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Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma by Muslim — Nature or Demonization of a Peaceful Religion?

A woman was beheaded in a food processing plant in the town of Moore, Oklahoma by a Muslim man that was attempting to convert her and a co-worker to his religion.  The other co-worker was stabbed repeatedly.  Apparently, the man was fired from his job.  It is not clear whether his attempts at converting his co-workers was the reason for his termination, but he sought out these two women and killed them in a horrifically violent manner for some reason.

Now, the FBI is saying that they are launching a full investigation into the incident.  This is because of the similarity in this death and some of the beheadings distributed on video by ISIS or the Islamic State in recent weeks (which many believe played a strong part in the decision of President Barack Obama to escalate air strikes in the region).  That’s the news story.  We won’t analyze those facts any further.  Up until here, you could have gotten all of this information from any mainstream media news source.  You don’t come to Common Sense Conspiracy for that.  What do you come here for is analysis from an alternative news standpoint, so here we go.

Expect more events like this to take place in America.  Why?  Because things happen like this all over our nation every single day.  Maybe not a beheading in particular, but murders…it’s par for the course at this point.  When the media sensationalizes one homicide over another, it is because of the agenda.  For example, the events in Ferguson, Missouri were singled out by the mainstream media to increase division and unrest along racial lines in America.  This story will be over-sensationalized by the media to make it sound like this is ISIS working in the United States.  More likely, this man was persecuted because of his religion, especially here lately with all the madness from ISIS once again demonizing Islam day and night, and he snapped.  It is certainly not excusable, but it also doesn’t mean he was a member of a terrorist organization.  What it does make all of us wonder (and this is exactly what the government wants it to make us wonder, incidentally) is whether people of this religion are violent like this by nature?  Is beheading someone because they refused to convert to your religion or even ridicule you for what you believe something that in the Muslim religion would be a normal reaction?

The answer is simple.  No.  Most Islamic people are perfectly peaceful.  There religious doctrines are peaceful.  A whole heck of a lot of what they believe coincides with Christians and Jews, so to say otherwise convicts many more people than just Muslims worldwide.  However, the media’s current mission is to bolster support for what President Obama and the American military are doing by once again reminding us how evil Muslims are.  See, even in your own safe and sound country, an American citizen can be beheaded at work.  Now, don’t those airstrikes seem necessary?

What do you think?  Is this a totally isolated event, or is its timing a little suspect?  The news report will give you more who, what, when, and where if you are interested.

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign — Another Victim of November Elections?

If you think the Democrats in America are not worried about the upcoming elections in which the Republicans will have a reasonable shot to retake the Senate and earn a supermajority, just look at what is happening right now.  President Obama has literally went to war to try to save the Senate, fearing the possibility of a major attack happening and him and the Democratic Party being severely criticized in the weeks leading up to the election.  Now, he is cutting off his buddies one by one.

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African American to hold the post, announced that he will resign as soon as a suitable replacement for him can be confirmed.  For most Americans, this is pretty stinking great news, as Holder’s 5 1/2 year run will go down as a pretty stinking one.  The Fast and Furious scandal immediately comes to mind, but even the nightmare in Ferguson, Missouri had a lot to do with Holder and the way he chose to enforce laws in America.

Does Holder know something we don’t?  Certainly.  There are probably more scandals to come, but most of all, Holder is acting as a Democratic sacrifice to the voting gods.  Like a football coach firing a coordinator after a bad year, President Obama is getting rid of a scapegoat so he can say “Look, we got rid of the bad apples.”  This will holderprevent Holder from being another target in the home stretch leading up to the election.  It also may very well lead to another bitter fight over Obama’s next appointee.  They could suggest a controversial one and then criticize Congress for not confirming him, or Obama may opt to pick a middle-of-the-road candidate to try to show that he is working with everyone.  In any case, hopefully they will select someone that actually has some sort of pedigree in law enforcement and not just another lawyer/politician elevated to a post that he or she has no business being in.

United States Bombs ISIS Targets in Syria — Assad’s New Air Force?

For those keeping score, yes, it was President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry who went right to the brink just a few months ago with Syria, threatening all manner of war on them for circumstantial evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons.  It took Russia being the cooler head to prevail to stop Obama from bombing Syria based on a story that didn’t even make sense.  Well, flash forward to September 2014, and guess what?  Not only have Obama and Assad buried the hatchet, but now the United States has decided to personally act as Assad’s own private air force to defend him and his nation from ISIS.  What a crazy turn of events?

It really makes you wonder what kind of conflict this really is.  We all watched as Obama and then Congress revealed to us that the American military would happily being dropping bombs wherever Obama damn well pleases in the name of stopping a terrorist organization that no one can even agree on the name of.  Well, it has begun, and now America is bombing targets in Syria, the same country it was going to bomb anyway a few months ago, just not these targets.

So, in recap, President Obama was going to bomb Syrian targets because of Assad’s leadership decisions.  But now, in the face of even more radical Islamic jihadists, we have decided not only to forgive Assad, but to actually defend him.  Meanwhile the World Police can’t even keep strangers from walking into the White House with weapons.

