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Kerry Says Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria is “Undeniable” — Russia Says Obama is Just Like Bush

Secretary of State John Kerry said today that the evidence the United States now has makes the accusation that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people undeniable.  He also squarely blames the attacks on the Syrian government.  When asked if there was any chance that the attacks could have been staged by the rebels to entice United States involvement, John Kerry dismissed this possibility as if someone asked him if he believed in ghosts or unicorns.

In our article a few days ago that can be seen on our front page right now, we outlined why it makes little or no sense for the Syrian government to have brought this hell upon themselves in this fashion.  But our officials say it must be so, so the war drums are beating.

Russia has now issued a warning to the U.S. to back off, even as the American military makes preparations for a potential strike.  An unidentified Russian lawmaker even went so far as to say that President Obama is just a clone of George W. Bush and just manufacturing another war as was presumably done in the war in Iraq.

Russia needs to watch their back, though, because now that the honorable John Kerry has told us in his own words that everything is on the up and up, there really is no disputing the truth from here right?

Israel Responsible for Air Attacks in Syria: Stage Set for World War 3?

The average American probably doesn’t give a crap about what is happening in Syria beyond the amount of information they might peruse through a glance at a blurb in the morning paper.  Yet, the events that are happening there now could so easily affect every last American citizen, not to mention a huge segment of the world’s population, if the events play out in the right way.  Israel has now officially launched air attacks on Syria.

If you don’t know what is going on in Syria, we’ve addressed that in an earlier article:  What the Hell is Going On in Syria?  The video below shows some footage from Syria of an actual Israeli airstrike taking place.  The video is quite loud, so don’t play it with your speakers too loud, or you might get a little more realistic dose of the air attacks than you really are looking for.  These images are frightening for obvious reasons, of course, but even more so as we as Americans increasingly become concerned that one day scenes like this might happen here at home.  To most Americans, the concept of someone actually actively attacking our homeland seems so crazy.  These images should strike fear in all of our hearts and make us sympathize for the people in the Middle East and other parts of the world that live their lives like this day to day.  They come from all walks of life; Christians, Muslims, Jews…behind the evil and radical among each of these groups are the innocents, the people that follow their religious doctrine, work for a living, and have to live each day against the backdrop of atrocities, both state-sponsored and terrorist-related (sometimes it can seem that there isn’t much difference between the two).

So, how could this end up in a World War 3 scenario?  Easier than you might think.  Syria and Iran have long been allies.  We all know how Iran feels about Israel.  As a matter of fact, the two nations were probably placing bets on which of them would get attacked preemptively by Israel first.  It is no secret that Israel has repeatedly petitioned President Barack Obama to sign off on airstrikes in Iran.  So, even as Syria itself is embroiled in a very serious civil war, the ties between Iran and Syria are still strong, and especially involving what they view as a common enemy.  So, if Israel’s acts of aggression inspire Iran to action, you could easily see a wider war opening up with Israel suddenly needing international assistance.  And who would they turn to for that assistance?

The usual suspects…the United States is considered to be a strong ally of Israel.  Of course, with the United States comes Great Britain and other European powers.  It really doesn’t take that much for many nations to be at war.  It could happen almost overnight.  Then, enter North Korea.  We already know all of the commotion coming from there, and North Korea has shown signs of being friendly with Iran.  You know, George W. Bush’s famous Axis of Evil, a term that was actually coined from another World War…the second one.  North Korea could decide to throw its hat in the ring to take advantage of all the war cries, or they may decide to attack South Korea based on the notion that the United States and others that might interfere with their coalescing of the peninsula might be too busy fighting the other “Axis Powers” to be able to legitimately defend South Korea.  With all of that kind of instability in the region, Japan and China are certain to not sit still, and with everything deteriorating at this level, you could easily wake up to find the World War scenario where pretty much everyone has to declare for one side or the other.  Other powerhouses like India could fall on either side of the fence.  India is not too thrilled with China right now because of its aggressive nature towards them, but would they join an American-led coalition that also required fighting Syria and Iran?  And of course, putting them on the side of Israel.

