What the New World Order Really Thinks About Donald Trump — Insurgent or Scapegoat?

Everyone knows that Donald Trump improbably walked away with the United States’ Presidency in the 2016 election. He kicked tail in the Electoral College while losing big time to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. A lot has been made of that. A lot of people are impressed that Trump somehow infiltrated the one-party two-party political system and came out the victor as an insurgent outsider. Well, now that the election is settled (at least, for now until the Electoral College casts its votes in a couple of weeks), it’s time for us at Common Sense Conspiracy to look at this from a couple of different angles. Is Donald Trump what we think he is? A lot of very reputable conspiracy theory websites that have been around for years and years are heralding Donald Trump’s surprise win as a critical moment when the American people have banded together against the New World Order. But could it be that there is more than meets the eye at work here?

It’s hard to believe that the New World Order, Bildberberg, or the Illuminati (whichever name you like to call the shadow government by) made this huge of a blunder. Could Donald Trump have really came from nowhere to circumvent their plans? Or is he the plan?

It’s something to think about.

As much of a wild card as Trump may seem, in some ways this could be just what the doctor ordered for the powers-that-be. For one thing, Trump’s policies may actually push us towards globalism more than away. Yes, Trump’s positions seem to be very opposite the conventional goals of a New World Order institution. But what if Trump’s policies led to another economic disaster? What if the dollar collapsed? What if Trump took America into a new Dark Age that led the masses running back into the NWO’s arms affectionately?

Could Donald Trump be a scapegoat?

It’s possible that they didn’t know this was going to happen, but have a contingency plan. They are not stupid and never have been. Do not believe for one second that the shadow government doesn’t have a plan for an insurgent candidate that emerges victorious. First of all, the Electoral College itself allows them another chance to sidestep Trump if they like. But what if they look at the whole situation and collectively decide that they can use Trump whether he knows he is playing ball with them or not?

And as to whether Trump’s policies are that bad, we are not even getting into that. But if there were several outside entities working overtime to make sure that his policies not only fail but miserably fail, could that not be just a new, more creative way of pulling the population’s marionette strings? Oh, yes, it certainly could.

Trump made history. That is for sure. His unlikely win shocked the world. But the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Illuminati… they have never been shocked. Not once. If you think they are at a loss for what happened here, be wary. Trump may have surprised them, but it’s the kind of surprise that everyone knew was coming sooner or later.
There is a plan. Don’t worry. The New World Order has Trump covered.

The Holiday Conspiracy — Retailers Move to Take Away Little Family Time Left in America

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article originally appeared around this time last year.  This year, the situation is escalating even further, with retailers opening up even earlier.  Because this article is truer than ever, we are temporarily placing it on our front page so that more people may be exposed to it.  Thanks for reading.


In the last degradation to the family unit in America, retailers across the nation are moving farther and farther into what was once a dead zone in the holiday season — the holiday itself.  In recent years, Black Friday had already taken itself to the very limits, with many retailers opting to open at midnight with exceptional deals to attract early shoppers.  This year, Black Friday is as good as Black Thanksgiving Day, with major retailers like Target and Walmart now opening their doors at 8:00 P.M. on the holiday itself.  Some consumers are excited, glad for more chances at deals and hoping that their odds might be enhanced by less competition if some people don’t know about the early openings or choose to (gasp!) stay with their families instead of invading the local Target.  Others think that this is going too far and that retailers are undermining a special time for families in an age when these special times are so few and far between.

A nice family Thanksgiving scene in America.

