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States Refuse to Accept Syrian Refugees — Cowardice or Common Sense?

As usual, the United States of America is divided down political lines as Democrats and Republicans clash about another issue that seems like it should be no big deal but it is. President Barack Obama has a plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States of America quickly, and to spread them out at various cities across the country. This is just the beginning, as the overall plan is to bring some 45,000 into America. Of the 45,000, 97% of them are Muslims, with the other three percent identifying as Christian or otherwise.

Friend or foe, they are on the way to a neighborhood near you.
Friend or foe, they are on the way to a neighborhood near you.

In light of the terror attacks in Paris, a lot of states are not too happy about this idea that no one was really all that concerned about previously. It turns out that perhaps one of the attackers in Paris may have entered the country as a refugee, taking advantage of France’s relaxed laws for that sort of thing. And the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings were refugees as well. So, we see a couple of clear examples of people getting burnt by accepting refugees.
It goes without saying that the overwhelming majority of refugees are probably good people trying to get out of a sad, desperate situation. However, many Americans feel that the chance that just a small number of these refugees might be some sort of “Trojan horse” situation (and it only takes a very small percentage of that 45,000 to end up with a Paris-like situation in America) makes it not prudent to accept them into our country at this time. Canada has already decided nationally that they want no part of it. Of course, it is mostly Republican-controlled states that are against the refugees, while the Democratic states probably aren’t particularly excited about it, but they must blindly follow what their leader says. Many of the Democratic persuasion are saying that this is cowardice. President Obama has said that we don’t discriminate based on religion, and “this is not who we are.”
So, is America overreacting? Does it make sense to accept these refugees into the country even when there seems to be at least a small chance that some of them might want to do America harm?
Consider this. These same people are part of a class of people that the United States was considering arming to help them fight. However, that plan got scrapped because it was determined that it was too difficult to know who was on what side and what their respective agendas were. So, they were unsure whether they could trust them to arm them in the civil war in Syria, but now they are totally sure it’s okay to bring them into America. After all, they can always just punch their names into the Radical Islamic Terrorist Database, right?
Is it cowardice to not want to help these people? Or is just common sense not to want a group of people that might include some that want to do terrible deeds into your country? I mean, it’s nothing personal against Syrians, but it just happens that some of you guys like to strap explosives to your chest, walk into as crowded of a place as you can, and blow yourself up. We would very much like to see you stop doing that, and we realize that it is a small percentage that is doing that. Unfortunately, a small percentage is enough to kinda be a little wary of that whole thing.
So, you have to look at the job. President Obama’s first job is the security of Americans. The plight of the Syrian refugees is horrific. No one is debating that. But if your first priority is American citizens’ safety, then you simply shouldn’t be even considering this as a possibility. Calling people cowards for using their brains and wanting to protect themselves first is painfully ironic, because President Obama has his finger on the trigger of the most powerful military in the world and has done nothing while this menace has grown for years. If he really wants to help the Syrian refugees, instead of bringing them into a nation where they are equally as unwanted, he could take care of their problem so they could return home. But Obama just today insisted that his plan for ISIS is working like a charm, even as French reporters questioned his judgment. Apparently, Obama feels that ISIS is right on schedule. What do you think?

Paris Military Had Training Drills Planned for Multi-Site Attacks on November 13

One common theme running through a lot of the major terrorism-related events in our world is the concept that authorities always seem to be practicing what actually happens at coincidentally just the right time. The most famous example is September 11, where there is actual recordings of air traffic controllers becoming confused as to whether the events unfolding were real or part of the training exercise that was currently underway that was almost exactly what happened. In Boston, a full training exercise was actually in progress as the bombs exploded. The list goes on and on for this sort of thing, and it has always fueled conspiracy theories, especially those regarding false flag operations or situations where a government knows something terrible is about to happen but chooses to look the other way. The terror attacks in Paris, France are no exception. It just so happens that the authorities there were prepared for just such a situation. After all, they were doing training exercises for that exact thing.