World wars start just like a wildfire; somewhere, there is a spark, a tiny ember starts a tidal wave of destruction.  Is this inevitable?  Not necessarily.  It is entirely possible that someone in the chain of nations might stop the dominoes from falling.  However, we do live in a world where things could get worse real fast, and situations that might seem outlandish today could be reality tomorrow.  What do you think?  Is Israel providing the “spark” that will lead to a new watershed moment for the history books?


Is the United States Government Gearing Up for a False Flag Operation to Bolster Support for North Korea War?

Is this all a desperate ploy for a boy with Daddy issues to be taken seriously on the international stage?
Is this all a desperate ploy for a boy with Daddy issues to be taken seriously on the international stage?

Common Sense Conspiracy reported a couple of weeks ago on the media’s rhetoric regarding North Korea.  You could watch it develop right before your eyes.  For a while, the threat in North Korea was severely downplayed.  It didn’t matter how abrasive Kim Jong Un’s threats became, the media across the board categorically placed it in the silly blurbs and nothing to worry about category.  Then, all of a sudden, like someone flipped the spin machine light switch, North Korea was a major threat again.  Could they have enough technology to actually nuke the California coast?  Hawaii?  Japan?  The speculation went on and on as the rhetoric changed on a dime to support a new agenda.

Now, this week, it has gone through the roof.  More threats, what amounts to basically a declaration of war by North Korea on South Korea, and showings of military force on all sides of the triangle have pushed this to a full-blown international crisis.  Kim Jong Un has said that his military has the right to strike American forces at will and they will use anything at their disposal to do so.

As you watch the countless talking heads in the mainstream media, you see the two sides that always rise to the top in all things Americana.  In politics, we call it Republicans and Democrats, the two-party political system, but it actually permeates all of our culture.  The ones that call the shots behind the scenes, regardless of exactly what you believe they are, always play this game.  The media never stands up as one voice on anything; there is always two distinct voices that represent two very different sides of the same issue.  And both are given fairly equal time to present their case.  The goal, as always, is to make the average American think that anything is being debated.

Here’s some truth for you.  All the speculation about “Does Kim Jong Un have the balls to do it?” is bologna garbage (or malarkey, in the words of our vice president).  Make no mistake.  The American government from the top down knows precisely how much of a threat North Korea is.  They have known and will know.  They know what Jong Un has and how far he is willing to go?  They also know what his goal is in all of this.

That brings us to our scary point number one… they know.  But what we really should be debating is if they would do anything about it?  Pre-emptively?  Wait, that’s a dirty word in American politics after George W. Bush’s infamous preemptive strike against Iraq.  So, you see, it gets even more frightening when you look at all the implications.

Following in Daddy's footsteps...right until the end?
Following in Daddy’s footsteps…right until the end?

Let’s play it from the conspiracy side.  The powers-that-be want another war and to promote a changing of the guard in North Korea.  Perhaps they have brokered a deal with China behind the scenes and already want to make this happen.  Let’s just say they know that North Korea will indeed attack and is preparing to do so.  Would they act?  Of course not.  An attack would bolster support and pave the way for what they wanted to do anyway.  Conspiracy 101.  For beginners, they will simply let North Korea do what it wants to do and then look shocked and appalled whilst they send American troops to remove Kim Jong Un from power.

Now, let’s play it no conspiracy style.  President Barack Obama is making the decisions here.  Perhaps, like George W. Bush before him, he is approached by the CIA and others with concrete information that a North Korean attack on the United States or its interests is imminent.  Would Obama follow in the footsteps of our last president, knowing how the public would receive it?  Would he risk the Democratic Party’s 2014 election cycle on such an unpopular decision?  Or would it not be easier to let such an attack happen and then go forward?

So, you see, it really doesn’t matter whether there is a massive conspiracy to plunge us into war with North Korea or not.  The reality is that if Kim Jong Un is crazy enough to launch an attack, the American government will probably take that opportunity to let it happen.  It’s just easier (for them) this way, and it makes yet another war for regime change more palatable to the American people as a whole.  That is, of course, the ones that take what the government and the mainstream media as gospel.  For our loyal Common Sense Conspiracy readers, we will know the truth, but in the end, what can anyone really do about it?

