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How Could Hillary Clinton Be So Sure She is Going to Win? Because She Knows For Sure, Of Course

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we often talk about conspiracy theories and how sometimes a theory becomes  a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The current state of the United States’ Presidential election in 2016 is a great example of this.  Donald Trump has repeatedly railed against the mainstream media for rigging the election against him.  Of course, he is demonized for this by everyone involved, while an amazing amount of Americans if asked before Trump even came along would have happily told you that they feel like the election is rigged already.

Trump can't make a dictatorship out of America.  We already have one.
Trump can’t make a dictatorship out of America. We already have one.

Rigged elections are not new with Donald Trump.  It’s always been that way to a great degree.   Trump is an impostor, an outsider.  This election was supposed to be Bush vs. Clinton again.  Bernie Sanders almost infiltrated the other side, although they had better safeguards against making sure no one could break through.  Trump broke through against all odds, preventing America from having to watch its two greatest political dynasties duke it out once again.  But once he did break through, what happened?  Both establishments (which we have always contended are really only one establishment) railed against him.  And they are combining forces to keep him out.  It seems crazy to think of establishment Republicans wanting to hold on to their stranglehold on America so badly that they are more than willing to vote for their sworn mortal enemy, Hillary Clinton, just to keep themselves in their cozy spots ruling the world.  It’s a huge wakeup call to America and the world.  These guys are only looking out for preserving their own grip on power.  They don’t have to worry about term limits.  They can stay with this power their entire adult lives.  We have eighty-year-olds running for re-election in Congress when they should be more worried about not peeing in their pants.  It’s fixed, people.  You know it before this, and never has it been more clear.

Now, people on both sides of the fake political system are asking why Hillary Clinton is so arrogant and confident that she will now win the November 8 election?  She is more focused now on winning the Senate over for Democrats than battling Trump.  She is more focused on the transition of power that she thinks is inevitable.  How can she be so sure?  Well, it’s easy to be sure, when you know for sure.

Hillary’s actions are just a blinking red light that the election is fixed, she knows that she is going to win, and everything is a foregone conclusion.  She isn’t worried.  Remember how concerned she was about the possibility of being indicted by the FBI in the email server investigation?  That’s right.  Not at all.  She never appeared the slightest bit nervous.  You aren’t nervous when you know nothing is going to happen.  The election is just another example.  Her rise to power was decided by the super-elite shadow government before now, and nothing will stop it from coming to pass.

The election will be touted as a close one.  Why?  The shadow government realizes that tons of Americans are ticked off.  That’s not just Trump supporters.  There are millions of Bernie Sanders supporters that may or may not vote for Hillary in the election, but are still unhappy about the raw deal Sanders got in the primary.  Think about all of the money people poured into his campaign.  Think about all the volunteers and workers.  It was phony.  It was a fraud.  That money might as well have been stolen.  They never had a chance.  It was fixed.  It’s not speculation.  It happened.  There should be heads rolling for that, and it should stop with the current head of the Democratic Party.  Not the chairman of the DNC, but the real head of the Party.  Her name is Hillary.  People are mad all over, and the shadow government knows this.  They will make it look like Trump was real close to appease those people and make them think that there was a chance that Hillary really could have lost the election.  There’s not a chance at all.  The only way Trump could win is if the American people joined together in the biggest movement since the Revolutionary War, and there are way too many people still sleeping for that to happen.

All hail the Queen.
All hail the Queen.

They’ll make it look close to make you think you had a chance.  There is no chance.  Hillary Clinton is the next American President.  She knows it, and she has known it for some time.  The question is whether the American people will continue to accept this.

It’s funny.  Democrats accuse Donald Trump of being an authoritarian that would lead to a dictatorship in America (which is the most laughable conspiracy theory of all time from a group of people that think valid conspiracy theorists are nuts).  What is more authoritarian than seizing power the way Clinton has?

We already have a dictatorship, and we willingly capitulated to it.  On November 8, we give Hillary Clinton a lifetime achievement award for her lies and cheating by making her the czar of America.


WikiLeaks is Reason Enough for No Conspiracy Theorist to Ever Be Laughed At Again

Common Sense Conspiracy has been around for a while now, and many of our loyal readers know our message.  There is nothing that we hate more than the way the mainstream media, our government, and people that don’t know any better try to make it out that believing in conspiracy theorists is childish, paranoid, or foolish.  They’ve worked at this for years.  Anyone that questions the establishment, the way things are, and tries to insinuate that the official story that is being shoved down our collective throats might be false is ridiculed.  We’ve seen it time and time again, and it never fails to make us sick.

This year in the 2016 election, WikiLeaks ended this once and for all.  Yes, it should have ended with Edward Snowden, who came along and basically proved that all of the conspiracy theories about the government illegally watching your every move was absolutely true from the start.  There were others, but now, WikiLeaks has taken it to a whole new level.  After these revelations, there is absolutely no reason for conspiracy theorists to ever be ridiculed again.

Think about what we have found out.  Now, keep in mind the mainstream media has worked overtime trying to keep this story to a minimum, and a lot of its tactics revolved around unearthing more provocative stories about Donald Trump that would dominate the news cycle.  We’re not saying that Trump didn’t do these things.  That’s not what we are discussing here in this article.  What we are discussing is how the media uses Donald Trump’s latest atrocity of the week to cover up the absolutely damning revelations that WikiLeaks is pouring out day after day.

It’s sad.  Yes, these leaks are particularly damaging to the campaign of one Senator Hillary Clinton, but they are really damaging to our system of belief in our government in general.  Donald Trump has been lambasted for his refusal to pledge that he will accept the results of this election by the very people we now know 100% for certain rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.   No one is angry about it.  No one is going to jail.   No on is even being investigated.  It has just been accepted.  Oh well.  They know best, right?

WikiLeaks has revealed that Hillary Clinton did most certainly know what she was doing with her infamous email server.  But more importantly, it has revealed numerous instances where the government has acknowledge in electronic transmissions huge transgressions against the American people, and from there, the world.  And the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to cover it up.  We even saw the words “shadow government” acknowledge and recognized in official documents.  Still, conspiracy theorists are fodder for laughs, when they have been proven to be, in many cases, right all along.

Here’s the thing, those of you that are reading that happen to be awake.  No matter how much the mainstream media, the government, and Hillary Clinton want to conceal WikiLeaks’ information, it is out there for anyone that wants to read to take it all in.  That’s the beauty of what this company has done.  They can try to soften the impact of it, and they can try to conceal it from those that are still asleep and refuse to pay attention to what is happening around them.  But for those that want to know, it’s there.  You can find it.  This is the one bright spot from all of this.  No matter how hard they try, the truth is coming out, a little at the time.  For that, at least, we can be thankful.

The Shocking Revelation That Will Unravel the 2016 Election for Trump and Clinton

Yes, that’s right.  Common Sense Conspiracy has information that will be the end of this charade.  The 2016 election is finished after this.  But first, let’s review how we got to this point.

This election features two of the most scandalous, corrupt, and quite possibly even criminal candidates of all time.  Many people on the Internet lament this, saying how could “we” the “American people” make a mistake like this in putting these two terrible alternatives as the only alternative.   It shows just how quickly we forget.  Nobody in America put Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  She put herself there.  The WikiLeaks emails were as damning as anything in American history.  The primary was fixed.  Bernie Sanders never really had a chance.  No one cared.  No one even remembers it not even two months later.

Trump is different.  It does appear that the American people voted him into this position.  But only because the Republicans hadn’t come up with a foolproof of fixing their primaries (superdelegate anyone?) like their Democratic counterparts.  Be sure that everyone in the Republican establishment is working overtime now to make sure no debacle like this happens again.  Americans voted Trump in out of a field of Republican degenerates because they desperately want to see change.  They are tired of the one-party two-party system.  On the other side of the political spectrum, it was no different.  Actual voters wanted to put Bernie Sanders, another Independent seeking a major party nomination, in, but the DNC had other ideas.

America is tired of it.  Yes, there are plenty of idiots on both sides that will continue to affiliate with their party because their granddaddy did, and they quite often can’t even remotely defend their position except for quoting dumb stuff on their liberal or conservative card they carry around in their wallet.  That’s why liberals think they have to believe in abortion, and why conservatives think they have to dismiss climate change even in the face of obvious science.  There are some people in America that are never going to accept the responsibility that comes with thinking for yourself and having an opinion.  Fortunately, this election proves once and for all that a majority of Americans are waking up.

A majority, you say?

Well, that’s the damning revelation.  What a time to be alive, right?  If you take everyone that supported Donald Trump and put them together with everyone that supported Bernie Sanders, you have a clear majority outside of the one-party two-party system.  That’s incredible.  It’s a movement.

Now, we’re not trying to say that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump aren’t totally different people.  They are.  So are their policies.  Yet, they are both outsiders that broke in and almost circumvented the system.  Both parties’ establishments are shaking in their boots.  For the first time in history, it’s starting to look like Americans are waking up.  The result could be the end of the most ridiculous free ride of all time for America’s career politicians.

