgent” candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. We have long held the position that America’s two-party system is really a one-party system. Illusion of choice. We are certainly not Donald Trump supporters, and in other articles on this site, you can see how we feel that this election cycle more than any other before demonstrates that your vote really doesn’t count.

What we did just made President Obama look like a war hero.
What we did just made President Obama look like a war hero.

Having said all of that, Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s public announcement that they will be joining forces to stop Donald Trump from getting the magical number of delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination is nothing short of treason against the American people. Backroom dealings in politics is nothing new. We all know that behind the scenes, deals get made, and people step aside to get something they want later down the road. But this is not backroom dealings. This is two politicians who have been turned down by American voters again and again saying they are going to pool their resources and purposely throw elections in favor of the other to stop the one that American voters selected. And they are pompous enough to announce it publicly and act like they are doing everyone a huge favor.
Is Donald Trump a good choice for the nominee? Who knows? We would say decidedly not, but the point is that at Common Sense Conspiracy, we believe in central philosophy that the person that gets the most votes ought to win, even if we are scratching our heads about it. For example, in the 2000 election, Al Gore should have won the presidency, not because of the lawsuits or because George W. Bush turned out to be such a bust, but because he won the popular vote. The popular vote should decide. All the delegates, superdelegates, and second ballots at contested conventions are just devices put into place by the political parties to circumvent the will of the people.
The only way there should ever be a contested convention is if the top two candidates are exactly tied.
It should be noted that we are not just picking on one party here; the Democratic Party has the same but slightly different system in place to do the same. Bernie Sanders basically can’t win because it was rigged by so-called superdelegates from the outset. It remains to be seen whether he would have beat Hillary without them, but he will most definitely lose with them in the picture, and that is just another way of fixing the system. To their credit, however, they are not publicly announcing to the people their intentions. What Ted Cruz and John Kasich did yesterday is treason against the people of the United States of America. They should be tried and convicted for the crime of treason because what they are doing is an outright and admitted betrayal of every citizen of the United States of America. The trial should be pretty easy and straightforward since they have both publicly already recognized their crime. It threatens the very foundations of our country, and is absolutely spitting on the will of the American people, whether or not we agree that the will of the American people was ever really in play to begin with.

Prince Dead at 57: If Ever There Was Time for an Illuminati Theory, This is It

We at Common Sense Conspiracy can’t believe the news.  Prince is dead.  We could gush for an hour about his greatness and what the world has lost on this day, but we still have a job to do here.  Countless celebrities have died, and there is always serious interest in conspiracy circles about whether they may or may not have been murdered by the Illuminati, among other things.  We quite often dispel those theories as silly and absurd.  But if ever there was a time for such a theory, today is that time.

Prince was the living embodiment of someone that rose to fame in the clutches of the Illuminati-controlled music business, only to turn his back on it later and strike off on a bold new direction.  It was a rocky road a times.  Prince as one of the first music artists to embrace the Internet and to realize that he could skip the middle-man and sell albums on his own accord.  This made him much less of a commercial success, but a very wealthy man.  Not having to share profits and take absurdly small percentages for his intellectual property opened him up to a whole new world of possibilities, ones that he continued to explore right up until today.

Naturally, the music business, and the Illuminati if you believe such things, were not big fans of his going his own way.  Now, Prince, dead at 57, may be the most suspicious death of all.  Yes, he had the flu last week, but he was seen riding his bike a couple of days ago, and even appeared at a party, showing off his new purple piano and guitar.  The man was a strict vegan, not an ounce overweight, and looked to be in perfect health, better, in fact, than most of us.  As we wait for more information, we can only speculate about the cause of death and whether it will be one that makes sense or one that fits in with the questionable Illuminati-related deaths we have seen all-too-often in the past.  Common Sense Conspiracy will keep you updated as this story develops.  In the video below from several years back, Prince famously outs the Illuminati.

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