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Marysville, Washington School Shooting a False Flag? SWAT Team Practice at Same Time Acknowledged on CNN

We can’t guarantee how long this video capture will stay live because you can bet there are plenty of government agencies ready to take it down as soon as possible.  In any case, in coverage surrounding the swat_trainingschool shooting today in Marysville in Washington State (north of Seattle), CNN acknowledged on the air that there was a SWAT team training going on at the same time.  Exactly the same time.  For those of you that keep tabs on these shootings, this is pretty common to find out that they were practicing for basically what happened right before or during the event.  What is not common is for the mainstream media to acknowledge such things.  This video feed will be taken down quickly, so we apologize if it is no longer viewable as of the time you read this article.  We do have screenshots from local agencies announcing the SWAT training.  These, as you might imagine, are impossible to find online now as they have all been hastily taken down.

Supposed ISIS Video Shows U.S. “Accidentally” Dropping Weapons to Terrorist Fighters?

With almost three quarters of a million views on YouTube, this video that purports to show the United States forces “accidentally” dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS warriors has definitely gained traction. Is it authentic? Well, as is all too often the case with these things, there is little or no way for the average layperson to determine whether the video is authentic, but there aren’t any glaring problems with it either. Assuming the video is real, there are two possible explanations for it. Depending on which side of the propaganda bandwagon you happen to reside on probably determines how you perceive what you are seeing.
For those of the ISIS persuasion, it probably looks like a small victory as they believe they have intercepted weapons that the United States dropped for others that are supposed to be fighting ISIS. But many in conspiracy circles believe that the United States might be dropping these weapons on purpose. That may seem crazy at first glance, but many believe that the United States and the powers-that-be on the international stage want ISIS to continue to flourish, leading to a real, full-scale war in the future. So, basically, you have to decide between whether you believe there is a massive conspiracy and the United States is secretly supplying its supposed enemy with weapons and supplies, or whether the United States is just really bad at making sure the weapons it is dropping land in the right hands.
Which one makes you feel better?

Did John McCain Accidentally Tell the World He Helped Fund ISIS? McCain’s War or Obama’s War?

You wouldn’t think it would be possible for a person like John McCain to have a secret meeting with ISIS and “know them intimately” right? Well, you might want to reconsider that opinion. There is a growing mound of evidence that indicates that John McCain knows a lot more about ISIS than he cares to admit publicly, and he had a lot to do with their arming and funding as well. Is the war on ISIS John McCain’s war?

The Ebola Virus is Not Airborne, But Your Government Likes For You to Think It Might Be

It may seem like the United States’ myriad of government agencies involved with the handling of the one confirmed (and now fatal) Ebola case in America are trying to stop the American public from panicking. They appear to be trying to convince everyone that there is not a massive epidemic looming. They appear to be warmly reassuring us that there is nothing to fear, and then they started taking people’s temperature as they get off flights just to make us feel a little more sure that they are trying to a little something to guarantee the safety of American citizens.

This little guy packs a hell of a punch.
This little guy packs a hell of a punch.

That’s a bunch of malarky, as Vice President Joe Biden would say if someone put a microphone in front of him for too long. The truth is quite simple. The government absolutely loves something like this. See, the only thing more dangerous than a full-blown Ebola outbreak in the United States is a whole lot of people being deathly afraid that there is one about to happen. Fear is the number one friend of any government in our world, and Ebola has come along at the perfect time. Think about it. So far, what has Ebola allowed President Barack Obama and the United States to do?

  • The Ebola outbreak has taken some of the attention off a confusing, unorganized war that no one wants to call a war in Syria and Iraq with an opponent the United States government can’t even decide on a name for.
  • It has allowed Congress to approve another three-quarters of a billion buckaroos to go to “the fight on Ebola” whatever that means.  That’s almost a billion dollars that no one can explain for one second what it is for, but no one dares question it because it’s for a “good cause.”
  • It has allowed President Obama to craftily send over 6,000 American troops to Africa to help stabilize a government that it is in America’s best interest if it stays in power.
  • The death of Mr. Duncan, the first verified American Ebola victim, has already become yet another racial issue in America, adding more fuel to a fire that is already raging out of control in Ferguson, Missouri, and if the government has its way, will reach to every street corner in America between now and 2016.

That was just the short list, hitting the high points.  That’s a lot of real estate out of a virus that has infected and killed one person that basically fled the outbreak zone to get back to America just so he might have a fighting chance.  Not everything that happens is a conspiracy from the beginning.  We’re not saying that it was planned for this outbreak (which is definitely quite bad in Africa and claiming thousands of lives) to happen at this time.  And we’re not saying that they could have known that a black guy was going to be the first American to come down with Ebola.  But, man oh man, they know how to jump on a good situation when they see one, and the political spin-zone is revving out of control presently.

That goes for both sides, by the way.  The Republicans are already trying to convince everyone that President Obama should have somehow prevented this one guy from dying of Ebola.  As if the President of the United States has anything to do with this sort of thing.  The CDC would be the agency to blame for this, not the President.  And right now, there really isn’t anything to blame.

The mainstream media does enough fear-mongering of its own, but now the internet is out of control as well.  An article is making the rounds through email and social media that the CDC has acknowledged that the Ebola virus is now airborne.  Now, if this were true, mind you, it would be catastrophic.  The Ebola virus at the present time can only be transmitted by pretty intimate contact with someone that is infected.  This means open wounds, blood, semen, you get it.  Think HIV.  You’re not going to get Ebola because you were on the same bus with someone that has Ebola.  Now if you cut your wrist open and have some sort of blood brother mob ritual with someone that has Ebola, you probably need to seek medical attention.  Anyway, airborne would be really, really bad, as then the virus would be able to travel at a much more dramatic rate than what we have seen so far.  However, there is absolutely zero evidence that we know of so far that the virus is airborne.  The CDC definitely did not acknowledge this.  This was created by someone and spread (incidentally like a virus) to make a splash and cause more fear.