This election is a farce, and nobody deserves to win.  And yet, it gives us hope.  It shows it can be done.  It shows America still has a beating heart of people that are thinking for themselves.  They are alive.  They are not robots.  The robots are still winning for now, but this is a major sign that they will not win forever.

Rejoice America!  This is perhaps the most important moment in your history.  You are like a computer that becomes self-aware.  The decisions you’ve been spoon-fed are no longer valid.  They never really were.  There’s a day coming where we can really make a difference.  The establishment will continue to do whatever they can to stop that.

Don’t let them.

Trump is Reprehensible For Sure, But Media Continues to Cover for Clinton

The concept that the mainstream media is undeniably biased toward the Democratic side is not a new conspiracy. This is something that most people have known for years. However, it wasn’t until the 2016 election that it became something that they no longer even hide. We have supposed journalistic news organizations publicly throwing their support behind candidates, and almost every news story distorts the facts for its now obvious agenda. This is the next step on the path they are taking us down. They don’t even have to hide it anymore, because they have trained us to be okay with it. It took some time, but here we are. They don’t have to pretend to be real news organizations now; they can simply let their true colors show because Americans will lap it up like a cat at its milk bowl.

Now, is Trump doing anything particularly to advance his cause?  Not at all, really.  The tapes from 2005 of him saying reprehensible things about women are mighty bad, and the media is taking them to the next level by reporting them as speculatively being true.  There is a whole article on the Washington Post’s website right now about whether if Donald Trump really “grabbed a woman by her (private part)” that would constitute sexual assault.  Of course, no reasonable person really thinks Trump really did that, or at least without any participation from the other party.  But here we are, speculating about imaginary criminal offenses while ignoring the real criminal offenses his opponent has already gotten away with.  Furthermore, look at the timing.  WikiLeaks reveals the obsessively sought-after speech transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches for which she received over 22 million dollars in return for.  In the speeches, she reveals what she really thinks about a whole lot of things, and it becomes very obvious why she has avoided letting these transcripts get out.  She even goes down the race road, saying that white people when given opportunity will do well for themselves while African Americans will continue to not do well given the same opportunities.  Hmm.  That should be pretty damning, right?

Enter the Trump tape.  No worries.  Not one.  WikiLeaks had planned this out from the beginning for maximum effect, but whoever came up with this tape didn’t just find it yesterday.  They’ve been sitting on this, waiting for the right moment to counteract some real bad news.  Today was that day.  Hillary’s speech transcripts are out there for anyone to view if they like, but as far as the mainstream media is concerned, it never happened.  Most people will never know about it.

Is this an excuse for what Trump said?  Not at all.  Those comments are crude and demeaning.  Unfortunately, there’s probably not a man in America who has not heard other men talk like this.  Would Trump say it their face?  Most likely not, just like the millions of other men that have used similar terminologies when talking amongst other men about women.  While that certainly doesn’t make it right, it does illustrate that there is one heck of a difference between the lewd comments that have taken over our nation and the actions of a Hillary Clinton that are pushing us toward literally having our nation taken over with her long-polished New World Order agenda.

They are going to win this one.  Not Democrats. Not Republicans.  But the shadow government, the elite that really call the shots.  And this is just another creative instance of how they make you believe that you had a choice.  It was just so bad, you had to go vote for Hillary, a person you know beyond the shadow of a doubt is bought and paid for by the New World Order agenda.  You had no choice.

You had to pick that lesser evil.  Again.  This article is not pro-Trump or pro-Hillary.  It is designed to show you how all of these pawns on the chessboard have been delicately and thoughtfully placed to make this exact outcome inevitable.

Illusion of choice.  Lesser of two evils.  Colonized minds.

Maybe We All Need to Sit Down for the National Anthem

Okay, so everyone is in an uproar about Colin Kaepernick’s apparent social protest movement that is sweeping the nation. He didn’t get up for the National Anthem, and then blamed it on his disdain for

Has anyone considered that Kaepernick just had his earbuds in?
Has anyone considered that Kaepernick just had his earbuds in?

