Carrie Fisher Dead at 60 — The Illuminati’s Final Act For 2016?

In conspiracy circles, anytime a major celebrity figure passes away there will be some speculation about the nature of the death and the potential of Illuminati involvement. Under ordinary circumstances, the death of Star Wars s actress Carrie Fisher may not be any real reason for concern. It’s well known that she had a major heart attack, and she is not the kind of celebrity that would normally be associated with the Occult. But coming in the heels of the death of George Michael and a year full of high-profile celebrity deaths, some discussion is expected and warranted.
The two major competing theories at this point are that Fisher was yet another Illuminati blood sacrifice, perhaps because some feel that she crossed Harrison Ford, or that her death is just in time to help drum up extra publicity for a forthcoming Star Wars film that she supposedly has already filmed her parts for.
While a simple heart attack tragedy is far and away the most likely explanation here, it never hurts to have an open discussion about these things. What do you think? Is there more to the story? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

George Michael Was Predicted to Be the Victim of an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice in 2014

The death of George Michael floored many on Christmas Day 2016. We addressed the likelihood that there is more to the story in previous articles as the news broke, but we are publishing this article to go forward with something even more suspicious. The video below shows a YouTube user that completely predicted this event in 2014. The user ZippythePinhead J in just 38 seconds revealed that George Michael would die “soon” and would be the victim of an Illuminati blood sacrifice.

It would be crazy, no doubt, except for the fact that he was exactly right.

George Michael Dead at 53 — Illuminati Blood Sacrifice or Another Overdose?

One more unforeseen death has slipped in during the last days of 2016.  The death of famous singer George Michael on Christmas Day is another tragedy.  Through many high-profile deaths this year, like Prince and David Bowie, Common Sense Conspiracy was quick to point out the reasons that Illuminati conspiracies didn’t make a lot of sense.  This appears to be a different situation.

Michael was only 53, but there was no known illnesses that he was fighting against.  There was also no reason given for his death.  His publicist just said he died peacefully at his home.  That is always going to create some serious speculation, and this event will be no different.  While many will speculate that his death has something to do with drugs or even AIDS (Michael was known for being homosexual as much as his talents), no one knows for now exactly what happened to the singer whose career reached epic heights.  Despite numerous brushes with the law and embarrassing public encounters, Michael was still regarded as a fantastic artist.  No doubt the tributes to him will be many in the coming days.

Could the Illuminati have murdered George Michael?  Some people are going to say this.  It’s inevitable, and we are quite used to the fact here at the CSC.  Truthfully, it isn’t the craziest thing ever put on the discussion table.  Remember Whitney Houston?  It is widely believed in conspiracy circles that her death was the result of some sort of Illuminati-inspired sacrifice, and Whitney at the time was not a day-to-day successful artist.  While George Michael wasn’t exactly topping the charts just before his death, he is still the kind of famous name that does have the kind of power to make one think that maybe there is more to the story.

As more details come forward about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s death, we may return to further analyze this situation.  If it turns out he died in a bathtub, the Internet will break into pieces.  In the meantime, we are going to share a couple of videos showing Michael’s past Illuminati involvement as well as some putting forward the theory that there is more than meets the eye to this story.

The Government’s War on Fake News is a War on You

They are laying it on pretty thick.  In the wake of Donald Trump’s unlikely Presidential victory, the opposing party is pulling out all the stops to try to discredit his election win and explain it away.  Now, Common Sense Conspiracy is not a political site, and we have frequently explained our one-party two-party system theory about the American government.  However, in a case like this, it’s important for our readers to realize that while it looks like partisan politics playing out in a high stakes game, the loser and target is always you and I.  This situation is no exception.

The new battle cry against fake news seems like a turning point.  We all see the conservative and liberal versions of extremist news sources on our social media feeds and in our email.  It’s true that both sides are “liberal” with the facts, and in many cases, it is just spreading incorrect propaganda to forward an agenda.  However, when President Obama and company say they are going after “fake news” that is not what they mean.  Fake news to them is anything that directly takes on their narrative.  Fake news, according to the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton, would be sites like this one.  Any site that doesn’t go along with their absurd official story and tries to inject facts into the equation will qualify as fake news in a heartbeat.

That’s what is so sinister about what they are doing here.  It’s calculated.  It may seem like it’s about Trump, or just sour grapes from sore losers of a hotly contested election.  But it’s just the beginning.  They will start by targeting the extreme news sources we referenced earlier, but soon, they will expand it out to include sites like this and any other site out there that is presenting a fact-based approach to their disinformation campaigns.

You have to look at what the other hand is doing.  It’s like a sleight-of-hand trick they are playing right in your face.  They make you think one thing, and it is a reasonable one that makes a lot of sense.  Meanwhile, the other hand is up to something much more sinister.  The only thing you can always count on in their schemes is that the loser is always going to be you.

Fake news is bad.  But the biggest proponent of fake news in America is the mainstream media.  That alone should prove that their intentions are less than honorable.

Is the Assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey This Generation’s Archduke Ferdinand Moment?

Today, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was sinisterly assassinated in a very public way.  The gunman, now killed by police, left absolutely no doubt as to what his motivation for the killing was.  Could this be the moment that so many in conspiracy circles have waited for, hoping against hope that it would never come?

The climate between Turkey and Russia wasn’t all that great.  There is much turmoil over there gigantic, gaping disagreement about what is happening with Syria.  While their relationship had warmed slightly in recent months, overall it’s not a very friendly one, so it is obvious that world events dictate that a seemingly small event could set off a set of dominoes leading to a World War 3 situation.  Don’t think so?  Time for a history lesson.

