Ted Cruz and John Kasich Should Be Tried for Treason Against the United States of America

A sensationalistic article title? Well, yeah, you got us on that one, but it’s time to just come out and tell the truth here. First, let’s set the stage with all of the standard disclaimers. Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we have made it abundantly clear our position on the 2016 election. It’s quite simple. All the candidates are terrible in their own way, and none of them have anything but keeping the corrupt system in place first on their hearts. This includes supposed “insurgent” candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. We have long held the position that America’s two-party system is really a one-party system. Illusion of choice. We are certainly not Donald Trump supporters, and in other articles on this site, you can see how we feel that this election cycle more than any other before demonstrates that your vote really doesn’t count.

What we did just made President Obama look like a war hero.
What we did just made President Obama look like a war hero.

Having said all of that, Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s public announcement that they will be joining forces to stop Donald Trump from getting the magical number of delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination is nothing short of treason against the American people. Backroom dealings in politics is nothing new. We all know that behind the scenes, deals get made, and people step aside to get something they want later down the road. But this is not backroom dealings. This is two politicians who have been turned down by American voters again and again saying they are going to pool their resources and purposely throw elections in favor of the other to stop the one that American voters selected. And they are pompous enough to announce it publicly and act like they are doing everyone a huge favor.
Is Donald Trump a good choice for the nominee? Who knows? We would say decidedly not, but the point is that at Common Sense Conspiracy, we believe in central philosophy that the person that gets the most votes ought to win, even if we are scratching our heads about it. For example, in the 2000 election, Al Gore should have won the presidency, not because of the lawsuits or because George W. Bush turned out to be such a bust, but because he won the popular vote. The popular vote should decide. All the delegates, superdelegates, and second ballots at contested conventions are just devices put into place by the political parties to circumvent the will of the people.
The only way there should ever be a contested convention is if the top two candidates are exactly tied.
It should be noted that we are not just picking on one party here; the Democratic Party has the same but slightly different system in place to do the same. Bernie Sanders basically can’t win because it was rigged by so-called superdelegates from the outset. It remains to be seen whether he would have beat Hillary without them, but he will most definitely lose with them in the picture, and that is just another way of fixing the system. To their credit, however, they are not publicly announcing to the people their intentions. What Ted Cruz and John Kasich did yesterday is treason against the people of the United States of America. They should be tried and convicted for the crime of treason because what they are doing is an outright and admitted betrayal of every citizen of the United States of America. The trial should be pretty easy and straightforward since they have both publicly already recognized their crime. It threatens the very foundations of our country, and is absolutely spitting on the will of the American people, whether or not we agree that the will of the American people was ever really in play to begin with.

Prince Dead at 57: If Ever There Was Time for an Illuminati Theory, This is It

We at Common Sense Conspiracy can’t believe the news.  Prince is dead.  We could gush for an hour about his greatness and what the world has lost on this day, but we still have a job to do here.  Countless celebrities have died, and there is always serious interest in conspiracy circles about whether they may or may not have been murdered by the Illuminati, among other things.  We quite often dispel those theories as silly and absurd.  But if ever there was a time for such a theory, today is that time.

Prince was the living embodiment of someone that rose to fame in the clutches of the Illuminati-controlled music business, only to turn his back on it later and strike off on a bold new direction.  It was a rocky road a times.  Prince as one of the first music artists to embrace the Internet and to realize that he could skip the middle-man and sell albums on his own accord.  This made him much less of a commercial success, but a very wealthy man.  Not having to share profits and take absurdly small percentages for his intellectual property opened him up to a whole new world of possibilities, ones that he continued to explore right up until today.

Naturally, the music business, and the Illuminati if you believe such things, were not big fans of his going his own way.  Now, Prince, dead at 57, may be the most suspicious death of all.  Yes, he had the flu last week, but he was seen riding his bike a couple of days ago, and even appeared at a party, showing off his new purple piano and guitar.  The man was a strict vegan, not an ounce overweight, and looked to be in perfect health, better, in fact, than most of us.  As we wait for more information, we can only speculate about the cause of death and whether it will be one that makes sense or one that fits in with the questionable Illuminati-related deaths we have seen all-too-often in the past.  Common Sense Conspiracy will keep you updated as this story develops.  In the video below from several years back, Prince famously outs the Illuminati.

