It is Now Politically Correct to Hope the President Gets Assassinated — Democrats Save Champagne

To say that Donald Trump winning the 2016 election is controversial would be a huge (as Donald likes to say) understatement.  The country was divided under eight years of Barack Obama like it had not been in decades, but still it lacks in comparison to the climate in the country the week after November 8, 2016.  Riots are breaking out.  Protesters are in the streets outraged about the results of a free election.  There is paranoia and hysteria, and even the people on the winning side (the Republicans) are wary of their unexpected new leader.  But just how far has it gone?

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to show you some screen captures of Hillary Clinton loyalists very nonchalantly talking about the assassination of the soon-to-be President Trump.  One even says that the champagne purchased to toast the first female president will now be saved for when someone takes The Donald out.

These are amazing statements, and really show how well the shadow government and mainstream media have divided this country.  In the worst of times, Americans still respected the office of President.  Now, we actually scoff at it and sit around the fire talking about how nice it will be when the President gets his head blown off.  Wow, what a change.

We’re not really taking sides here politically, but can you imagine what it would be like if anyone had nonchalantly made such statements about Barack Obama?  Now, we’re not stupid.  We know that someone out there probably did say something like that about President Obama, but what’s different is how open people are about it.  No one would have gone on record saying something like that about Obama, but it’s absolutely no big deal to leave a digital paper trail of how you have no problem with someone assassinating the President of the United States.  Would you want that kind of banter coming back to haunt you if such a thing actually came to pass?

What do you think?  Are you anti-Trump?  Are you so anti-Trump that you hope that he gets murdered rather than give him a chance and see what his administration might be like?   And do you think it’s a good use of our First Amendment freedoms to sit around talking about our President getting assassinated because we don’t agree with him?  Is the situation this dire?  We want to hear what you think, especially those who oppose the incoming President.

These comments were taken from the Internet in the comments section of an article about Donald Trump.  We did not blur out the names because these people made this public when they posted public comments, so they obviously have no problem with their names being attached to their statements.  There was a lot more, but we just used this as a sample of the kind of conversation our nation is having.
These comments were taken from the Internet in the comments section of an article about Donald Trump. We did not blur out the names because these people made this public when they posted public comments, so they obviously have no problem with their names being attached to their statements. There was a lot more, but we just used this as a sample of the kind of conversation our nation is having.

Electoral College Petition Could Keep Barack Obama, Not Hillary Clinton, in the White House — Is It Finally Time for Martial Law?

There was a long-standing conspiracy theory over the last eight years that President Barack Obama would somehow stay in power past January 20, 2016 by declaring martial law in a chaotic or disastrous event where he could make a case that keeping the power infrastructure intact could only be achieved by him staying as President.  With that date quickly approaching, the conspiracy theory was starting to lose steam.  This week, however, many believe that it is more likely than ever that President Barack Obama will still be President on January 20.

The current President-Elect Donald Trump is perhaps the most unpopular elected official of all time.  A petition is circulating begging members of the Electoral College to defect from the votes on Election Day and put Hillary Clinton as President instead.  That seems like a long shot at best, but given Donald Trump’s extreme unpopularity amongst millions of Americans and the fact that Hillary Clinton squeaked out a popular vote win despite losing the Electoral College, it may not be the craziest thing we’ve heard yet.  Keep in mind that Hillary doesn’t need hundreds of defectors;  just enough to give her enough electoral votes to be the victor will do.  While Trump won by a good margin, it’s not that big.  The thing is that there are ongoing protests and riots all over America, and many believe that it could cause President Obama to issue a martial law declaration and suspend the election results for now.

It’s a perfect storm.  The concept of people protesting the results of a free election in a democracy is new to America.  It questions the very legitimacy of the entire system and the election process.  But instead of installing Hillary Clinton as commander-in-chief, it may very well leave us with one Barack Obama for an indefinite amount of time.  The martial law declaration could even be be used as a springboard to reboot the election and start all over.  Or, of course, it could be used to install some sort of law or executive order that gives Obama the ability to extend his White House stay for as long as he pleases (or until the situation stabilizes, which would give the government wide discretion).