Remember, the concept of a false flag operation is when the government believes something like this, despite causing damage and casualties to Americans, is better in the long run for the greater good of all Americans.  Can you imagine President Obama behind a closed door making such an argument?

Pentagon to Allow Women in Combat Roles in Military — Will Women Have to Register for the Draft?

Some things can really be hard to understand for the average person.  Equal-rights advocacy groups are applauding the Pentagon’s sudden and somewhat random decision to lift the ban on women having combat roles in the United States military.  Now, if a woman can meet the physical standards for combat, they have every opportunity to be chosen to go into active service, including infantry combat.  Believe it or not, there are some women out there that were disappointed that they couldn’t be on the front lines.  Now, they will have their chance, as long as they can stand up to the challenge.

This picture depicts a scene that could play out in real life very soon...although I'm guessing most women on the front lines would not be made up this immaculately.
This picture depicts a scene that could play out in real life very soon…although I’m guessing most women on the front lines would not be made up this immaculately.

Common Sense Conspiracy isn’t trying to be a spoiled sport, here.  Back in World War 2, there were several examples of discrimination in which African Americans were not allowed to join the military or fight on the front lines.  Not only is this terrible discrimination and racism, but it doesn’t even make sense?  After all, if white people believe they were so superior to black people that they should be discriminated against and segregated, then why on Earth would they care if they were sent off to the front lines of the infantry, which in many instances was the equivalent of being sent to the slaughterhouse for butchering?  But attitudes were different in that era.  There was still a sense of patriotism and a sense that dying for one’s country was an honor and privilege.  It’s easy for people to sit around on their front porch and say “That was just a different America.”  People loved their country.  They were willing to do more.  Flipping through history books tells a different story.  Before Pearl Harbor (incidentally, until 9/11 one of the most prevalent false-flag conspiracy theories of all time), Americans were eager to stay out of the war at all costs.  The concept of isolationism was the norm, and the politicians of that time won elections based on their resolve to go against the war.  People wanted no part in a war that was taking place in foreign lands, even if it were quickly becoming a noble cause.  But then, Pearl Harbor happened, and America rallied to fight for its liberty.  Suddenly, patriotism was back in style.  Dying for the cause was always honorable, but it became mainstream again for the first time since World War 1.  The point:  discriminating against any group of human beings and saying that they can’t sacrifice their bodies and very lives for their countries in a nightmarish war cause is ridiculous.  So, in that regard, the equal-rights groups are right.  This is a step forward.  But it seems to us here at the ‘ole CSC that to be really excited about that is almost just as ridiculous.

There are women that are that eager to step out onto the front lines?  I’m willing to bet there’s a whole lot of men that would be perfectly happy to give up that “right” and “privilege.”  But it does bring up another issue.  It may be good news to women that this discriminatory practice has been eliminated, but what does it mean long term?  In America, “men” between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to be registered with the Selective Service System.  In case you didn’t know already, this is a pretty word for the draft.  Now, the United States currently works on a voluntary basis, and technological advancements in warfare has made the need for massive numbers of troops not as great as in the past.  But in a cataclysmic event like a nuclear World War 3, the draft is not out of the question.  But it might not even take that big of a crisis.  What if the voluntary military in America became as disenfranchised with the government as the average civilian is?  How long would they continue to stay a part of that if it truly voluntary?  Could the state of our hugely divided nation lead to the voluntary military being unable to populate itself?  A draft doesn’t require a world war.  It could be as simple as finding ourselves in a political and social climate where people just don’t seem to be as likely to volunteer for military service?

Would we not be just as discriminatory by excluding women from the Selective Service System?  Does this new leveling of the playing field level it maybe a little more than the average woman would like?

What do you think?  Should women be registered for the draft now that it is legal for them to fight?  Or do we still draw distinctions between females and males when it comes down to it?

Once again, Common Sense Conspiracy is not pushing for all women to be shipped off to war first chance we get.  We are simply asking the question.  How far do you want to go with this?  When is it enough?  Just how equal do you want your equal rights to be?

The Government’s Solution to the Economy and Debt Ceiling/Debt: World War 3?

Don't worry.  The government has a solution for all of this.
Don’t worry. The government has a solution for all of this.