If you believe that what America is doing in Syria tonight is without repercussions, you aren’t going to have to wait long to find out you were wrong.  With ISIS already encouraging people everywhere to launch freelance attacks on America, it is safe to say that the actions of a few has probably put many in danger.  But for what?

No one really knows for sure.

Congress Okays Obama’s Tactics to Arm Rebels in Syria and Elsewhere — Will America Ever Learn Its Lesson?

President Barack Obama wants to do something about ISIS, but he is scared to death to go too far.  Boots on the ground (even though almost everyone in America already knows there already are and will continue to be boots on the ground everywhere in the Middle East) would cause a major political backlash, he fears, and with a critical election just around the corner, nobody wants to look like the latest one to step on the war machine revolving door.  So, Obama is employing a different tactic.  America will bomb ISIS to pieces every chance it gets, regardless of which nation’s toes it has to step on to do it.  And America will continue a time-honored tradition of failure:

The problem with training Syrians to fight ISIS is they still remember the training later when they decide to fight America.  Oh, and they still have the guns too.
The problem with training Syrians to fight ISIS is they still remember the training later when they decide to fight America. Oh, and they still have the guns too.

arming rebels and other factions that happen to agree with Obama on this particular issue.

You don’t have to look back too far in history to see what happens when you spend money and resources arming a group of people who agree with you at this moment, but don’t necessarily agree with you in general as a way of life.  Remember everyone’s favorite terrorist Osama bin Laden?  He was our friend once, remember?  Oh yeah, no one remembers that part.  Remember Iran?  Iraq?  America seems to not be able to think but one move ahead on the chessboard.  Arming Syrians and Iraqis to help stamp out ISIS sounds like a great plan that will save tons of American lives by allowing us to throw stones from afar instead of being on the front lines.  However, if one could flash forward five, maybe even ten years, one shouldn’t be surprised to find that those same weapons and resources we are giving these factions may very well be turned against us.

America is proving once again that it does not learn lessons from anything it does.  Once again, President Obama is getting America involved in a conflict that at this present time seems to have little or nothing to do with America.  Is ISIS a threat to America?  Well, it depends on who you ask.  The government made it pretty clear that they don’t believe there is an imminent threat of an attack on American soil at the hands of ISIS, even though others have said that there are probably already operatives here just waiting and biding their time.  As with most things in American politics, no one can seem to agree on anything, but at least Congress and Obama see eye to eye on one thing:  they are going to arm people that aren’t necessarily really our friends outside of wanting to escape the clutches of ISIS.

It would be nice to say that this is going to be a hard lesson learned for Americans, but unfortunately, there is no reason to think that America will learn the lesson this time either.  Find the names of these factions that America is arming.  Write them down.  Today they are friends.  Four, five years down the road, you will hear the mainstream media emblazoning them as the new big bad boy terrorist network gunning for America.

Entire Leadership of Opposition to ISIS Wiped Out in Explosion Just After Obama’s Pledge to Help Them

The mainstream media isn’t having much to say about this. It seems that an “unexplained explosion” wiped out most of the leadership in opposition to the terror organization ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State or crazy ass mo-fo’s (whichever you prefer). This was just after President Obama pledged to fight the Islamic State everywhere and anywhere and to give tons of weapons to these guys who are now dead. You would think something like that would be a pretty big story in the mainstream media. I mean, a major part of President Obama’s “coalition” is dead already. Without leadership, who are we giving our money and arms to? Do we really just trust an unorganized group of other Muslims with no leader to take our things and do what we want them to do to the other bad Muslims that we have decided are our enemy presently? Yet, no mention of it anywhere, whatsoever. Why do you think that is?

Asteroid 2014 RC Passes Very Close to Earth — Only Discovered Five Days Ago?

All sources agree.  Asteroid 2014 RC is going to pass so close that it will be shorter than the distance between the Earth and the Moon this weekend, but despite the astronomical close shave, there is little chance that the asteroid strikes the Earth in a cataclysmic event.

Go ahead.  Let out that sigh of relief.  Now for the bad part.

Asteroid 2014 RC was only discovered five days ago!  So, if it had been just a slightly different distance, this could be a much more troubling story.  What do you think?  Is it something to worry about that we are routinely discovering asteroids this close to the Earth only a few scant days before they pass by?

CISPA is Back — Your Computer is the NSA’s Latest Greatest Spy

It’s pretty much never-ending at this point.  Each year, a new acronym for a bill presented to Congress that will put the ratchet down on Internet freedom rises to the surface as millions aim to shoot it down.  It’s become tiresome.  That’s exactly why they keep pushing these things.  Remember SOPA and the countless others?  CISPA is just the latest version, but they are counting on the American public to finally have gotten tired of this or to think that the new version is the same one that has already been defeated.  They want to slip it through, and then when it hits the books, they can all pat themselves on the back at having worked another clever con job on the American public.  Just look at what CISPA means in the infographic below: