The Other Kennedy Conspiracy — Sirhan Sirhan’s Lawyers Provide New Evidence in Robert Kennedy Assassination

Move over JFK...The other Kennedy assassination altered U.S. and world history just as much.

While we all have been constantly exposed to the conspiracy theories revolving around John F. Kennedy’s assassination, another Kennedy’s assassination is making major news the last few days.  In 1968, Sirhan Sirhan was accused and subsequently convicted of killing JFK’s brother, Robert Kennedy, just as he was making big waves in his own bid for a presidential run.  This only added to the legend of the JFK conspiracy, prompting many to believe that some unnamed entity was bound and determined to not let any of the Kennedy’s come to power.  Sirhan has long held that he is innocent and also that he was a victim of “mind control” techniques by the United States government.  According to Sirhan and his lawyers, he was programmed under hypnosis to fire shots to provide a diversion (and later, a patsy) during the successful assassination attempt.

Now, in a 62-page appeal filed in federal court, Sirhan Sirhan’s lawyers are bringing up new evidence that there was tampering with the bullets collected from the crime scene back in ’68, most notably the bullet that was collected from Kennedy himself.  The reason for the supposed substitution of a different bullet before evidence was brought to trial was because the bullet that was collected from Kennedy’s lethal neck wound did not match the gun that Sirhan used to fire his shots.  New technology has allowed further audio testing to be performed that now shows, according to Sirhan’s lawyers, that thirteen shots were fired during the event.  That is five more than the eight that the original investigation concedes were fired.  This is particularly notable because Sirhan’s confiscated weapon was a small pistol that only had the capability to fire five shots in succession.  Although the evidence introduced seems to indicate there had to be a second shooter (does that sound familiar?), there is no evidence indicating who this person might be.

Sirhan’s lawyers say that the evidence provided in the appeal meet legal burdens to prove Sirhan’s innocence and argue that he should be released from prison immediately.  This is based

Sirhan Sirhan at the time of his arrest for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

on the idea that the time he has served would be more than necessary for the charge of firing the weapon.  However, legal experts say the appeal is a long shot at best.  The court system has a long record of turning down appeals from very old cases, especially a high profile one.  For example, the man convicted of assassinating Martin Luther King, Jr. has tried to launch appeals for years that were all turned down without a second look.

Of course, there is that one small damning piece of evidence.  Sirhan Sirhan took the witness stand in his own “defense” during his original trial and when prompted told the jury that he had killed Kennedy “with 20 years of malice aforethought.”  Not only did he admit to the crime on the witness stand in the prosecution of himself, but he also proved his own premeditation.

Common Sense Conspiracy contacted a team of legal experts and they all indicated that this was a bad move on the part of Sirhan Sirhan.

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