The threat is real.  There are actually two completely different scenarios for Donald Trump to still not ever become President.  That’s pretty amazing if you think about it.  What do you think?  Are we being set up for a history-making nationwide martial law declaration in which all civil rights are basically suspended?  Is this the right thing to do?  Could this be a segue into something bigger?

Just when you think Obama is a lame duck, he might be the unlamest duck of all.

Think People Are Overreacting to Trump Election? Look Back at 2008 to See the Hypocrisy

Let’s leave the turmoil of 2016 for a moment and head back to 2008 for more turmoil.  That’s right, when President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, it wasn’t all that much different than what you are seeing right now.  It was just a different swath of people who perceived themselves as having the moral high ground.

This was the interpretation of Barack Obama in 2008 by conservatives. A little overdramatic, perhaps?
This was the interpretation of Barack Obama in 2008 by conservatives. A little overdramatic, perhaps?

Think about it.  We were coming off the tumultuous time that was the George W. Bush presidency.  The turning over of the White House to a Democratic President was almost certain, and anyone betting good hard-earned cash would have put it on Senator Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately for her, a charismatic African American community organizer-turned-Senator rose from nothing to take the presidency.

Conservative white people lost their minds.  They said Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim and we had just turned over the keys to the nation to a foreigner.  They questioned his birth certificate.  The evangelicals said he was the antichrist.  They said he would take everyone’s guns and install death panels where granny would be ruled too old to get health care anymore.  He would usher in the end times and put the United States in an Armageddon showdown of World War 3, but he was a trojan horse meant to turn us over to Islam.  He would install sharia law.  He would declare martial law, stripping everyone of their rights.  Christians would be confined to concentration camps.  FEMA trailers were being set up to round them up.

That’s not even all.  We could literally go on for hours.  Conservative white people winked at each other with knowing nods about what was obviously taking place while desperately trying to connect Barack’s name to the number 666 somehow.

This is what we see now in 2016. We've only switched sides, that is all.
This is what we see now in 2016. We’ve only switched sides, that is all.

Now, let’s return to 2016.  Now, no one is saying that Donald Trump doesn’t say some wild stuff.  He does, but the overdramatizing of things is getting silly.  Let’s see what liberals in America have decided is inevitable in the Trump administration since they found out the shocking news that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to claim the presidency after all.

As of today, gay people think that gay marriage will be undone, their civil rights will be stripped, and there may even be concentration camps and conversion therapy in their future (sound familiar).  Black people believe slavery may be returned and that the shackles are already being prepared.  People using ObamaCare believe they will be completely left out in the cold and their money taken.  Meanwhile, it is expected that Donald Trump will declare himself dictator in between having sexual relations with any American woman he chooses.  He will immediately nuke random countries, invade Iran after pulling out of the nuclear arms agreement, and he will get in a pissing match with China over trade resulting in World War 3.  This all while deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, building a wall along the border with armed guards allowed to shoot on sight, and, oh wait, also overturning Roe vs. Wade and outlawing abortion in the United States.

That’s not all.  We could go on.

We could explain the message here for hours, but we are going to stop and assume that our readers are better than that.  Surely you can see the message here.

Trump might be the worst President of all time.  But it won’t be that bad.  It certainly won’t be as bad as a Hillary Clinton presidency, which any conspiracy enthusiast will tell you is the final cog on the way to the full-time installation of the New World Order.   What it will be is possibly a delay in the inevitable.

So rioting in the streets is a little silly.  But it is exactly what the shadow government wants.  They relish in the division, and a polarizing figure like Trump may have usurped their power stranglehold, but as long as they can keep Americans thinking that other Americans are the enemy, well, they figure it’s all good.

