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Why the Debates Over “Religious Freedom” Bills are Totally Bonkers — On Both Sides!

This law in Indiana labelled as “religious freedom” has a lot panties in a wad all over America, from both sides of the political spectrum.  For many conservatives and Christians, it represents a law that gives them the right to not be forced to participate in activities that are against their religious beliefs by the government.  For everyone else, it is simply a law making it legal for people to use religion as a valid reason for discrimination.  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to break down why these laws are not really important, nor are they worth much more than the reams of paper they are being written on in dozens of states around the country.

Indiana-religious-freedomFirst things first, let’s think about what the law supposedly provides.  While the law doesn’t state this religion or that religion, the example that most people think of here is a business run by Christians refusing to serve gay people due to religious grounds.  As you probably already know, most Christian denominations view homosexuality as a grave sin and the concept of gay marriage a complete miscarriage of justice when it comes to keeping with the word of God as they perceive it.  So, if you had a business making wedding cakes and you were a Christian, the law supposedly allows you to not bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage because it violates your beliefs.  Well, this is actually America, and here’s a shocking piece of news:  Christians already had that right.  Any business in America has the right to refuse service to anyone at all.

That’s right.  The religious freedom laws are redundant; they secure a right that business owners already have.  If a drunk person comes wandering into your establishment, you can refuse to serve them.  If a person that slept with your wife comes into your establishment, you can refuse to serve them.  And if you have a blood-death vendetta against gay people, well you can refuse to serve them.

But wait… you do have a right to refuse service, but not in a way that discriminates.  Well, that’s stupid.  Think about it.  Anytime you refuse anyone service for any reason at all, it is discrimination.  If you refused service to them because they were wearing a green parka, you discriminated against people that like to wear green parkas.  So, no you really can refuse to serve anyone for any reason.  The discrimination is kind of built in.

So, regardless of how you feel about religious freedom laws, they did not give any person in this country anymore latitude than they already had.  More importantly, it’s a pretty bill for conservatives to put on ballots to convince their mostly Christian bases that they are looking out for them by passing laws that are meaningless.  Meanwhile, liberals and gays are heavily protesting this law because it will open the door to discrimination…and yet that door was already wide open.  But it’s just as silly to think that these religious freedom laws will cause any more discrimination than already exists.  That’s simply not possible.  People will continue to do what they want to do.

But there is another reason for these laws.  It’s division.  The government loves to keep America bitterly divided.  We have watched as President Barack Obama spent two terms in office bitterly dividing whites and blacks in America, setting race relations back fifty years.  These religious freedom laws serve the same purpose.  For the government it doesn’t matter if it’s race, religion, or sexuality that is keeping everyone busy hating each other just as long as they are all hating each other.  Just as long as everyone stays divided.  Just as long as everyone believes that the other side is the problem.  The government’s worst nightmare is for blacks and whites to come together and realize the real problem in America.  The government’s worse nightmare is gay people and straight people to stop worrying about who is sleeping with who and suddenly point the finger at what is really wrong in America.  There is nothing that makes the government drip sweat at night more than the thought of atheists and Christians co-existing peacefully with each other, and then realizing what the real problem in America is.

Do you know what the real problem in America is?

So Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams Fabricated Elaborate Stories to Advance Themselves — The Mainstream Media Does it Everyday

It was a ridiculously hot story for no good reason at all.  Respected news anchor Brian Williams had to grudgingly admit that he told some tall tales when he said that he was in a helicopter that was fired on in Iraq.  And now there is even more uproar as Bill O’Reilly’s “no spin zone” might be the “all spin zone.”  Our question at Common Sense Conspiracy is simple… who cares?

hillaryBut what about journalistic integrity?  Well, this doesn’t make a hill of beans either, because there never was any in the first place.  When you have a mainstream media propaganda machine that reports the “news” as it sees fit on a daily basis, what difference does it really make if the anchors say they were in wars or not?  They are already delivering fake news to us by the minute.  Maybe they simply have told so much crap in their days on the air that they can no longer separate between what is real and what is fake.

brian williamsIs it kind of sickening to think of these rich pricks acting like they were in seriously dangerous situations?  Yeah.  Soldiers in real combat put their lives on the line and will probably never have a fraction of the yearly income of these blowhards.  But our point is that when your nightly news telecast may as well be advertised as a completely fictional television show anyway, well, does any of it really matter anymore?  At least Jon Stewart’s show didn’t try to sell you that it was 100% up front and legit.  Give us a break.

They Just Won’t Leave the Internet to Be Free — The Department of the Internet Coming Soon?

Whether they label it net neutrality or try to disguise it behind national security, the government can’t stand a free Internet out there for the world to enjoy, and they just won’t stop trying to find a way to take it over.  The video below kind of parodies a Hollywood movie trailer for the fight against the government’s Internet takeover, but it’s not really meant to be funny as much as to show just how important this is going to become.  The government made a huge folly when they let the Internet grow out from under their thumb, and they will not rest until it is controlled and filtered.  Department of the Internet?  It’s a reality that is coming soon to a government near you.