2016 Election Proves Once and For All That Your Vote Does Not Matter — Wake Up America!

Regardless of how you feel about either of these men's politics, they both have served a tremendous purpose in revealing the corruption at play in America's electoral process.
Regardless of how you feel about either of these men’s politics, they both have served a tremendous purpose in revealing the corruption at play in America’s electoral process.

If you frequent Common Sense Conspiracy, you probably already know that a common theme here is that the supposed two-party political system in America is really just a one-party system divided into factions to keep the people under control and thinking they have a real say in matters when in reality they don’t at all. It also is a perfect system for making it near impossible for a third party to rise because the government has done such an incredible job of forcing all of use to identify as one party or the other in the two-party system. Even people that are awake and realize what was just stated above still generally side with one side or the other to some degree. Like gender or religion, it’s just one of those things that everyone leans one way or the other, even if you are enlightened enough to realize that all roads lead to the same slaughterhouse. While we have always put forth that theory here at the CSC, a lot of times there wasn’t a lot of concrete proof. Well, enter the election of 2016. If you are still walking around in the dark, people, there’s not anything else we can do to help you.
The election of 2016 is the most blatant showing that votes don’t matter ever perpetuated by our government. And it’s on BOTH sides. Hillary Clinton is only smashing insurgent Bernie Sanders because of “superdelegates,” something the average voter didn’t even know existed a few months ago. These superdelegates are simply delegates that don’t have to side with the way the people vote. Basically, they exist to stop someone like Bernie Sanders. The people vote, and if they start seeing that an insurgent candidate is inspiring too many folks and getting a little too close for comfort, they let the superdelegates into the wild. The mainstream media reports on it, and soon the general public is being told about the insurmountable lead that Hillary has, which consists of hundreds of delegates that chose not to side with the people. On the other side of the fence, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both personify what we’ve been saying about America’s election process for all these years. Neither candidate may get to the magical number of 1237 delegates required to claim the Republican nomination outright. Now, a sensible person would assume that the one that was closest to 1237 would still probably be chosen. Nope. Instead, a bunch of political blowhards decide who they want, and they can pick literally anyone under the sun at this stage and just throw them into the nomination.
Your vote doesn’t matter. The two-party system is fixing the game. Whether or not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders’ politics appeal to you, they both have served a very important purpose. They have both forced the establishment of both political parties to go to extraordinary means to stop them from getting into office. They forced them to go to Plan B and Plan C even, and this is great because it should make their intentions more obvious, hopefully inspiring more people to wake up and realize what is happening. It also shows how angry some Americans are on both sides of the fence. They actually voted insurgent candidates enough to force all of these desperate measures to hold onto power. Now, if they will only continue to get more angry so that maybe one day we will have a viable non-establishment candidate that really could “make America great again.”

Zika Virus Taking the Conspiracy World By Storm — Population Control?

SPOILER ALERT: In Dan Brown’s book Inferno, a “mad scientist” found a way to limit the Earth’s population (which he felt was our biggest danger) by releasing into the air a bug that had no ill effects on people except it affected their ability to procreate. This was, of course, fiction, but ever since the Zika virus made its way into the mainstream media’s rotation recently, conspiracy theorists have been wondering if fact and fiction weren’t closer together than previously thought.
The Zika virus is not new. It has actually been around for decades, but something about the way it has mutated in recent years is allegedly causing a much more potent breakout than every before, leading the CDC to declare it a real health emergency. With mosquito season just firing up, the summer of 2016 will no doubt be the summer of Zika, be it a real threat or a conflicting government psy-op campaign.
In any case, the video below shows some important facts about Zika that the mainstream media doesn’t like to tell anyone about, and some of them may make you have a better understanding of what Zika is, where it came from, and whether or not the threat is real. Are you ready for Zika?

Was Nick Jonas’ Awesomely Bad Guitar Solo an Illuminati Indoctrination?

Nick Jonas was going to surprise everyone with a guitar solo during a duet at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Instead, he played such an awesomely bad solo that even someone that knows next to nothing about music pegged it as, well, awesomely bad. While it going viral around the Internet, and some are even poking fun by doing “tutorials” teaching others how to play the solo, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are asking another question. Could this have happened on purpose?

