Elenin Hysteria Reaching Epic Levels

Throughout our coverage of the comet Elenin, we have watched the theories surrounding it get wackier and wackier.  Today is September 23, 2011, and one of the dates that Elenin believers have long pointed to.  As of the time of this posting, it appears that nothing has happened.  Still, in monitoring the chatter across the internet and various conspiracy websites, the hysteria level has certainly not diminished.

The damning evidence is turning up from everywhere.  For example, on the forums at some popular sites, we have seen theories and connections thrown out like Halloween candy to the kids.  A full-scale terrorism-geared practice

Operation Mountain Guardian is the codename for the exercises being held on September 23, 2011 in Denver.

operation was scheduled for today in Denver, incidentally where President Obama is to be at in a few days on the 27th.  This is obviously, according to Above Top Secret, an operation to conceal the fact that the comet Elenin will soon crash into the Denver mountains.  Furthermore, the president will be there to take advantage of the bunker systems there in the ensuing chaos, which will include a stock market crash promptly after his arrival.  If that isn’t enough, the bunkers in Denver actually are arranged in Illuminati symbols.  If that isn’t enough conspiracies rolled into one, keep in mind that the brown dwarf hiding behind the comet Elenin is actually a large UFO with aliens coming back to finally take back their planet.

Today, September 23, is also the fall equinox and the start of something the Mayans called the Conscious Convergence where mankind enters into the 9th (and final, if you believe the 2012 rhetoric) wave, the wave of enlightenment.

It appears so far that September 23, at least up until this minute, has been a bust.  There is little doubt that this will not deter the hysteria, but only postpone it.

The only thing Common Sense Conspiracy can say concretely is that if all these things are true, boy we sure are screwed.

Science Fiction No More — CERN Trumps Einstein

Today, the CERN laboratory in Switzerland publicly announced that tiny (even for a

Is Einstein's speed of light barrier history?

quantum physicist’s standards) particles called neutrinos were completing their underground journey faster than the physicists expected.  How fast you say?  A few kilometers per hour.  Not exactly.  These quantum particles are doing something that up until now has never been witnessed by human beings.  That’s right…they are moving faster than the speed of light.

The implications of this find if it is confirmed by other scientists are immense.  Einstein’s theory about the barrier for speed restricts humanity from being able to engage in all sorts of technologies before only envisioned in science fiction novels.  That includes time travel and the ability to one day visit other stars and galaxies. Continue reading Science Fiction No More — CERN Trumps Einstein

More Rumors Circulating About Comet Elenin

As the day of the supposed alignment that could end with the comet Elenin striking Earth approaches, conspiracy theory websites, forums, and message boards are lighting up with chatter that ranges from significant to completely maniacal.  As always, Common Sense Conspiracy takes a look at some of these and tries to see if we can find a fact trail, a means of documenting some of the claims with factual evidence.

How can so small a thing cause such mass hysteria?

First of all, it has been reported that a White House letter leaked to the public expressed a concern that our government agencies (and the rest of the Earth for that matter) should be prepared in the case of a cataclysmic comet impacting the Earth.  According to the reports, the government has long considered an asteroid collision as a possible disaster, but the possibility of a comet striking Earth has been mostly overlooked.  The timing of the letter is the interesting part.  This letter supposedly leaked in October 2010.  This is interesting because it is two months from when the comet Elenin was discovered and all of the chaos and confusion began.

If you’re interested in seeing a full account of this report, try this link:

White House Letter Warns of Comet Elenin Possibility

Now, you have the rumor.  Now, let’s check the facts.  It’s pretty clear to see that Continue reading More Rumors Circulating About Comet Elenin

Comet Elenin Falling Apart After Skirmish With Sun

The comet Elenin, a target of worldwide hysteria, may be falling apart.  This is from a report from Space.com that was posted just six hours earlier from the writing of this article.  It seems there is some video evidence that the comet is fading fast.

Evidence suggests that the comet Elenin’s close pass to the sun in August did not leave it in good shape.  Videos and pictures are showing less and less cohesion of the icy comet.  Of course, on the other side of things, a lot of people believe this is more disinformation being spread by the government and NASA, the latter of which recently released a public video explaining why the comet Elenin was not a threat to Earth in any way shape or form.  The NASA video even touched on the interesting concept of the planet Nibiru.  More government cover-ups or real scientific data?  You be the judge.

Check out all the facts at Comet Elenin Could Be Falling Apart.

Times Atlas Records False Effects of Global Warming

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has long been a gold standard for recording every nook and cranny of our precious Earth in painstaking detail.  However, they are now scrambling to fix the latest edition of the atlas after scientists found that it misrepresented the global warming effects around Greenland.  According to the Times Atlas, Greenland has lost 15% of its ice cover over the last fifteen years.  That would make it decreasing at a staggering 1% per year, meaning in just 85 more years at that rate, it would be gone completely.

Scientists and climatologists were quick to point out that while global warming and climate change are something that deserves attention, the real figure for Greenland’s loss of ice cover is somewhere around 0.1% over the last fifteen years.  While that is still a significant figure in the history of the Earth, it is nowhere nearly as damning as the figures represented by the Times Atlas.

The real interesting part is it is kind of hard for the Times to sell the idea that this was just an accidental misprint when they represented these figures not only in facts in the atlas, but also on the map itself.

Check out all the facts here.  The comparison of Greenland’s ice cover can be viewed below:




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