Counties in Alabama Fight Federal Gay Marriage Order — Will the Military Become Involved? Martial Law for Alabama?

It surprised basically the whole world when a judge ruled that the state of Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, paving the way for gay marriage in the unlikely 37th state to legally recognize these unions. After all, the state of Alabama is notoriously AlabamaGayMarriagereligious and conservative, a virtual one-two punch for what proponents like to refer to as marriage equality. Despite having referendums where citizens actually voted to disallow same-sex marriages, this one judge, appointed by George W. Bush no less, was able to turn the ship around and open the floodgates for gay couples throughout the Heart of Dixie.
But that was only the beginning. Everyone’s favorite judge Roy Moore, infamous for his nonsensical fight about displaying the Ten Commandments from the Bible in a federal courthouse years ago, stood up immediately, ordering counties to turn their back on the order. Meanwhile, Alabama’s attorney general asked for the Supreme Court to stay the order until they take up the case themselves in a few short months. In what can only be viewed as a tipping of the highest court in the land’s hand, they refused to halt marriages, issuing what amounts to a federal order for the state of Alabama to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
That should have been the end of it, but no, not hardly. Roy Moore ordered probate offices throughout Alabama to ignore the federal order. Some did, some did not. Right now, about 11 or 12 of the counties in Alabama have grudgingly begun to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, not even constituting a quarter of the state. So, there are dozens of counties in the state of Alabama that are currently disallowing gay people to receive marriage licenses in violation of a federal order from the Supreme Court of the United States. Can you do that?
That is the question.

Part Two in the Making?
Part Two in the Making?

Legal experts are throwing up their hands on this one. Basically, probate offices are citing confusion as a reason to not follow the order. Basically they are sitting on the dock of the bay and can’t do what ten people tell them to do. This might be a valid argument, but the federal order trumps all, so ultimately they are breaking federal law by defying this order. But is their recourse? What can the federal government do, and should they? Well, Alabama has a history of defying federal orders before, and President John F. Kennedy used the military as a threat in making sure the government reigned supreme in the infamous “standing in the schoolroom door” incident with George Wallace years ago. Yes, President Obama can insist that Alabama comply with the federal order, and yes, he can use the military to enforce it if he so wishes. No doubt, this would be highly controversial, but with the hard work the mainstream media has done for years to convince the rest of the nation that Alabama is a blight on their existence, there are probably people all over America who would love to see the tanks roll into the streets of dixie and shut this down once and for all. Is it likely? Probably not. For starters, President Obama doesn’t even have the guts to use military force when ISIS is butchering Americans overseas, much less against people back home on American soil. And if he did have the balls to make such a move, how likely is it that Alabama would take this so far that a military invasion was actually necessary.
And still, some in conspiracy circles are already seeing a higher purpose to all this. What if President Obama and the federal government use this as a martial law experiment? Could the military enact martial law on the entire state of Alabama as a message that defying the federal government will not be tolerated?
What do you think? Can Alabama simply refuse to acknowledge a federal order? And just how far should the government go to coerce them? We want to hear your opinions.

Democrats and Republicans Alike Want President Obama to Arm Ukraine — But Disarm Americans?

As you no doubt are aware of, the political parties in the United States are as divided as ever.  While sites like ours at Common Sense Conspiracy frequently remind everyone that there is only one political party in the United States really, the masquerade of Democrats and Republicans does exist with the primary goal of keeping the American people divided so as not to threaten the sovereignty of a thoroughly broken system.  So, when you hear that Republicans and Democrats actually agree on something, it’s surprising.

rp_csc-default-image-11-300x213.jpgIn this case, it shouldn’t be.  Members of both parties are pleading with President Obama to allow the United States to arm Ukraine so that it can defend itself from rebels and Russia.  This is, of course, not something that makes Russia very happy in what is already a volatile relationship, to say the least.  President Obama seems reluctant to take this action, and with good reason.  There are plenty of reasons historically to not arm another group of people that may not necessarily like us, but our ideals happen to line up on one topic for the current foreseeable future.  See Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda for more information on this.  Arming another country because we temporarily agree with them is dangerous because those same weapons don’t just disappear after they successfully defeat our common enemy.  They get stored away, or worse yet, dispersed to our enemies.  Or, our ally today becomes our enemy tomorrow.  In any case, too often the end result is our own arms being used against us somewhere down the road.  That being said, it seems extremely likely that President Obama will succumb to pressure and allow Ukraine to be armed by America.

But wait a second.  Let’s think this through.  Congress and President Obama agree that Ukrainians should be armed.  In the same breath, they feel strongly that Americans in America should not be.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Don’t Want Your Children Vaccinated? Go to Jail!

That’s right. You are reading the title of this article correctly. The amazing propaganda machine the government in conjunction with science and the mainstream media has unleashed on the concept of vaccination has real, live Americans actually calling for people that don’t want to get their children vaccinated to go to jail. That’s right, they want asserting your right as a citizen of the United States and a citizen of, you know, the human race, to be a punishable offense with jail time as a real possibility. That’s one successful propaganda campaign.