Archduke Ferdinand is the guy that got assassinated and it literally set the entire world into the first World War.  He was the Archduke in Austria.  Flashing forward to our time, it is hard to believe how that could start an international conflict that would claim millions of lives.  But just look at Syria and the Middle East.  Look at ISIS and the power vacuum.  Look at Russia’s increasing aggressiveness in the last couple of years.  And look at the arrival of a President Donald Trump on the scene in a few weeks.  If ever there was the possibility of this generation having a Ferdinand moment, this certainly seems like it could be it.

On the naysayer side, there will be those that say the world has changed since 1914, and something like this isn’t enough to start this kind of explosion that almost guarantees a mutually-assured self destruction conflict.  Yet, those same people would have told you the same back then when the world declared that World War 1 was the “war to end all wars” and it would never happen on that scale again.  It wouldn’t even take that long for it to happen again.  They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Anyone that knows anything will tell you that a World War 3 scenario is inevitable.  We all just hope that it is many years from now, but it would be foolish to think that it cannot or will not happen again.

Having said all of that, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to remind our readers that events like this happen from time to time, and more often than not, they do not spark international conflicts.  It is perfectly possible that Russia and Turkey realize this is an isolated conflict and don’t let it turn into an arms race of epic proportions.  But Vladimir Putin is not known for that sort of standoffish behavior.  It may very well depend a lot on how Turkey reacts, and whether their reaction satisfies Putin to the point that he doesn’t push the issue.  Also, there is also the wild card of what an incoming President Trump might say or do in such an incendiary situation.  It’s a crazy time to be alive , people.

What do you think?  Is this the shot that will be heard and felt around the world?  Or just an unfortunate incident that civilized nations will work around?

Hillary and Putin Have Beef — Are We Going to War With Russia for Democrats to Save Face?

Hillary Clinton could have done a lot of things to make her so-called love for the country front and center in the weeks since her unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the election.  She could have calmed the divide in America by rejecting the protests in the wake of her loss.  She could have discouraged civil unrest by speaking out and telling those trying to hijack the Electoral College that it’s time to unify under one American banner and accept defeat.  She did neither.  And after a period of silence, she is back out in the open doing what her and President Obama’s administration were tasked with by the New World Order to come:  work overtime to make sure America is as divided as ever.

Many, many Democrats revolve their whole schtick around their supposed anti-war sentiments.  Well, with the hacking allegations regarding Russia, it is looking ever more likely that America and Russia are headed for a showdown.  But wait a minute!  How can that be when Putin got exactly what he supposedly wanted?  After all, the word on the street (and from multiple United States’ intelligence agencies) is that Russia pulled out all the stops to make sure Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States.

Hillary now says that the reason Putin got Trump elected (because clearly that is what happened in all ways you may consider it) was because of “beef” they had that dates back to when she was Secretary of State.  According to Hillary, she herself caused major unrest in Russia and caused Putin’s own people to question his judgment.  Of course, no one remembers any of that happening in the real world, but that has never mattered if you are a Clinton.  So, an angry Putin decided to set loose his hackers on the DNC and dismantle democracy.

President Obama is pushing this hard.  Hillary Clinton is now pushing this hard.  Donald Trump says it’s all lies.  Who is right?  Who is telling the truth?  Are we about to be plunged into World War 3 with Russia all because the Democratic Party can’t accept that anything less than a massive international conspiracy could have derailed their 3rd straight stranglehold on the White House?  And aren’t they the first and foremost criticizers of conspiracy theorists everywhere?  Now, they are proposing perhaps the greatest conspiracy theory of all time to override the possibility that maybe their agenda has lost touch with the people that it is supposed to represent?

Assuming an Electoral College history-making event, Donald Trump will assume the Presidency in a few short weeks.  Perhaps this will calm down this sudden firestorm.  After all, we have President Obama, the king of doing nothing at all in the face of danger, promising “retaliation” against Russia for interfering with the American election.  Would he be as fired up if Hillary had won in a landslide?

Probably not.

Alan Thicke Dead at 69 — Any Illuminati Connections?

It’s inevitable anytime a well-known celebrity figure passes away suddenly and unexpectedly. We get the emails here at Common Sense Conspiracy wondering if this could have some Illuminati connection. Sometimes it’s a little on the silly side, and other times it made a heck of a lot of sense. This is one of those that appears crazy at first glance, but if you look into it a little further, you can at least acknowledge where people get the idea from.

While it may be a stretch to think that Alan Thicke was involved with the Illuminati, many believe his son Robin is quite another story.

There is little reason to think Alan Thicke is or was a member of the Illuminati. While a successful actor and television personality for sure, he is not on the level of celebrity status that typically introduces Illuminati involvement into the equation. But a lot of our readers will quickly point out that you don’t have to be intimately involved with the Illuminati to be a victim, and this is certainly a true statement. Many are wondering if Alan Thicke’s son Robin (who has been connected to the Illuminati on more than one occasion) could have been the reason for this. Could Robin’s beloved father have been an Illuminati blood sacrifice for Robin Thicke, the controversial “Blurred Lines” singer. Remember that video. It only had a goat dancing around. No big deal, right?

Alan Thicke really loved hockey, and according to the official story, suffered a heart attack playing the game. It is a little bit of an unusual story. A 69-year-old man playing hockey is not exactly common, but possible, sure. And if a 69-year-old man was playing hockey aggressively and his heart wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with, it’s plausible that this could be a perfectly natural death. We at Common Sense Conspiracy believe that the official story on this one is far and away the most likely solution. But given Robin’s connections in the past, not to mention his meteoric rise to fame out of seemingly nowhere a couple of summers ago, it is not totally nuts to at least raise the question. The video below goes right past our analysis for the lightning round of Illuminati blood sacrifices. It really gets extra points for the professional way it is presented, also. What do you think?

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