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Strange Worldwide Sounds And Pyramids Beaming Energy To Space Cloud

This video delves into the phenomenon of pyramids beaming energy to a mysterious space cloud. The resulting ‘harmonics’ of the beaming energy has reportedly caused the strange sounds heard worldwide. Those sounds ranged from metallic sounds, moaning and wailing, and sometimes they sounded like apocalypse trumpets. The pyramid’s beaming the energy into the space cloud is gaining alot of interest on the net. What do you think?

LSD Cures Alcoholism…Who Knew?

Those crazy doctors are always up to something.  Now, new research says that LSD may be an effective treatment for alcoholism.  Wonder who was taking part in this experimentation?

It’s not a new development.  Research was performed way back in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s where alcoholics were given LSD as a possible treatment.  Now, Norwegian researchers are impressed with the data and believe that LSD could be a real solution to the disease of alcoholism.  And it only takes a single dose.  Apparently, 59% of patients given a full dose of LSD showed good signs.  Many never drank again, according to the studies.

Researchers say that they have no idea why this connection exists, especially since LSD was dismissed as having no medical value years ago.  However, it is still allowed experimentally in medical studies.

LSD causes psychedelic hallucinations, but is not habit-forming.

Explanation of Standing Brooms is Too Simple for People to Believe — Occam’s Razor

What do you think?

We could spend the whole day talking about the history of what has come to be known as Occam’s Razor, but that is for another article.  Put simply, the theory of Occam’s Razor is that the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.  That is what it is simplified to anyway.  A more accurate explanation is that when a group of theories are proposed to explain the cause of something, the one that makes the fewest assumptions in its’ logic is most likely to be correct.  Scientists have long used this as a mantra, dispelling such things as God and divinity.  While that is a topic for another day as well, we at Common Sense Conspiracy do understand the concept and want to use it to illustrate a recurring theme in the conscious of mainstream people in the United States, and elsewhere.

An article we published here at the CSC became viral last week.  We simply examined the epidemic of standing brooms.  If you haven’t heard (and you probably have), there was a flurry of posts in social media about brooms that were standing up on their own.  It is simply brooms standing up.  It looks freaky.  It looks weird.  And it is terribly easy to do.

The explanations that were put forth only led to the insanity.  People were looking for information about solar storms, planetary alignments, pole shifts, magic, Satanic worship, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  More than once, people commented on our article saying that there would only be a certain period of time when the brooms could be propped up in such a fashion so that they appear to stand on their own, many even citing very specific times when supposedly the planet alignment would end, gravity would shift, or any number of other theories.  The truth is that you can prop up a broom and get it to stand up right now, just like you could last week.  You can probably do several.  You could even get an egg, a paintbrush, or a Coca Cola can to do the same, if you were willing to try hard enough.  So, why such intrigue over an inanimate object that is so commonplace?

In our childhoods, we are exposed to fairy tales, cartoons, and the like, which quite often offer fantastical accounts of everyday life.  It’s not a bad thing.  It encourages our spirit to grow, to have dreams, and not just be locked in on the seemingly possible.  It also creates a state in many of us to want to feel that wonder, marvel at something, to feel young again, to feel like everything you knew about the world just turned upside down.  All your life, you saw brooms everywhere you went.  In restaurants, shops, schools, warehouses, stores, you name it.  Brooms are as common a tool as it gets.  And yet, how many times in your whole life did you see one stand up on its own?

It’s not crazy.  It’s not stupid.  It’s human nature.  We see that broom standing there, crazy, and we think, what could be the cause of it?  What is the explanation for an ordinary broom standing up on its bristles in your living

The Earth just endured one of the biggest solar storms in recorded history. Did you even lose cell phone reception?

room?  It never happened before, right?  Surely, there must be an explanation.  A celestial event, something lining up in the stars to make something that once seemed impossible possible.  People even clamor to figure out when it will end.  They can’t accept the wonderment of having a broom stand on end without wondering why or when it will end?

And then there comes Occam’s Razor:  the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

So, is the crazy broom story the result of a planetary alignment?  Aliens coming?  A magnetic pole shift that only affects brooms for some reason?  Solar storms?  Static electricity?

Or could it just be that a broom could always, at any time in history, be balanced on its end if the bristles were still relatively strong and the center of gravity could be found?

The simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

But wondering is healthy.  It shows imagination, and a desire to see something greater than ourselves.
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BULLSHIT ALERT!!! Barack Obama Picture On Pyramid Wall

Ladies and gentlemen of the CSC universe, this is a BULLSHIT ALERT!!! Barack Obama  made a trip to Egypt to tour the pyramids and discovered that his coming was foretold. He saw carved into the pyramid wall a picture of himself. CSC tries our best to fulfill our mission statement. Now we may not always succeed and we didn’t want you to think that we forgot that we filter through the bullshit so you don’t have to. That is why you are viewing our patented — BULLSHIT ALERT!!! Remember, sometimes it is what it is.

Chicken McNugget Resembling George Washington Sells for $8,100 on eBay Auction

Looks like $8,100 to me? What do you think?

Rebekah Speight of Nebraska wanted desperately to help her church raise money toward the worship center’s goal of $15,000.  So, she decided to auction off one of her most prized possessions on eBay.  She put up a 3-year-old Chicken McNugget from fast-food juggernaut McDonald’s on the auction block.  But this was not any ordinary Chicken McNugget.  This one looks like George Washington.  God-fearing Speight put it online and left the rest up to fate…or God, if it doesn’t still offend you in 2012.  The intriguing fried chicken piece attracted some attention, with Yahoo! News reporting the story nationally shortly after the auction went online.  At that time, the leading bid was just a lousy hundred bucks, although that is still pretty impressive for a three-year-old Chicken McNugget.

eBay pulled her auction offline because of violations of its terms of service.  eBay said that it had firm rules against attempting to sell expired food products.  They relented in the end, determining that Speight’s auction was not being sold for consumption and to help her charitable cause.  The result was staggering.  After over 40,000 views and 71 bids, the mystical George Washington Chicken McNugget sold for an awe-inspiring $8,100.  Rebekah faithfully donated the entire amount to the church, staying in line with her original cause, and creating a great story.  Now, others are trying to capitalize on Ms. Speight’s gains.  There are actually George Washington-shaped Chicken McNugget magnets available online.  However, they probably won’t be for long, because while McDonald’s appreciates all the positive publicity from the incredible incident, they will be quick to pounce on any instances of copyright infringement.

So, the next time you open up a six-piece, you might want to use a little more imagination when checking out those nuggets.  You also might want to question why you are eating something that looks exactly the same three years later as when it came out of the fryer.  But that’s a story for another day, right?

Pissed! Man Sues Google Maps for Urination Street View

Google really took Internet mapping to the next level with its Street View, which allows users to actually take a virtual walk down the street of their choosing, looking in almost any direction they like. However, with features like this comes the possibility of invading on people’s privacy, and this Frenchmen who likes to pee in his garden has become an Internet sensation since his bodily functions were captured by Google’s prying cameras.