Stop being ridiculous.  It was ridiculous in 2008 and it is ridiculous now.  It’s time to move forward in a meaningful way and stop helping them in their quest to drive the wedge ever deeper.  The Trump presidency could actually be a positive thing for people that are awake and see what we are being pushed towards, but if we let them win again, he will only be used as another divider to push us over the edge they have long had waiting for us.

Could the Electoral College Still Stump Donald Trump? You Betcha

A lot of people mistakenly think the 2016 Presidential Election ended early Tuesday morning when Hillary Clinton conceded to Donald Trump via a telephone call.  It should have been.  But we live in a country that has a lot of extra safeguards (as was always seen with Hillary Clinton previously with the superdelegates that made sure the Democratic Party could not be infiltrated by an independent).  The Electoral College is the ultimate shadow government safeguard against someone like Donald Trump securing the presidency.

Many people are unaware that the election is not the final say on who becomes President.  The Electoral College is.
Many people are unaware that the election is not the final say on who becomes President. The Electoral College is.

On December 13, the Electoral College will cast votes for the office of President of the United States.  The concept here is that each member of the college casts the vote according to what the voters selected.  That is generally how it goes, although on occasion there have been defectors.  For some states and districts, it is technically against the law for the elector to go against the wishes of his constituents.  However, none of these are major crimes.  They only have small fines, leaving the door open for the Electoral College to change an election as it sees fit with minimal consequences.

It goes without saying that this has never happened.  While some isolated electors have changed their minds and went against the wishes of voters, when it is all said and done, the Electoral College has always voted to install the President in accordance with the election results.  This is controversial at times because it can mean that the winner didn’t necessarily win the actual popular vote of the nation.  This infamously happened in the 2000 election when Al Gore technically had more votes than George W. Bush, but the Electoral College system caused Bush to still take the presidency.  It appears that Hillary Clinton may have found herself in a similar predicament in 2016, although all votes have not been officially tallied.

It’s never happened, this is true.  But this election has been nothing like normal, and there is tons of rhetoric out there that Donald Trump is an existential danger to America.  Could the Electoral College decide that since Hillary Clinton got more votes anyway, it’s just better to install her as President and avoid potential disaster?

Sure it does, as long as they agree with you.
Sure it does, as long as they agree with you.

Absolutely they can.  And you can bet you will hear rumblings about it.  There are going to be people on the Democratic side that think it’s worth the fallout to stop Trump from becoming President of the United States.  However, that’s not the scary part.  Remember, it’s not just Democrats that oppose Trump.  The establishment, both sides of it, want desperately to stop him.  It could be that both Republican and Democratic electors decide mutually that it is in the “best interest of the nation” to not allow Trump to rise to the highest office in the land.  The race was tight, and it wouldn’t take that many defectors to change the result.  They may very well see themselves as patriots or saving the nation from all the rhetoric about Trump.

Is it likely?  History would indicate that most likely Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President in January.  But is it possible?  Absolutely.  And you could make a strong argument that while it is not likely, it is more likely than it ever has been before.  Generally in these situations, you have one party or the other steadfast behind their candidate.  That is not the case here.  It is unprecedented for both parties to be so dead set against a candidate as they have been for Trump.  This could be historic, and over half of the nation that voted for Hillary Clinton may very well be happy about it if it were to happen.  That’s important, because the main thing that keeps electors in line is the threat of retaliation from constituents in future elections.  If Democrats and Republicans felt there was no legal fallout and no political fallout, then why not?  And if you don’t think Hillary Clinton has already considered this scenario, you are nuts.  She knows better than anyone how this system works, and you can bet that there are people behind the scenes testing the waters for a lobby to the Electoral College.

Okay, so having said all of that, there is one more thing to consider.  There is over a month between Election Day and the Electoral College casting the votes.  That’s plenty of times for Donald Trump to become embroiled in a scandal, either created by his political opponents or real.  Imagine if Donald Trump were indicted on rape charges between now and then.  Imagine if he were arrested.  Imagine if some unbelievably damning evidence appeared connecting him to something horrible materialized.  This would just be fuel for the Electoral College to act.

