ObamaCare Carriers Pull Out at Dizzying Rate, But It’s All Part of the Game for Single Payer

Whatever your feelings about the Affordable Care Act, more affectionately (or the opposite maybe) known as ObamaCare, there is no way to insinuate that it has gone off without a hitch. The whole “you can keep you doctor” dilemma was just part one of the disfunction that has come to be associated with ObamaCare. The latest obvious signs of failure are the dramatic pulling out of several major insurance carriers, citing losses in the hundreds of millions by participating in the program. Aetna is following suit today, making just another insurance carrier cutting its losses. So, why are you not hearing Democrats sweating it out in this controversial election year as President Barack Obama’s namesake and most well-known piece of legislation withers? Well, because they planned it that way of course.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats. Understand that plainly. Common Sense Conspiracy endorses neither party and has published a myriad of articles on how both parties are leading the nation (and the world) down the same path. Never mind that. But it’s not hard to figure out that ObamaCare was just a small step on the road to ever-growing government dependence, and its failure is scripted to push America toward a single-payer system where the government finally takes control of health care completely.

Don’t think so? Just listen to President Obama explain the plan himself.

Clinton Body Bags Get Fuller as Election Approaches — Shawn Lucas Found Dead in Bathroom?

We probably don’t have to tell most of our readers the legend of the Clinton body bags, a longstanding conspiracy theory about the numerous and mysterious deaths of people over the years that were on the wrong side of Bill and Hillary Clinton. While some of the names that appear on these lists can be at least partially debunked with some research, we at Common Sense Conspiracy have always taken the smoke=fire approach. There’s simply too many abnormalities surrounding Hillary and Bill for there to be absolutely nothing to it. That legend will only be growing greater in the telling today.

Shawn Lucas brought a fraud lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee over the WikiLeaks emails that revealed the collusion to prevent Bernie Sanders from gaining any real traction in the Democratic primaries. Now, Shawn Lucas is dead. He was found dead in his bathroom, cause of death currently unknown.

Last month, Seth Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old campaign staffer was murdered. The assailant took nothing, leaving wallet and cell phone at the scene. Reports indicate that Rich was apparently soon to talk to the FBI regarding something that may or may not have been related to the Clinton family. We’ll never know for sure, but that’s the story that is going around on the Internet.

Is it true? Are the Clinton body bags getting fuller? Is Hillary or her associates systematically rooting out anyone that may be a problem for her presidential ambitions? Or is this just another “right-wing conspiracy” as Hillary boldly proclaimed the Monica Lewinsky scandal to be, which as we all know turned out to be completely true. The videos below are some of the ones going around that paint a bad picture of what is going on and even going as far as to hypothesize on who may be next on the hit list. Did Bernie get off the list just in time? Was slipping off like a thief in the night to Vermont and withdrawing from the Democratic Party the only way to stay breathing a few years longer? What do you think?

DNC Speech Proves that Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton’s b**tch Now and Forever — Feel the Bern?

Many Republicans were sickened by what Senator Ted Cruz did with his time at the Republican National Convention. He refused to endorse Donald Trump to the very end, even at the cost of his own political career. He stood up for what he believed in, and a lot of people were dismayed or even angry by it.

Don’t have to worry about that with Bernie Sanders. Even after finding very publicly that he was right all along and the DNC rigged the whole thing from the very beginning, Bernie was more than happy to blow the horn for peace and become Hillary Clinton’s b**tch, the way he was always supposed to. He could have stood up for so many things in his so-called “revolution” but instead he decided to play the Washington game, and he the one that was supposed to be different.

RIP, Bernie. Your fifteen minutes ended. So many people believed in you, and yet you turned out to be a little Hillary Rodham Clinton b**tch in the end, didn’t you?

You made history, Bernie. We are all now feeling the Bern, because you ended up being the biggest political b**tch of all time.

It’s an honor to be there tonight, isn’t it Bernie? You are right. An honor to be able to claim this dubious distinction.

Donald Trump “I Would Run as a Republican” Meme is Fiction — Even Snopes Grudgingly Agrees

You have probably seen the meme about Donald Trump in a magazine interview with People in the 1980s saying that if he was going to run for President, he would do it as a Republican because they are the dumbest voters and would fall for everything. It’s being passed around, but the buck stops here. It’s fiction. It never happened.

trumppeople Don’t believe Common Sense Conspiracy. Then believe Snopes. They have come out and revealed that this is fiction, and believe you me, if you know anything about Snopes, they wanted more than anyone for that meme to be based on truth. Snopes is no stranger to towing a liberal agenda, so you gotta give them credit on this one.

In this age, it’s so easy for someone to grab an image online and paste whatever they want to attach to it and make it seem legitimate. But there is more to worry about here than just a dirty trick by someone very against Mr. Donald Trump.

What’s worse is that despite everything out there that one could criticize that Donald Trump has actually said, people are having to fabricate new ones to try to discredit him. That’s scary in and of itself, don’t you think?

The Fix is In — Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Outraged as Conspiracy Revealed in Prime Time

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we talk about conspiracies all the time. There are a myriad of theories about everything from aliens to JFK to a New World Order and the Illuminati. One thing that happens very seldom in the conspiracy world is when a conspiracy is revealed very out in the open. Today, that happened with the Democratic Party.

WikiLeaks released emails that proved something that Bernie Sanders and his supporters had supposed all along — That Hillary Clinton’s campaign had some people on the inside at the DNC that were working overtime to make sure that a Bernie Sanders nomination was never a real possibility. It became more apparent to anyone that was watching that the fix was in as Hillary’s lead consisting of mostly mysterious “superdelegates” demonstrated that nothing was going to stop the Clinton machine this time. Despite that, Sanders put up a valiant fight and didn’t really sling the kind of mud at Hillary that he probably could have. He tried to keep it dignified, and eventually even sponsored Clinton by endorsing her publicly and encouraging his scores of supporters to do the same. That was before today, however. Bernie is singing a different tune now that a grand conspiracy has been very publicly revealed, and the mainstream media is having to work overtime to somehow spin it as not involving one Mrs. Hillary Clinton.


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Who is More Qualified to be President of the United States? Hillary or Donald?

In an election year such as this one, a lot is going to be made of which candidate is more qualified to be President of the United States. Is it Hillary Clinton, a former Senator and Secretary of State whose actions in these posts have absolutely dogged her presidential ambitions? Or is it Donald Trump, a blowhard that has absolutely no political experience? Who do we trust? The one that has experience, but Benghazied the heck out of it, or the one that has no political experience at all? The answer? Check your facts.

That's it.  Game over.
That’s it. Game over.

The qualifications for being President of the United States are perhaps the simplest part of our entire system of government. You must be 35 years of age. You must have lived in the nation for 14 years. You must be alive and breathing.

That’s it.

So, when you see people trying to break this down into a qualification battle, remember one thing. This country was built on the idea that any American citizen anywhere in this country could grow up one day to be President. In a lot of ways, President Barack Obama took that message even further than ever before. So, stop trying to blame whatever real reason you have for which candidate you support on qualifications, for better or for worse. That’s not it and you know it.