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Rocker Jon Bon Jovi Not Dead — Latest Internet Hoax

Twitter blew up the last few days with another seemingly random internet hoax that spread like wildfire.  Jon Bon Jovi was rumored to have been discovered in his hotel room in a coma and subsequently rushed to the hospital where he died from cardiac arrest.  The cool thing about a Twitter hoax is that it wasn’t long before Bon Jovi himself heard the news of his own demise.  Bon Jovi immediately took to his own Twitter account to dispel the rumors, but not wanting to leave any room for more conspiracy theories, he came up with a crafty way to put the hoax to rest.  His Tweet featured him holding a handwritten sign with the date and time.  No word as of yet if the Illuminati might be trying to kill him, so stay tuned for that.

Bon Jovi — 1  Internet hoax — 0

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Man Claims To Be From The Moon

A man has claimed to be from the darkside of the moon. He claims that he was born on the moon and brought to Earth. He also claims that the moon has been colonized and the civilization lies on the darkside of the moon. The news of this won’t be released all at once claims the man but it will be released in increments.