The Electoral College exists for only one real reason:  to give the shadow government that last area of influence in Presidential elections.  They have that one last opportunity to stop it from happening.  They have never used this ability thus far.  They haven’t had to.  They have not found manipulating and fixing elections that difficult, but this era of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is changing the rules.  Could we see the Electoral College cut and run on America?  It’s possible, if not likely, and there is plenty of time for any number of things to happen that could boost that possibility.

Trump Wins! What Does It Mean in Conspiracy Circles? Is There a New New World Order?

Donald Trump’s winning of the election is incredible for a variety of reasons.  Never has a candidate had so many cards stacked against him.  Never has a candidate felt the full wrath of the shadow government’s full machine.  They threw everything but the kitchen sink at Trump, and when all was said and done, he was still standing.

trump-prezMany Americans are afraid of what Trump might mean for the country.  These fears may not be misplaced.  He is a wild card.  No one is totally sure just what a Trump presidency will look like.  What we do know is that this appears to be a watershed moment in our world.  Trump may or may not be the right guy, but his victory proves that while the New World Order that is trying to organize itself is very powerful indeed, there is still power in the people themselves.  That was proven on Election Day once and for all.  All the rigging in the world can’t overcome the power of awakened individuals going out and letting their voices be heard.  That is inspiring.  Democracy is not totally dead, even if it is being handed its hat.

Having said all of that, we move on to the real topic here.  What does this mean in conspiracy circles?  Well, Trump’s win ends some conspiracy theories once and for all.  The Clinton-Bush dynasty conspiracies are over.  Both President Obama and now President-Elect Trump effectively ended these two families’ stronghold on American power and politics that has lasted decades.  While we probably haven’t heard the last of the Bush’s and Clinton’s, we’ve definitely heard the last of them for a little while.  Another popular conspiracy theory was that Donald Trump was in some sort of collusion with Hillary Clinton to secure the presidency.  His unlikely victory confirms that there was no such collusion.  Donald Trump ran for President and won.  That’s all there is to it.  No more theories for now.

For the conspiracy theories closed, new ones will open.  Many will wonder if Donald Trump will cooperate with the shadow government.  Everything about his campaign and personality indicates that he will not if it doesn’t suit his agenda.  We all know what will happen if he bucks the system too much.  There will be many, many conspiracy theories in 2017 about the possibility of a massive government conspiracy to assassinate Donald Trump.  As Inauguration Day approaches, it’ll get clearer what these theories will be.  For now, we can only speculate.

There was a narrative in the mainstream media that Trump will declare himself dictator and take over America.  This could be called a conspiracy theory, we suppose, but we don’t really claim it.  No reputable conspiracy theory site that we know of saw Trump as anything but an outsider insurgent candidate that drew the ire of the establishment.  The theories involving him becoming a Hitler-like figure are not so much conspiracy theories as just tactics of his political opponents.

In that same vein, many will bring up concepts about Trump’s supposed racist, sexist, and anti-LGBT qualities.  Some have already suggested that being homosexual will be banned in the United States, a la Russia.  Others say Trump will reverse gay marriage, end abortion, and ban Muslims.  There is little or no evidence that any of these things would be on a Trump agenda.  Most of his commentary on such subjects was manipulated horribly by the government’s media machine, and on a political level, one must remember that Trump is historically quite liberal in his views.  In some ways, he is just as liberal as Hillary Clinton.  It is unlikely that he would do any of these things, and once again, these are not conspiracy theories as much as just ways for his political enemies to assail him.  That strategy appeared to be working like a charm until about 10:00 PM on Election evening when it suddenly became clear that Trump might be the one to beat.

These are just some of the conspiracy concepts that you will see rise to the surface as 2017 approaches.  We saved the biggest one for last, but it is too important and expansive to be covered here.  The last theory is that Trump will never become President because the Electoral College will do the unthinkable and be the last battalion of the establishment against an insurgent candidate.  We will analyze that fully in the next article.