Crisis Actors in Paris — This Girl Has Some Really Bad Luck

As with almost every event such as this, there are those in conspiracy circles that start looking hard at the limited information that they is available for a common thread.  The concept of crisis actors has been tossed around in conspiracy forums for decades, and we often see quickly thrown-together images showing very similar figures at tragic events.  The same is true for the tragic terror attacks in Paris.  A graphic is already circulating on the Internet showing the same girl at a series of events… Boston, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Paris.  She is only one girl that frequently is seen reacting to tragic events.  Many people believe this is a small part of a grand conspiracy and that she is one of the fabled “crisis actors.”  Of course, it could all be coincidence or it could be that any crowd of people is liable to have someone that looks familiar.  What do you think?  Is it time to ask this girl some questions?

crisis actor

Paris Terror Attacks Unfortunate Preview of the Consequence of Open Borders — U.S. Next?

France is once again the target of terrible terrorist attacks that most likely are going to be the work of the Islamic State, the terrorist organization that is sweeping through the Middle East committing atrocities and largely unchecked by anyone, especially the United States, its first and foremost recognized enemy.  This latest string of attacks was clearly coordinated, showing that this was not a flash in the pan lone wolf thing, but a planned attack.  It has nothing to do with military personnel or police, but regular, ordinary citizens doing the things that regular, ordinary citizens do, like going to a concert hall, enjoying a meal in a nice restaurant, or going about their daily business.

The scene in Paris is terrible, but it's still a world away from Americans.  How long before it comes home?
The scene in Paris is terrible, but it’s still a world away from Americans. How long before it comes home?

What is so terrifying about these terror attacks is just how easy they were to perpetrate.  This is not a complicated operation; France lets “refugees” walk right into their country, and it is not difficult for Islamic terrorists to find their way in.  Given their location, it is not even a long journey.  As this is now the second time this is happening, though this appears to be much worse than the first, it can only make everyone wonder how long before this type of terror makes its way to the United States with more coordination and more frequency.  After all, the United States has a very famous (or infamous) border control problem that is actually made even more famous by its constant mentioning my political candidates in a very emotional presidential race coming up in 2016.  It’s not a secret that America is pretty easy to get into, and they will even help you out once you get there.  If you are an Islamic terrorist, the road is paved.  The only question that can be asked is why it hasn’t already become commonplace for these types of situations to happen in America.  What could be the reasons?

Well, there are a few that make a lot of sense if you really think about it.  For starters, the Islamic State has a friend in President Barack Obama, and they aren’t about to upset that delicate relationship.  Now, we’re not going crazy conspiracy here and saying that President Obama is a Muslim and is secretly on their side and trying to turn America over to the Islamic State.  That’s silly talk.  What he is doing is a whole lot of nothing to check there reign of terror across the Middle East.  Heck, the Islamic State even threatened to come to the White House and kill Obama’s children, which didn’t seem to fire him up either.  The bottom line is that until 2017 when a new president takes over, the Islamic State has free reign to do whatever they like in the Middle East, and the only way they could mess that up is to execute something like the attacks in Paris in America, forcing even a docile President Obama to go on the offensive.  They are too smart to do that.  If a Republican president takes over in 2017, expect terrible things to happen.  IS will know that they are going to feel the wrath, so they will work hard to strike first.  If a Democrat takes over, quite likely it will continue as it is now until they are so strong that they just don’t care anymore, which is closer than you might think.  So, in a roundabout way, President Obama is keeping America safe by doing nothing, but it is kind of like punting the football to the other team and hoping that they don’t score on the next possession.

Another reason that IS might be a little unwilling to unleash these kinds of attacks in America is that the country is infamously armed.  In Paris, the attackers knew they were not going to encounter any kind of armed resistance in the early stages before police or military arrived on the scene.  In America, especially in the southern states that are more readily accessible from the Mexico border, this is probably not going to be the case.  Despite repeated attempts at gun control, America continues to be open season for gun carriers.  Now IS is not worried about getting caught or dying at the hands of anyone while executing these attacks.  What they are worried about is being embarrassed.  To go off on one of these tangents and have an angry Texan simply gun you down is not going to have the resonance that these attacks in Paris will have, and remember that their prime goal above all is to cause fear.