As our elected leaders once again haggle over raising the debt ceiling, the United States is once again on the international stage in the silliest debate of all time.  This “conflict” between our political parties of power makes us look like fools, but not for the reason you might think.  It may appear that our leaders look like idiots while they fight over raising a debt ceiling when there is no other alternative but to do so.  Well, this may be true, but what it really does is make each and every one of us in America look like idiots.  Why?  We continue to allow this as a society and day after day eat up the mainstream media’s garbage as if the government is actually trying to do anything beneficial.  In reality, our leaders are not idiots at all.

The national debt is already at a level where there is no viable solution.  As we have covered previously in our article How Big is the National Debt of the United States? we went into detail about just how big the national debt is and why no amount of haggling over the national budget is going to fix it.  Even a massive raising of taxes in tandem with an even more massive reduction of government spending won’t fix it, not unless such measures were sustained for decades on end.  Our leaders are not stupid; they know exactly how much of a lost cause this is.  What’s even more scary about it is the number we all hear about as the national debt is not even accurate.  Ever think about all of the things that our government “insures” to give us confidence in putting money in banks and investments.  The popular FDIC program that guarantees that your money in the bank is safe up to $250,000 is often used as a reason that banking in America is safe.  But if the government has to borrow money to go about its daily activities, even this early in the fiscal year, do you think that this “insurance” is anything more than empty words.  What if there was a major collapse of banks in the United States and the government really was called upon to deliver on this insurance?  They don’t have that money, and they are currently bickering in Congress about whether to allow themselves to borrow more money RIGHT NOW just to continue to operate at their current level.  No way they have the capability to borrow more money to make good on this.  In fact, they wouldn’t even try.  If such a circumstance came to be, they would simply throw up their hands and say “Whoops!”

Once again, this is not mismanagement of the country.  They know exactly what they are doing and have for decades.  This current crisis has been festering for over a century, if not more, and will continue to build until it brings us to our knees.  That is how it was designed and the ultimate goal is not questionable.  The government will use our financial situation eventually to make us all surrender to a new way of life.  From there, we run into bigger, bolder ideas, like the New World Order.  But for now, let’s focus on this one facet of the dominoes that the elite of this world have been setting up for years to topple when they see fit.

The government’s answer to economic woes and the national debt is not higher taxes, spending cuts, or making deals with other nations.  It is war.  War is the machine that will allow them to take care of this problem by once again conniving the American people into a situation where they are forced to get behind an effort or perish.  It’s coming, and it may be coming sooner than even the biggest conspiracy nut expected.

The previous World Wars were the greatest tool for population control that the world has ever seen.  The next one will be even graver.  No one in this world expects World War 3 to be anything less than full-scale nuclear conflict.  Just like the previous World Wars, to reach that kind of global conflict takes a polarization of sides that is hard to even fathom.  And yet it already happened twice in the previous century.  That’s what things like September 11 and the war in Iraq are really about.  The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were designed to begin to demonize the Muslim-Arab population to America and Europe.  Israel and Iran is another piece of the puzzle.  Look at the partnerships and the nations that you wouldn’t even think would figure into such things, but are major players because they are willing to do almost anything to get into NATO and secure their own position in the New World Order to come.

It doesn’t really matter who wins World War 3, because the puppet masters above it all don’t really care.  All that matters is that the world as a whole unifies and divides at the same time into two strikingly different sides that are both convinced that they are righteously seeking to destroy the other.  That’s all they need to purge the world population of 100 million+ in a conflict that will dwarf the previous World Wars easily.  And this time, there won’t be treaties, because when it’s all over, one side will be victorious, and the result will be world domination.


Setting the stage slowly but surely...
Setting the stage slowly but surely…

So, you see, the national debt is just another way that we as Americans are enslaved to our government under the guise of freedom and liberty.  Ultimately, we will all be showing our patriotism again in a conflict that we will be rallied into through false-flag operations, media brainwashing, and most of all, desperation.

Expert economists have taken stabs at what to about the deficit.  One recommendation was to devalue the dollar to the point that the debt burden becomes less.  Well, that might seem like a great plan, but what does it mean for you and me?  Our dollars are the same dollars and they will all be devalued at the same time.