Thanks to all our readers for enduring this crazy election and all of the crazy situations we are obligated to analyze and investigate.  We look forward to having a wider variety of articles four our readers going forward as this fades and new challenges arise.

Shadow Government Puppet Masters Pull Strings on Final Days of 2016 Election

A lot of people (especially in the government and mainstream media) are pointing to the FBI’s sudden announcement of the discovery of thousands more of Hillary Clinton-related emails as an example that the election is most certainly not rigged (as Trump and plenty of conspiracy theorists for decades have suggested).  After all, if the election were rigged for Hillary, why on Earth would she allow such a thing to happen?  Well, to understand it, you have to look a little deeper, a little further out, and see the big picture.

It is clear that the shadow government, be it Bilderberg or whatever name you want to put on it, has already chosen Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States.  This has probably been decided for many years.  As a matter of fact, many in conspiracy circles believe that she was supposed to win the 2008 election but was usurped by Obama, whom the shadow government ultimately decided to go with because he was more charismatic and divisive to the American people than the candidate they had originally envisioned.  She was put on the backburner with promises of the Secretary of State job in her ear, and an even bigger promise that all things remaining equal, she would be the President easily in 2016.

Well, 2016 is here folks, and there was another intruder.  This one was Donald Trump, but unlike Obama, he did not attract any love from the shadow government.  He is a true outsider, and someone they are deathly afraid of.  They believe he might truly unravel a portion of the stranglehold they have on power in America.  They fear a movement like he and Bernie Sanders (despite seeming worlds apart) are actually both headliners of.  It’s the first throes of an American revolution in which the awakened people (a group that is getting bigger each and every day thanks to the Internet and alternative news sources) are having no more of it.

The shadow government is still firmly in control.  Despite surprising them, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for that matter have no realistic shot at the Presidency.  But the elite don’t take chances, and we are seeing masters of manipulation in play here.  Think about it.  This sudden announcement of the FBI investigation looked so bad for Hillary and so good for Trump.  But if you look at the firestorm of things we’ve learned this week that the media completely ignored while beating the email server drum 24/7, you see what they did again.

See, the WikiLeaks revelations are about a million times more damning than the email server allegations.  We are talking major corruption, major crimes, and millions of dollars changing hands.  We are talking events that literally shape the world here over money and power.  The Clinton Foundation revelations are so far-reaching that they are even grabbing Chelsea Clinton in their wake.  It appears that the entire Clinton family is up to their neck in this one.

No one noticed.  No one cared.  The Donald Trump supporters were gleeful when the FBI announcement hit.  It’s over, they thought.  We got this.  They bit on the line that was put out for them like a fish in a lake.  It is over.  But they are the ones that got you.  You fell for it.

Now, the FBI has announced again that no criminal charges will be pursued against Hillary Clinton in this one investigation (ignoring the multiple investigations still ongoing) on literally the day before the polls open.  Now, that great news that the Trump people were so excited about is turning on a dime.  The most ironic thing about it of all:  the same Democrats that were outraged about how Trump insinuated that the election might be rigged are now claiming… you guessed it… that the FBI announcement was an attempt to rig the election.  Everything comes and goes, you see.  They all tell you the same old tired lines.

This is not a struggle between Democrats and Republicans.  The Republican establishment is just as terrified of Trump as the Democrats are.  More, even, because they couldn’t do anything about it.  A myriad of voters put an outsider at the very top of the Republican Party.  Others like them were all set to do the same to Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic Party’s primary was set up from the beginning to make sure it could not be usurped.  Bernie put up the good fight, but was never really on the  ballot so-to-speak.  The Republicans apparently never considered something like Trump, and so they did not have the proper safeguards in place to screw him out of it.  It wasn’t rigged enough to stop Trump in the primaries, so they had to really pull out all the stops to stop him in the general election.

The puppets are dancing, just like they are supposed to do.  On this final day, you will hear over and over how the email scandal is finished now, and how terrible it was that they announced it in the first place, damaging poor little innocent Hillary Clinton’s chances at winning this election and putting the entire world in mortal jeopardy by giving Trump a chance.  That will be the narrative while the worst case of corruption ever seen in American government is right there for anyone to view.