America, a country that oppresses black people. Now, we have a theory that he probably just had his earbuds in and missed it and came up with this as a clever excuse for being disrespectful, but that’s beside the point right now. Now the ante has been upped, because the first big slate of NFL football games happens to coincide with the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks on New York City and Washington. Now, the Seattle Seahawks are threatening to stage a whole-team protest of their own on a day where a lot of people think the National Anthem is particularly poignant. There’s your update on the situation.
Now, kind of needless to say, how you feel about Kaepernick’s peaceful protest is divided quite distinctly down racial lines. That’s not saying that every white person out there is against it, but in general, that’s how it goes. We at Common Sense Conspiracy have been thinking about things, and we think that maybe all Americans should join the protest.
As we barrel toward a Presidential election with two of the most corrupt, morally-bankrupt individuals to ever be on the ballot, maybe white people and black people alike have a reason to turn their back on patriotism for a moment and ask what in the world is going on here? The mainstream media, a puppet for the United States’ shadow government, has been working overtime the last eight years to divide Americans in every way possible. Think about all the ways they divide people that in most cases, fundamentally get

Everyone is having an identity crisis right now.
Everyone is having an identity crisis right now.

along just fine until the government reminds us that we’re supposed to hate each other. Think about climate change, religion, political affiliations, and race. Think about the division between the poor and rich, and the polarization of the two as the middle class declines. Then, last of all, think about an election where everything is turned on its head. Conservatives have the most liberal candidate probably in their history, though they don’t seem to understand or realize it. Liberals are trying to elect a candidate that wreaks of Wall Street and big business, the very thing they rail against Republicans for. And everyone misses the point that it’s all really the same thing. To the powers-that-be, a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Presidency is virtually identical. They couldn’t be less worried about it.
Yes, a lot of the respect that goes to the National Anthem revolves around the soldiers that have fought and lost their lives for this country. It’s true. But many veterans are actually siding with Kaepernick, saying that whether or not they agree with his message, they appreciate the right for him to express it. Others feel he is being intensely disrespectful to the military and just the nation in general. In any case, we at Common Sense Conspiracy don’t really think that everyone should turn their back on the National Anthem just yet, but the point of this article was that this is just another example of the media and government making sure we stay bitterly divided. Meanwhile, the other hand is busy, just there outside of our line of sight, and you don’t want to know what it is doing.

ObamaCare Carriers Pull Out at Dizzying Rate, But It’s All Part of the Game for Single Payer

Whatever your feelings about the Affordable Care Act, more affectionately (or the opposite maybe) known as ObamaCare, there is no way to insinuate that it has gone off without a hitch. The whole “you can keep you doctor” dilemma was just part one of the disfunction that has come to be associated with ObamaCare. The latest obvious signs of failure are the dramatic pulling out of several major insurance carriers, citing losses in the hundreds of millions by participating in the program. Aetna is following suit today, making just another insurance carrier cutting its losses. So, why are you not hearing Democrats sweating it out in this controversial election year as President Barack Obama’s namesake and most well-known piece of legislation withers? Well, because they planned it that way of course.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats. Understand that plainly. Common Sense Conspiracy endorses neither party and has published a myriad of articles on how both parties are leading the nation (and the world) down the same path. Never mind that. But it’s not hard to figure out that ObamaCare was just a small step on the road to ever-growing government dependence, and its failure is scripted to push America toward a single-payer system where the government finally takes control of health care completely.

Don’t think so? Just listen to President Obama explain the plan himself.

Clinton Body Bags Get Fuller as Election Approaches — Shawn Lucas Found Dead in Bathroom?

We probably don’t have to tell most of our readers the legend of the Clinton body bags, a longstanding conspiracy theory about the numerous and mysterious deaths of people over the years that were on the wrong side of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  While some of the names that appear on these lists can be at least partially debunked with some research, we at Common Sense Conspiracy have always taken the smoke=fire approach.  There’s simply too many abnormalities surrounding Hillary and Bill for there to be absolutely nothing to it.  That legend will only be growing greater in the telling today.

Shawn Lucas brought a fraud lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee over the WikiLeaks emails that revealed the collusion to prevent Bernie Sanders from gaining any real traction in the Democratic primaries.  Now, Shawn Lucas is dead.  He was found dead in his bathroom, cause of death currently unknown.

Last month, Seth Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old campaign staffer was murdered.  The assailant took nothing, leaving wallet and cell phone at the scene.  Reports indicate that Rich was apparently soon to talk to the FBI regarding something that may or may not have been related to the Clinton family.  We’ll never know for sure, but that’s the story that is going around on the Internet.

Is it true?  Are the Clinton body bags getting fuller?  Is Hillary or her associates systematically rooting out anyone that may be a problem for her presidential ambitions?  Or is this just another “right-wing conspiracy” as Hillary boldly proclaimed the Monica Lewinsky scandal to be, which as we all know turned out to be completely true.  The videos below are some of the ones going around that paint a bad picture of what is going on and even going as far as to hypothesize on who may be next on the hit list.  Did Bernie get off the list just in time?  Was slipping off like a thief in the night to Vermont and withdrawing from the Democratic Party the only way to stay breathing a few years longer?  What do you think?