Don’t listen to bickering about the debt ceiling.  It’s a bunch of malarkey, as Joe Biden likes to say.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t put your money in banks.  We’re just saying that you shouldn’t do so because you think the government has your back.  We’re not saying that this ultimate conflict will come in any of our current lifetimes.  But it will come.  The drums are already beating, the dominoes are set in place, and the world is already sufficiently destabilized as desired by the elite.

What to Expect in Conspiracy Circles in 2013

Rounding out our series of year-end articles, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to take a moment to look forward to 2013 and what our readers might expect in conspiracy circles with the coming of the new year.  Of course, there’s no way of knowing what will be the big stories of 2013, but we do have some insights into a few topics that will remain prominent over the next several months.

First of all is the so-called fiscal cliff.  Expect Congress to make a last-ditch effort and reach some accord to extend the cuts at least temporarily so they can wring their hands some more in the early months of 2013.  This will continue to be a story as Republicans and Democrats battle over the tax cuts that inevitably must be dropped, but neither party wants to endure the political fallout of doing it.  But a bigger story will resurface quickly.  The debt ceiling will be up for another raising debate in the spring, and look for Congress to once again leave America’s credit rating for dead while they argue about something that is basically unavoidable.

The possibility of war between the United States, Israel, and Iran isn't going away anytime soon.
The possibility of war between the United States, Israel, and Iran isn’t going away anytime soon.

Iran has been a little quiet.  Expect something from Tehran soon in 2013 and more war drums beating loudly in the background.  Will the United States go bold and make a move?  And will Israel stay on the sidelines regardless?  These will be big questions.  Our prediction is that something will happen that will cause Israel to budge first.  The United States practically begged Israel to not do anything in the last quarter of 2012, mainly because of political motivations.  That’s all over now that President Obama has another four years with no political implications on the table, so expect Israel to say enough is enough.  Will the United States stand by its ally or condemn an attack and go it alone?  Hard to say, and it will probably be dependent on what stance Iran itself takes over the coming months.

Gun control will be a huge topic in early 2013, coming off of the horrible mass shootings that have plagued the nation and reached an apex with the senseless slaughtering of elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut.  Obama has already took a stern stance on gun control and has enlisted Joe Biden to get something done quickly.  As the fiscal cliff talk dissipates, it will be quickly replaced with more gun control chatter.  Expect Obama and company to push for an assault weapons ban reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s own in the 1990’s.  But a real gun ban is probably out of reach, whether the powers-that-be would like to see it happen or not.  Expect more shootings to bolster this, be it government-sanctioned false flag operations or just more crazy folks trying to make headlines.  The debate over whether schools should be guarded will continue as well, but this chatter will probably die out if no more school shootings happen in the near future.

Solar storms will be all the rage in 2013.  NASA has already warned that this period could be one of the most active in the solar cycle in a few decades.  They even have predicted a blackout in 2013 because of it.  Expect plenty of conspiracy talk about this and plenty of outlandish theories suggesting that there is more to the story than a natural progression of the solar cycle.  And asteroid discoveries are big right now.  Expect plenty of more chatter about an asteroid striking the Earth, mostly unfounded.  Also, look for a new apocalyptic theory to show up to take the place of the now defunct 2012 Mayan theory.  It is our observation that some sort of apocalyptic theory is always in effect, and 2013 will be no exception to that rule.  It could be Nibiru, asteroids, solar storms, or earthquakes.  Earthquakes were a big deal in 2012 and no doubt will continue to take center stage in the new year.

From there, it gets murkier.  There is still plenty of instability economically in Europe, and Greece and Italy will still be major news stories.  Add to that the possibility of a sputtering United States economy at the hand of tax increases and debt ceilings, and recession could once again be an international topic in 2013.  Conspiracy circles will anticipate the coming of a one-world currency as a solution to the economic woes worldwide.  It’s an interesting thought, and probably a long term goal of the New World Order, but we don’t believe that the time is now.