Our 24/7 society already requires mothers and fathers to be away from their families at all hours of the day to make a living.  Now, the handful of days that were still sacred are being violated as well.  A lot of people out there that are excited about shopping at 8:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day don’t take into consideration that there are many more people affected by it.  Those stores expect huge throngs of shoppers, which means they will have to require many employees of their companies to be there to deal with the deluge.  While it might be exciting to some to head out at 7:00 P.M. to stand in line with family and friends and try to catch a killer deal, how exciting is it for the retail workers that have to leave their families at what for many is prime-time Turkey-time to get to their posts.  Some retail associates wonder what the point of even closing on Thanksgiving is if they know they have to be at work that evening in the middle of the festivities.  And some people say “Oh, well it’s 8:00 P.M.  Most people are just sitting on the couch in a coma after their meals.”  Well, that too is a misunderstanding of the way these establishments work.  Employees can’t simply show up at 8:00 P.M.  They will have to be their at least a couple of hours in advance to do their normal opening procedures, prepare displays, and rebuild their stores that were probably massacred in the pre-Thanksgiving rush before they closed.  Then, there’s controlling the crowds, determining how to handle the other conspiracy of Black Friday, where not everyone will get the deal they stood in line for, and providing security for shoppers on a mission that sometimes resort to less-than-civil means to get that special deal they had their eyes on.  You see, there’s so much more that goes into it than simply opening the doors so shoppers can get a good deal and retailers can make a quick buck.

But why?  Why do retailers move the times up?  Why not stick with five in the morning?  Why move it to midnight?  Why 8:00 P.M. now on Thanksgiving evening?  The answer is simple, and you have complete control over it.  They do it because people will come.  People will come in throngs, eager for a chance at a good deal, and with little regard for the fact that their very attendance is basically a vote for what the retailers chose to do.  When you go to your local Target at 8:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving, remember that you are the reason they did this.  You are the reason those employees had to leave their families and be at work at that very moment.  To take care of you, because they knew you would come.  You will do whatever it takes, and competition drives the retail industry.  If Target wants to open that early, then other retailers will do the same because they feel they have no choice to keep a competitive advantage.  And then, slowly, over years, it just becomes normal.  Five years from now, you can bet your last buck that retailers will probably be opening up at 6:00 A.M. on Thanksgiving Day and staying open all day.  Why?  Because they know if they open the door, they will have store full of eager shoppers, many of which who will buy things that are not that great of a deal while they are in there saving fictional hundreds on things like televisions that in all reality are just being sold at cost to get you to come in the door.

The real conspirator here is American consumers.  Do you want to be a part of the retailer’s evil plan?  No, you say.

Then don’t show up.  It wouldn’t take them long to get the message.

Mainstream Media Prepares General Public for Electoral College Shocker — Computer Experts Say Election Results Hacked

The same mainstream media sources that demonized Donald Trump for questioning the authenticity of our election system are now suggesting that at least three states that Trump won may have been hacked. According to multiple mainstream media sources, the Clinton campaign is being “urged” to contest the election results based on the data.

Basically, Clinton performed a lot worse in counties where the results came from electronic devices than old-fashioned ballots. This is leading some “experts” to say that there is a good chance that something is amiss in the election results.

This may seem like a long shot. It seems so. Even if it were true, it doesn’t mean that Clinton automatically wins. It might make her look worse if she stepped back into the fray.

But if you take a step back and fold your arms over your chest, you might find that it makes a lot of sense. It isn’t an affirmative action as much as it is one more piece of wood thrown on the fire to help it burn. This could be just one more thing for the Electoral College to point to if and when they override the whole process and elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States.

Or, it could just be a whole lot of noise about nothing.

Mysterious Blue Spheres Caught in NASA Images of Sun

Conspiracy theorists are going nuts after some public images from NASA satellites showed some mysterious blue spheres in the area of the sun. There is all sorts of speculation going on as we speak, including everything from UFO’s to apocalyptic predictions. NASA is saying that this is all a silly coincidence. According to scientists there, it is quite common for cameras on their satellites to become “overloaded” causing images to be corrupted. When that happens, something like the blue spheres can show up on an image, causing a whole lot of speculation over nothing. Of course, many in conspiracy circles aren’t having none of that hokey explanation.

What do you think of the blue spheres? Do you buy NASA’s explanation, or are they covering up for something?

French Astronaut Delivers Eerie Warning From Space During Suicide Attempt

Claudia Haignere is the nation of France’s first female astronaut. In 2008, almost exactly ten years ago, she was in space when she apparently lost her mind. Blamed officially on an overdose of sleeping pills, her suicide attempt-turned-tyrade included an eerie message… Earth must be warned!