So Just What Is a Black Flag (False Flag) Operation and Why Does It Matter?

In conspiracy circles, the terms black flag and false flag operation are interchangeable.  They are commonly thrown around by conspiracy theorists about almost every event you can imagine.  Some well-meaning conspiracy theorist somewhere has labelled everything from school shootings to airplane crashes to terrorist attacks a false flag.  So, if you aren’t big on these kinds of things, you might be wondering just what is a false flag operation and why do conspiracy “nuts” like to throw around the term so liberally?  Well, you’re in luck, because we are about to take an in-depth look at the cloak-and-dagger world of the mystical, sinister black flag.

Pearl Harbor is often pointed to by conspiracy theorists as a glowing example of a possible black flag operation.
Pearl Harbor is often pointed to by conspiracy theorists as a glowing example of a possible black flag operation.

Like most things under the broad topic of conspiracy theories, false flag operations are only speculation.  No one outside of high-ranking government officials somewhere can actually prove or deny that anything that has ever happened was a black flag operation.  Therefore, it is a matter of debate, and unfortunately, a lot of people throw these terms around without a clear path of evidence for how they arrived at that conclusion.  So, we can’t just look back at history and say that we have a clear black flag situation.  Even in the some of the events that almost everyone in the general public agrees something is not right about we can’t be altogether sure.  That only makes it easier for people to point fingers.  It’s easy to accuse the government of a massive operation like this against its own people because ultimately no one is going to have any real evidence.  No one is ever going to prove a black flag operation happened, because any government in our world that perpetrated such an operation would cover their tracks so well that there is no way anyone would be able to prove it.  They also would label anyone that might get hold of some real evidence a “conspiracy theorist,” a term that now, thanks to the powerful branding of the mainstream media, equivalent to a nutcase.  Put simply, if a government was behind a false flag operation, it stands to reason that they would know what they are doing.

So, what is this false flag operation we speak of?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  It’s any operation a government perpetrates on its own people and makes it look like it was someone else.  Why would they do that?  Oh, that list of reasons goes on for miles.  The point of a black flag operation is to garner public support for something that they would have never warmed up to without the black flag operation taking place.  For example, conspiracy theorists have long pointed to Pearl Harbor as the definition of a black flag.  We all know the story that we were told in our history books in school.  The Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, causing the American people to rally together like never before and join World War 2.  That’s the official story.  Believers in the black flag theory see it much differently.  If you look back in history beyond the pages of government propaganda, you will find an America that was very uninterested in becoming embroiled in a war that seemed to most average Americans to be very far away and of little consequence to them.  Before Pearl Harbor, there was little support for America getting involved, but after that attack, it became a foregone conclusion that America was in it to win it.  The concept of the black flag here is that the American government either perpetrated the attack itself and made it appear like Japan had done it in order to get the public behind what they clearly wanted to do anyway.  They also could have known that Japan was about to attack and simply took no countermeasures.  In either case, conspiracy theorists would call that a black flag operation.  It is a country allowing or doing something bad to their own people in order to get the response they desire.

The events of September 11, 2001 have created a lasting image in the minds of every American.
The events of September 11, 2001 have created a lasting image in the minds of every American.

The response they want from a black flag can come in many different forms.  With Pearl Harbor, they wanted the public to have courage and rally behind their nation’s flag.  However, in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, another event that many, many conspiracy theorists point to as a watershed black flag moment, the government was looking for something very different.  They wanted fear, not courage.  They did want public support for an unpopular war they were about to launch regardless.  Fear gave them avenues to pass all sorts of laws taking away freedoms that absolutely no one in America would have went for pre-9/11.  Much like Pearl Harbor, conspiracy theorists envision it happening a couple of different ways.  Some believe the American government literally planned the attacks methodically.  Others believe the government simply knew it was about to happen and decided they would not intervene.  Even other theories have sprung up that combine those two, suggesting that the American government let the planes strike the buildings but then used explosives to make sure the buildings came down, creating a lasting image in the minds of every American.

These are just two really big, common examples of situations that many conspiracy theorists believe could be a black flag operation.  The general public is often very uneducated on these things, mainly because of the selective reporting of the mainstream media and years of brainwashing by government propaganda, including school textbooks.  However, there is one black flag operation that is believed in by a majority of Americans, most of which would never consider themselves a conspiracy theorist.  The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is one of the most suspected events in history.  Almost every American concedes that there’s something not quite right.  Many, many people believe the government had something to do with eliminating Kennedy due to his policies on several things at the time.  Most notably, Kennedy had a definite beef with the Central Intelligence Agency and was taking steps to disband it permanently.  So, black flag operations are not just the psycho babble of conspiracy theorists.  There are events that even those that normally blindly follow the words of the government have took notice that maybe something is not quite what it seems behind the scenes. Continue reading So Just What Is a Black Flag (False Flag) Operation and Why Does It Matter?