As more provisions of ObamaCare go into effect, health care will continue to be a focal point in 2013.  Also, mental health care is a big issue, with many pundits claiming that the outbreak of mass shootings is related to mentally-ill people not being able to get the help they need.  Look for more debate and more challenges as some states continue to hold that they will not adhere to ObamaCare.  Could there be a big standoff between the federal government and state government over this issue?  Possibly, but it’s much more likely that the states will eventually back down and go with the flow.  The same is probably true of gay marriage.  It will certainly continue to be a dominant topic, and Obama’s endorsement will have plenty of people talking about a conspiracy.  In the end, there just probably isn’t enough support to get gay marriage federally approved as law.  But the Supreme Court has agreed to hear some cases on the matter, and 2013 could be the year for a landmark ruling.

So, what do you think?  Any hot-button issues you see boiling over for 2013?  Let us know.  We need all the help we can get.

Violence in the Gaza Strip — Israel Planning a Wider War in Middle East Than Just Iran?

Let’s all be glad that the United States still doesn’t have to see sites like this in the “friendly skies.” And hopefully, we can keep it that way.

For months leading up to the United States’ presidential election, all you heard about in the media was Iran, Iran, Iran.  What would each candidate do about the situation in Iran and would they support Israel if it decides to act?  Many authorities, including Common Sense Conspiracy, commented on President Barack Obama’s seeming inclination to put off any real answers until after his reelection was secured.  So, with the election now in the rearview mirror, pretty much everyone in conspiracy circles and otherwise was bracing for Israel to finally unleash a long-planned attack on Iran and its alleged nuclear program.  Now, with hostilities quickly escalating in the Gaza Strip, we are wondering if Israel really has bigger plans and the Iran issue is only a smokescreen for a wider war that the world’s most controversial nation intends to use allies like the United States as pawns in.

The war between Hamas and Israel is like a disease that everyone thinks they have under control, it lies dormant for years, and then, without warning, the skies of the most hotly contested land area on Earth are alight with rockets.  Today, Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that a wider offensive is being planned by Israel’s army, even as other sources are reporting that yet another ceasefire is being negotiated.  The rhetoric being expressed on all sides here is hard to follow, usually empty when it comes to facts, and changes by minutes, not days.  President Barack Obama did weigh in on the issue today with brief comments that somewhat straddled the fence between outright supporting Israel and condemning it.  Obama said that Israel most certainly has a right to defend itself, but he also expressed concern with a wider ground offensive.  This would mean a much bloodier conflict, no doubt, and it is feared that any hopes of a ceasefire might be obliterated with the conflict escalating into a full-fledged war.  Obama’s comments are probably right on the mark, but there is plenty of reason on his side to feel that way.  America is not interested in getting into another international conflict right now, and Obama has his eyes focused on an economy that would only be further degraded by the United States suddenly becoming involved in another conflict that many Americans don’t understand or particularly care about.

So, how is it that Iran suddenly became last on the list of concerns for Israel?  Well, don’t be sold on that just yet.  Our conspiratorial leanings lead us to believe that you can bet your hard-earned bucks that Iran will weigh into this soon.  Perhaps Israel will try to implicate Iran as somehow being involved in Hamas-related rocket launches, perhaps by providing materials or encouragement (or both, for that matter).  Or maybe Iran itself will speak up, supporting anything that it sees as anti-Israel?  They’ve been a little quiet here of late, letting the election go by without much fanfare, and it’s about time for them to make another splash on the international scene.  Israel may use the current hostilities as a springboard to ramp up further support for an Iran air attack, something that Netanyahu was having trouble getting support for in recent weeks, but bombs going off in your nation’s heartland tend to change people’s perspectives quickly.

The Israel conflict also spotlights one of the biggest problems we have in the world as far as conspiracies go.  For years, we have all talked about false-flag operations, instances when a government stages an attack on its own people to garner support for its agenda.  But a different kind of false-flag operation is rearing its head.  It has already been theorized that Hamas wasn’t responsible for the first shots in this rocket war, and that perhaps a third-party group with a completely different agenda may have launched rockets into Israeli territory with every intention of blaming it on Hamas operatives.  In a region of the world that seems to be figuratively doused in gasoline perpetually, it doesn’t take much to light a fire, and if these theories are true, they were highly successful.  It doesn’t take long before bombs are everywhere, people are dead, most of them innocent bystanders, and neither side can remember who started it.  Or more importantly, why it would matter.