This is one of those stories that not a lot of people have heard about, but it’s absolutely true and right there to discover for those that know what to look for. That’s why we at Common Sense Conspiracy felt like the tenth anniversary of this interesting episode was a good time to put it in front of our loyal readers. Check out the video below that outlines the entire event in excellent detail.

Late to the Party — Is Donald Trump in the Illuminati? How About the Antichrist?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are ashamed of ourselves.  Such an obvious question, and it wasn’t until today that it was brought forth by our loyal readers.  Donald Trump has pulled the impossible, infiltrating the one-party two-party establishment system in America and coming out the other side with the presidency in tow.  Yet, Donald is nothing new in the public consciousness.  As you may imagine, there are plenty in conspiracy circles that believe Donald’s unbelievable rise had  a little help along the way.

And in a special Buy One Get One Free 2 for 1 deal, the CSC is going ahead and just tackling the antichrist question.  I mean, it’s just easier to get it over with cause that is coming.  There is plenty of chatter in conspiracy circles about both, and these two videos show you a sampling of what is out there.  Our gut feeling is that it is probably unlikely on both accounts, but hey, it’s pretty interesting to consider the possibilities.  And maybe we hadn’t thought that Donald isn’t the antichrist, but the one that paves the way for the antichrist.  That’s critical thinking for sure.




Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead Doesn’t Really Mean What You Think It Means

A lot is being made of the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.  Donald Trump won in the all-important Electoral College with a bit of room to spare, but it appears that Hillary Clinton will sit on top of the popular vote in the nation when all is said and done.  It is not significant in that it won’t alter the results of the election, but it is significant in what it means:  more people voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for Donald Trump.

This has happened before, and not all that long ago.  Remember Bush and Gore?  That was a very controversial election result as well, and the same thing happened to the Democrats there.  Gore had more votes nationally, but not in the right places.  Now, there is a raging debate over whether the Electoral College even makes sense or whether it is antiquated, but that’s not what we are discussing in this article.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy are looking to defuse some of the claims surrounding the popular vote total and what proponents of Clinton are trying to do with it.

The popular vote is interesting.  It is important as we said above.  But you can’t take the popular vote and make it applicable and have any real gauge on what the American people thought.  Yes, even if the Electoral College defects based on the popular vote excuse and decides to hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton, they are using faulty logic.  Here’s the thing.  The election played out by the rules in place at the time.  The popular vote is interesting to look at, but the reality is that if the popular vote had the weight of the Electoral College, the entire campaign would have played out differently.

If the popular vote was the way this was done, both candidates would have campaigned from completely different viewpoints.  For one thing, neither candidate would have been concerned with sparsely populated states at all (which is the whole purpose of the college to begin with) because whichever one dominated a handful of big cities would win easily.  Also, how many people that didn’t vote would have turned out in a popular vote situation?  Many, many people don’t vote for President because they know which way their state is going to go.  Alabama is a great example of this.  Trump won by huge numbers there, and the Republican candidate has for years.  Anyone who wanted Trump to win could stay home and it would still happen.  Anyone who wanted Hillary to win could stay home and it still wasn’t going to happen.  If the popular vote were decisive, many more people in that state would have probably got out to vote, and not necessarily just for one side or the other.

Can a good, solid argument be made that we should use the popular vote as our means of picking our leaders rather than the Electoral College system?  Absolutely, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy have routinely advocated for just that over the years.  However, until such a system is in place, the popular vote doesn’t give you an overarching view of which candidate would have won if that system were in place at the time of the election.  It could mean that Hillary gets millions more votes.  It could mean that Donald does too and the election is even closer than it was.  It could even mean that people in rural areas stop voting because they now feel like their vote doesn’t count.  Until such a system is in place, and all of the new strategies that would therefore adapt to it come into existence, we simply can’t read anything into a popular vote result, especially one as close as this one.

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