Watching the video of Jonas’ solo, it doesn’t appear that he is having problems hearing himself. He also opens on the right note, which any guitar scale expert can tell you is the hardest part of being in tune with the song. Starting in the right place is a lot harder than figuring out what notes to play from there. It’s also hard to believe that this wasn’t rehearsed to death, especially with Jonas not being exactly known for his guitar prowess. Watch the video here:

Could this be the kind of embarrassing Illuminati indoctrination we have seen countless other times? Many in conspiracy circles believe that one of the tenants of becoming a full-fledged Illuminati inductee is to suffer some sort of major and very public embarrassment. Remember Taylor Swift, for instance?

To thicken the plot, it turns out that if you look further into things, Nick Jonas normally is a capable guitar player. There are numerous videos out there of him doing just fine, good even. For example:

The guy knows how to play the guitar, and not just how to strum a few chords and look cool. So, what do you think? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Brussels Bombing Attacks Being Called a CIA/Mossad Operation — 322 Skull and Bones? Exactly 9:11 A.M.?

Terrorist group ISIS has now claimed responsibility for deadly bombings in Brussels that is sure to cause more international outcry.  As more information becomes available about the bombings, many are questioning the event as to whether it is legitimate.  Could it be another false flag operation?  And what would the point of such an operation be?

Many on the Internet in conspiracy circles are already pointing the finger at the CIA and Mossad.  And there is also a lot of chatter about the date being important.  It is March 22, which numerically is represented by 322.  322 is a number that is very much tied to Skull and Bones, another secret society that is often brought up in conspiracy circles from everything to U.S. Presidents to the New World Order.  Below, we’ve included a video that examines the CIA/Mossad connection to Brussels, and below that, a full explanation of the connection between the number 322 and Skull and Bones.

If all that is not interesting enough, the bombings, as reported by the actual news media, occurred at precisely 9:11 A.M. We probably don’t have to explain the significance of those numbers and the selection of that particular time by the perpetrators.

The Demonization of Donald Trump Looks an Awful Lot Like the Demonization of Barack Obama

As a young Senator from Illinois came seemingly out of nowhere back in 2008, the Republicans started to do those crazy, silly tactics that every Democrat accuses them of. They said he was a Socialist (mostly right, although Bernie Sanders would make everyone take a second to reconsider what that title meant), they said he was a thug.

Have we seen this movie before, America?
Have we seen this movie before, America?

They even said he was the anti-christ. He had to have some kind of black magic on his side to derail the well-known Hillary Clinton machine, a loss she is still recoiling from eight years later. Soon-to-be President Barack Obama was demonized by the Republicans.
They attacked his wife. They said she was ugly (which makes no sense because she is probably the hottest First Lady ever behind only Jackie Onassis-Kennedy). They said she was a racist. They said he was a dictator, a king if you will. All this while passing fewer executive orders than his predecessors. They attacked him with all sorts of ridiculous logic, spitting hatred that so many people blamed on racism. Yes, if you didn’t like Barack Obama, you were some kind of racist.
Well, in 2016, what is the excuse of the Democratic Party?
The liberal-controlled media has attacked Donald Trump with the same veracity and ridiculousness as Barack Obama was attacked in 2008. They have compared him to Adolf Hitler. They have said that the rallies he holds are akin to both rallies by the Nazi Party in Germany and Klu Klux Klan rallies in the 1960s or whenever atrocities like that were held. Heck, the Democrats would probably promote the idea that Donald Trump was the anti-christ, but most of them don’t believe in Christ to begin with, so it’s kind of a moot point.
The demonization of Donald Trump looks an awful lot like the demonization of Barack Obama. And what does it prove? I know you might get tired of our message, but we have no choice to keep

Well, there it is.
Well, there it is.

repeating it until something changes. It proves that, once again, America’s so-called two-party system is really a one-party system. Any Democrat probably called Republicans nutcases for the things they said about Barack Obama in 2008 (and pretty much every minute after that). And yet, they do not denounce what is happening right now with Trump; they embrace it. Because that is how the two-party one-party system works. Demonization of one side or the other is their speciality. Meanwhile, ostracization is what they really are practicing. Anyone with sense enough to see through their hijinks is written off as a nutcase, a tin-foil hat wearer, a conspiracy theorist, or, in the case of conservatives, a Christian. All for the noble cause of keeping their power structure in place, because God forbid the American people wake up, absolve themselves of their divisions, and realize that it’s time for a new revolution. And not the one that Bernie Sanders is advocating, by the way.

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