How ironic it is?  Never before have Americans had so much information at their fingertips to make an informed decision.  And never will it be so ignored.

Can a President Hillary Clinton Pardon Herself?

Well, even though the FBI has once again said that it will not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton over the infamous email scandal, there is no shortage of investigations still going on.  There is plenty of noise being made surrounding the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings, and WikiLeaks is still threatening to drop even more bombshells in the one final remaining day before the election.  So, it seems probably that Hillary Clinton will probably pull this thing out and be the President-Elect come Wednesday morning.  But how does that work with an FBI investigation and at least some potential for a criminal indictment in the works?

Don't worry. I got you.
Don’t worry. I got you.

Well, as you probably know, one of the greatest and most sweeping powers of the office of President in the United States is the ability to pardon.  A President has never pardoned himself, but it is not clear that this is necessarily impossible.  Constitutional experts have been weighing in saying that a President Hillary Clinton could indeed pardon herself.  Also, the outgoing President Obama could pardon her.  But is either likely?  Let’s look at it in more detail.

For President Obama, it could be a sticky situation.  If Hillary were indicted before she took over the office in January, he could pardon her, but that would mean tarnishing his own legacy because it would no doubt be one of the most historical and controversial pardons of all time.  He would forever be remembered for pardoning the President-Elect so she could be President.  He might do it anyway for the sake of the country’s power structure.  Or he might give Hillary the final middle finger.  After all, it’s no secret that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not BFF’s.  Their primary battle in 2008 was bloody, and many believe that Obama is only actively campaigning on her behalf because of the fear of a President Trump more than really supporting her candidacy.  If she wins the election outright and Trump is officially out of the picture, Obama may decide to leave her on her own with a potential indictment.

If Hillary Clinton were indicted after becoming President, it would be more interesting.  She could pardon herself, yes.  It would be controversial to a degree like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and would definitely have an authoritarian flare to it.  But she could do it, and it would most likely stand.  It’s possible that Republicans may challenge it and the Supreme Court might have to eventually rule on whether it is legal for someone to pardon themselves of a crime.  However, that would be the Supreme Court populated with at least one more Hillary Clinton-appointee.  Basically, at this point, we would see the kind of massive government corruption that would dwarf what we have seen so far, and that is saying a lot.

A pardon by Obama or by herself would save Hillary from the criminal part of the charge and prevent her from ever being convicted and possibly going to prison.  What it cannot do is stop her from being impeached.  The Congress has that authority, and not even a Presidential pardon stops the possibility of impeachment proceedings.  So, even if she was pardoned, she would almost definitely find herself facing the charges in Congress.  That is, unless Democrats controlled the House and Senate, in which case they would not bring charges, or would bring them only to end it once and for all.  However, it is not expected that Democrats will take the Presidency and both houses.  At best, Hillary might win and find a Democratic Senate to work with, but the House is most likely safe for Republicans for two more years.  This means that if criminal charges were brought against Hillary, you can bet your last dime impeachment proceedings will at least be brought forward.  Whether enough support (or evidence) would exist to actually make that happen remains to be seen.  It is all speculation at this point.

Now, if Donald Trump pulled a miracle and beat Hillary outright on Election Day, President Obama would almost definitely pardon Hillary.  This is because Trump with a Republican-controlled House would certainly be able to pursue charges against Clinton with that kind of influence, so Obama would pardon her (with chagrin for what it means for his own legacy) because at the end of the day, these guys are gonna stick up for each other.  Obama might not like Hillary, but he’s not going to stand by and let her go to prison.  Remember, there’s probably quite a few things Hillary Clinton knows about the Obama administration, so he would definitely be in a corner on that deal.

Ironically, it would appear looking at the facts that Hillary Clinton would almost certainly be pardoned any way it goes.  Hmm, how does that make you feel about the fairness of our justice system, Americans?

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