In case you were wondering, the Ebola virus has never been airborne since it was discovered.  For it to become airborne, it would have to mutate.  The Ebola virus mutates constantly because of the way it replicates.  However, it is extremely unlikely that the virus mutates to become airborne.  As a matter of fact, there is no documented evidence of such a thing ever happening.

Want to see something deadlier than Ebola?
Want to see something deadlier than Ebola?

Ebola is dangerous, and if it goes wild in America, that would be a bad thing.  Remember this one thing though as you watch the news’ horror stories about what might happen.  The World Health Organization reports that over 600,000 people died from malaria in 2012.  Do you remember the mainstream media saying anything about that?  Do you remember being scared to leave your home because of malaria?  In case you haven’t figured this out from the barrage of articles on this site over the years, take this one thing away:  the mainstream media picks and chooses what it wants to go big on and what it prefers to leave under the rug.

Is Ebola All Part of the New World Order Plan?

Ebola is now alive and well in the United States, and President Obama and the government seem to be relatively unconcerned.  Is this because they know they have it under control if an outbreak does occur, or is their calm and cool demeanor because this was planned from day one?  Either way, many politicians from both sides of the political spectrum are crying foul, demanding to know why the United States is not at the very least restricting flights into the nation from Ebola-stricken countries.  With every passing moment, it seems more like the federal government has been waiting for this moment.  What do you think?  Is Ebola just the next step in a carefully laid plan?  You be the judge.

Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma by Muslim — Nature or Demonization of a Peaceful Religion?

A woman was beheaded in a food processing plant in the town of Moore, Oklahoma by a Muslim man that was attempting to convert her and a co-worker to his religion.  The other co-worker was stabbed repeatedly.  Apparently, the man was fired from his job.  It is not clear whether his attempts at converting his co-workers was the reason for his termination, but he sought out these two women and killed them in a horrifically violent manner for some reason.

Now, the FBI is saying that they are launching a full investigation into the incident.  This is because of the similarity in this death and some of the beheadings distributed on video by ISIS or the Islamic State in recent weeks (which many believe played a strong part in the decision of President Barack Obama to escalate air strikes in the region).  That’s the news story.  We won’t analyze those facts any further.  Up until here, you could have gotten all of this information from any mainstream media news source.  You don’t come to Common Sense Conspiracy for that.  What do you come here for is analysis from an alternative news standpoint, so here we go.

Expect more events like this to take place in America.  Why?  Because things happen like this all over our nation every single day.  Maybe not a beheading in particular, but murders…it’s par for the course at this point.  When the media sensationalizes one homicide over another, it is because of the agenda.  For example, the events in Ferguson, Missouri were singled out by the mainstream media to increase division and unrest along racial lines in America.  This story will be over-sensationalized by the media to make it sound like this is ISIS working in the United States.  More likely, this man was persecuted because of his religion, especially here lately with all the madness from ISIS once again demonizing Islam day and night, and he snapped.  It is certainly not excusable, but it also doesn’t mean he was a member of a terrorist organization.  What it does make all of us wonder (and this is exactly what the government wants it to make us wonder, incidentally) is whether people of this religion are violent like this by nature?  Is beheading someone because they refused to convert to your religion or even ridicule you for what you believe something that in the Muslim religion would be a normal reaction?

The answer is simple.  No.  Most Islamic people are perfectly peaceful.  There religious doctrines are peaceful.  A whole heck of a lot of what they believe coincides with Christians and Jews, so to say otherwise convicts many more people than just Muslims worldwide.  However, the media’s current mission is to bolster support for what President Obama and the American military are doing by once again reminding us how evil Muslims are.  See, even in your own safe and sound country, an American citizen can be beheaded at work.  Now, don’t those airstrikes seem necessary?

What do you think?  Is this a totally isolated event, or is its timing a little suspect?  The news report will give you more who, what, when, and where if you are interested.

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign — Another Victim of November Elections?

If you think the Democrats in America are not worried about the upcoming elections in which the Republicans will have a reasonable shot to retake the Senate and earn a supermajority, just look at what is happening right now.  President Obama has literally went to war to try to save the Senate, fearing the possibility of a major attack happening and him and the Democratic Party being severely criticized in the weeks leading up to the election.  Now, he is cutting off his buddies one by one.

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African American to hold the post, announced that he will resign as soon as a suitable replacement for him can be confirmed.  For most Americans, this is pretty stinking great news, as Holder’s 5 1/2 year run will go down as a pretty stinking one.  The Fast and Furious scandal immediately comes to mind, but even the nightmare in Ferguson, Missouri had a lot to do with Holder and the way he chose to enforce laws in America.

Does Holder know something we don’t?  Certainly.  There are probably more scandals to come, but most of all, Holder is acting as a Democratic sacrifice to the voting gods.  Like a football coach firing a coordinator after a bad year, President Obama is getting rid of a scapegoat so he can say “Look, we got rid of the bad apples.”  This will holderprevent Holder from being another target in the home stretch leading up to the election.  It also may very well lead to another bitter fight over Obama’s next appointee.  They could suggest a controversial one and then criticize Congress for not confirming him, or Obama may opt to pick a middle-of-the-road candidate to try to show that he is working with everyone.  In any case, hopefully they will select someone that actually has some sort of pedigree in law enforcement and not just another lawyer/politician elevated to a post that he or she has no business being in.