Even if America or France decides to close the borders now and stop making it so easy to have their citizens end up target practice for Islamic terrorists, it is likely too late.  People with these goals are already here in America, and they are just waiting for the right moment or signal to strike.  Closing the borders would be a good way to help protect citizens in the future, but it won’t change the fact that the damage is already done.  Unfortunately, the scenes Americans are watching unfold in France are just a preview of what is to come in their own homeland, and it’s a shame that no one is doing anything at all to try to prevent it.

The Fact about Bernie Sanders that the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

Bernie Sanders is making plenty of noise as a presidential candidate, and like another Democrat that came out of nowhere named Barack Obama, many are just now recognizing his name. However, he is making the kind of waves that make it impossible to not pay him attention any longer in an election primary that was long assumed to belong solely to one Mrs. Hillary Clinton.
Bernie has his quirks. He identifies as a socialist, which is poison to many Americans’ ears of both party affiliations. However, a lot of this is because a lot of Americans mistake the words Socialism and Communism as interchangeable. In reality, they are very different concepts, and Bernie is not even remotely a Communist, or at least not yet. Bernie also is talking a big game that is forcing even Hillary Clinton to conform to. Hillary Clinton hardly ever spoke about free tuition for public universities and the minimum wage until Bernie Sanders pitched his ideas. Now, most people recognize that Bernie’s ideas, no matter how nice they might sound the first time around, are mostly just pretty words. With a Republican-controlled House and Senate, a newly-crowned President Sanders will never be passing free tuition and a $15 minimum wage. More importantly, even if the Democrats captured one, the other, or both, there are not enough people in his own party willing to go that radical. Sanders’ ideas are dead in the water and are just a new reiteration of the decades-old political tactic of campaign promises.
Having said all that, Bernie is showing that there are a lot of Americans, particularly the younger ones, that are rejecting the establishment’s politics. That is also being seen on the other side of the political aisle, with unorthodox candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson dominating the GOP landscape. What it really indicates is that, as we say so often here on Common Sense Conspiracy, we really have a one-party system that serves its own agenda and the perceived differences between political parties exist only to give us an illusion of choice, and more importantly, a reason to stay fiercely divided. That explains why both parties seem to have an identity crisis at the same time. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, because historically, if one party is having an identity crisis, it’s because the other party is doing well. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are in chaos and turmoil, but that’s mostly because there are more and more people out there waking up to the realities of the one-party system.
So, what is the media hiding about Bernie Sanders? He’s an atheist. Now he won’t come out and say that. He has only gone so far as to say that he is not “especially religious.” But all the atheists out there know another atheist when they see one, and he has that market cornered. Atheists want to see one of their own in the White House just as badly as Christians do, and Bernie will accomplish that. If he is anything, he’s Jewish, because that was how he was raised, but he seems to have no interest in pandering to any religious group, regardless of his affiliations.
To many voters, Sanders’ disinterest with religion may be refreshing. After all, the separation of church and state is a tenant of our political system, or at least it is supposed to be. However, there are plenty of people out there from both sides of the aisle that would never, ever support anything but a Christian in the White House. For the conservatives, that percentage would be near 100%. For liberals, that percentage would be a lot higher than the atheists want to believe. Bernie Sanders would be the first American President to not at least pretend to be religious, and that would be a landmark. The media knows that this fact alone would disqualify Sanders instantly with millions of Americans, so they bury it as much as they can. Hillary Clinton is probably an atheist too, but she has the political sensibility to at least pretend, as did Barack Obama. That prevents alienating too many voters. Bernie isn’t being asked about it in interviews, and he certainly isn’t going to bring it up.
So, in closing, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are not necessarily saying this is a bad or good thing, but more that the media should at least let Americans know this fact that many will consider to be critical to their process. Hiding facts like these from the American people is dirty, and in a truly democratic election, should be as illegal as all of the things that Democrats say that Republicans try to do to stop people from voting. Journalistic integrity is dead, that’s for sure, and it has been for a long time.

Were More Crisis Actors at the Scene of the Virginia TV Reporter Shootings?

The terrible shootings that occurred in Virginia yesterday are leading to even more aggressive calls for gun control from Congress, the President, and presidential candidates.  This shooting is unique from other incidents that conspiracy theorists pointed the “false flag” finger at.  First of all, this was apparently perpetrated by an African American.  That is different in and of itself.  These types of shootings have long been the faculty of white people almost exclusively, but maybe this signals a change on the horizon.  Other than that, it seems the same old script we are used to seeing.  There are already calls about mental illness and gun control, and I have even seen some people saying that companies should have programs in place to help people when they get fired.  As absurd as that sounds.

Anyway, there are going to be a group of people that believe that this shooting, even though it occurred on live television, never happened.  And for those people, the video below will be very palatable.  It is interesting for sure why these very familiar figures always are around these situations.  It is also a good question why someone that just heard that their daughter was shot in cold blood on national television would feel the need to speak to Megyn Kelly a few hours later and seem basically emotionally intact.  Although we live in a society where the mainstream media trumps any concept of privacy, it still seems strange that someone would want to do that.  It’s not the kind of thing where you want to get your fifteen minutes of fame, you know.  In any case, the video below may be garbage, but it’s presented well, and there are at least a few things about it that bear discussion.

The Stock Market Scare of 2015 — What the Media Is Not Saying?

With the stock market taking a major dip that left many people still gun-shy from 2008 reeling this week, the mainstream media has been working its propaganda machine overtime trying to convince all of us that there is nothing wrong.  Talking head after talking head has appeared on every mainstream news channel you can think of saying the same things.  This is nothing like 2008.  Why?  There is no mortgage crisis.  The Fed can still step in and help if it gets really bad.  Banks are in good shape.  The goal is simple.  They want to convince the general public that this is not something to get upset about and panic.  However, the mainstream media is very carefully avoiding some facts that you need to know, and if they were doing their journalistic duties correctly, they would be asking these so-called experts these questions, which you will not find mentioned at all in the mainstream media’s reporting on the subject.

Okay, so first excuse.  There is no mortgage crisis.  This is true.  Homes are not foreclosing at a furious rate.  See, the people that lost their homes in 2008’s aftermath don’t have any credit now, so they can’t buy homes.  The people buying homes now in the so-called recovery were those that did not own a home back when that happened, and now they are taking advantage of record-low interest rates and a buyer’s market like never before to get a lot more house for their money.  This does make it look like the housing

Records are made to be broken.  Isn't that the saying?
Records are made to be broken. Isn’t that the saying?

market is recovering, and to some degree it is, but if you look at it from a broader point of view, it is only a changing of the guard.  Those people used to own the houses while these people used to rent.  Now it’s the other way around.  But the talking heads are right.  The mortgage bubble bursting was a major contributor to why 2008 was so bad, and that shouldn’t be as big of an issue this time around.  Only there’s another bubble about to burst that may be even worse.  The student loan situation should be the first question journalists ask of these experts when they say there is nothing to fear.  But it is not being mentioned at all, and President Obama passed a silly little measure to lower everyone’s payments a little bit and acted like he had saved the world and everything is fine now.  It’s not.  The student loan situation is as big a problem as ever, and with presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders talking about making college free for people going forward, those swimming in student loan debt are only going to feel more despair as all that debt to get an advantage for themselves may very well be free for their competition coming down the line.  The timing of this with that is a classic setup for a very similar situation as what happened in 2008, just with different moving parts.

Second excuse… the Fed can always save the day.  Well, this one is just stupid.  Interest rates are 0% right now, with the Fed casually mentioning trying to inch them up sometime this year (a scenario already looking less likely by the second).  What are they going to step in and do?  Start paying people to borrow money?  Print some more money spiraling inflation out of control (another reason 2008 went the way that it did)?  No, the Fed has little or no options this time, because all of their economic safeguards are already in play.  The Fed won’t be saving the day, not unless it employs some drastic ill-advised measure that will just be a gigantic bandage, something we have seen happen in places like Greece.

So, you see, the mainstream media is trying to spread the message that there is nothing to worry about, but that is just plain wrong.  Now, perhaps all of these things don’t line up just right and this doesn’t get as bad as we’ve seen before.  We all hope that is the case, but it’s important to realize that what the mainstream media is shoving down your throat is ignoring pretty big chunks of a puzzle.