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Greeks Claim to Find Ark of the Covenant — History Made or Tourist Trap?

Do you trust amateur excavators to bring this baby up?

Yep, folks, it’s true.  The Greek Minister of Culture and Tourism announced Thursday that the legendary Ark of the Covenant has been found on the Greek Island of Thasos.  One Pita Nickolaos Kumardzis, head of a research group that does stuff like this, announced the find.  Incidentally, they are also proclaiming the discovery of the tomb of Alexander the Great, another discovery of epic proportions.  They offer some really compelling proof of the claims.  As a matter of fact, in a press release, the research group produced this damning piece of evidence that makes this a slam-dunk 100% bulletproof find:

“Greek researchers are convinced that the findings really are the tomb of Alexander the Great and the Ark of the Covenant.”

Well, that certainly clears things up, doesn’t it?  To make it even more obvious that this is for real, the Greek research team has no foundation in science whatsoever.  They do what they

The Greek island of Thasos where the Ark of the Covenant and tomb of Alexander the Great have supposedly been unearthed.

call amateur excavations.  An amateur excavation, in case you don’t know, is what it would be if you or I grabbed a spade and started digging in the desert.  I’m sure in time we will hear plenty of scientists weighing in on the validity of this find.  The real question is in the timing.  Hmm… Greece is on the verge of one of the most horrific economic catastrophies of all time.  Good time for a tourist surge, huh?  In a country that desperately needs revenue anyway it can get it, it appears that even claiming to find epic historical artifacts is not off the menu.

Move over Indiana Jones…these Greeks have got it covered.



Oldest Bible Found — Disproves Major Points Of Christian Faith??

The oldest known Bible has been found in Palestine and the claim is being made that major points of the christian faith are under attack. Some of the claims made are very shocking for christians. We here at CSC do not approve of any attack of anyone’s faith. We are just trying to present information to let everyone know what is out there.

Harold Camping Bows Out of Prediction Game

So, the first time it was an unfortunate miscalculation.  Next time it was not a miscalculation, just an everyday misunderstanding.  Harold Camping had reported that the Rapture was to occur in May of 2011.  When it didn’t


happen, and after a terrible stroke, he admitted he wasn’t exactly right.  This was only the spiritual Rapture with the real end of the world coming in October.

Well, folks, it’s November and as most of you probably have realized, turns out Harold Camping was wrong.  Again.  However, let’s all give everyone’s favorite doomsday predictor some credit.  Camping has now stepped down as the leader of his church.  What’s more, he says that he’s retiring from predictions.  Moreover, he says we should all be ready for God’s judgement, because no one knows the hour.

Hmm… Coulda helped you out a lot sooner, Harold?  Ever heard of this thing called the Bible?