Don’t Drink the Water? Japanese Cabinet Member Drinks Water From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Yummy! Better than Dasani!

In the ongoing attempt by the Japanese government to convince Japan and the world that the nuclear crisis surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is nothing to be concerned about, Yasuhiro Sonoda “volunteered” to drink water from a radioactive puddle.  He drank it from a clear glass and the water looked perfectly natural and safe.  Sonoda is a cabinet office parliamentary secretary, whatever that is, and found himself under fire by reporters at this news conference designed to stem the tide of allegations surrounding the incident.  Apparently, water was brought from the basements of the #5 and #6 reactor buildings from the plant to show to the press.  A reporter asked Sonoda if he would drink it to prove it was safe.  He was more than happy to do so.

Case closed.  I mean, obviously this water had to be from the reactor.  I mean, it isn’t like he could have just run some tap water from the restroom, right?  Certainly that water was authentic.

A nice gesture, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy think this might be a little grandstanding.

Defend Gadhafi — Lose Your Job

Vanessa Hessler is an American supermodel that became the spokesperson for such style conglomerates as Calvin Klein,Giorgio Armani and L’Oreal in Germany.  However, the 23-year-old found out quickly that her good looks

Mutassim Gadhafi and Vanessa Hessler

were not enough to save her job when she publicly defended deceased former Libyan dictator Gadhafi.  In an interview with an Italian magazine, Ms. Hessler defended the Gadhafi family, saying that the way they were being depicted in the media was not how they really were.  She might be a little biased though; she dated Gadhafi’s son, Mutassim Gadhafi, for over four years.  Mutassim died in the final stand with his father on October 21, 2011.

Her comments got her a quick dismissal from various endorsements, including her most prominent job as the personality “Alice” for the Telefonica Germany internet service.  Telefonica’s press release regarding her dismissal simply stated that they “could not accept her comments on the Libya conflict.”

Farewell Elenin — Apocalypse Not Now

November 21st was supposed to be the big day.  You know the story.  The comet Elenin was supposed to go into its last legendary alignment, causing untold disasters on Earth.  The theories revolving around this comet have been circulating for months, and all the rampant speculation zeroed in on this one date.

As we close in on November 21st, it’s an ordinary of a night as ever here on Earth.  There is no chatter about Elenin anymore.  It has long been written off as a comet that could have had an effect, but now it is widely reported to have disintegrated.  The more outlandish theories have proven false as well.  The ideas that an alien spacecraft was guiding the comet have not materialized.  The giant planet Nibiru re-entering our solar system has been nothing but a dud.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy have enjoyed reporting on this failed doomsday theory from day one and we are glad to be able to report that the apocalyptic predictions have proven false.  However, we also believe that it is very healthy to have a curiosity about such things, and we promise to keep you updated on the inevitable next space object that becomes the focus of fear-mongerers everywhere.  Until then, farewell comet Elenin.  It was fun.

College Football’s BCS — Another Conspiracy for Conspiracy’s Sake

The BCS -- Created to piss you off.

After a whirlwind of a weekend that has resulted in three highly-ranked teams falling, the controversy that ever surrounds college football’s Bowl Championship Series will no doubt be as strong as ever.  Losses by Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Oklahoma paved the way for the top three of the BCS rankings to consist of LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas.  What’s special about that?  They are all from the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the same conference that has won the Bowl Championship Series’ national championship prize for the past five football seasons.  Even more special?  They all come from the same division, the SEC West.

The conspiracy theories surrounding the BCS system could easily support a website like this for months.  However, we are focusing in on an area of this issue that is overlooked.  The BCS is a self-fulfilling prophecy, a conspiracy for the sake of conspiracy.  How do you figure?  Look at the facts.  Every year, the controversy begins as the BCS system rankings arrive and everyone knows that chaos will ensue.  The BCS thrives on controversy and for the months of the college football season, a debate on the BCS rankings is virtually an everyday occurrence, regardless of the status.  And while there are dozens lined up to say that the BCS is a terrible way to determine the college football champion and there should be a playoff system, what they do is talk about it, talk about it, and talk about it some more.  And the legend of the BCS continues to grow, and by the time the national championship game arrives, the controversy is at a fever pitch.  And everyone watches.

The BCS conspiracy is not about the SEC winning its’ sixth consecutive championship.  It’s not about who gets left out, or who was undefeated when.  It’s about money.  It’s about controversy.  It exists to create this very environment that it does, without fail.   The more chatter about it, the more debate, the more intense it gets.  The more intense, the more people that watch.  That means money in the BCS’s deep pockets.

Everyone is quick to assassinate the BCS as a terrible system for crowning the champion...but they all really like to have the crystal trophy.

Like McDonald’s McRib sandwich, this is another Common Sense Conspiracy declaration of a conspiracy that exists only for its own benefit.  Not every conspiracy is designed to knock someone down, perpetrate a crazy idea, or rally the public’s opinion one way or the other.  Sometimes conspiracies exist just to create controversy and make a splash.  The BCS, and the McRib sandwich, are really successful examples of this conspiracy that is born out of corporate America.

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