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Did Scientists Verify the Existence of Nibiru With Acknowledgement of Planet X?

The concept that there might be another quite gigantic planet past Pluto in our solar system is nothing new.  Ever since Pluto was found, the search has been on in the astronomy community for the mystical Planet X.  The unusual orbit of Neptune and Uranus was pointed to as classic evidence of another gravitational force out there in the far reaches of the solar system, but until this past week, it was only conjecture.  Now, scientists have confirmed that the calculations are in and Planet X is real.  And when Planet X is finally discovered, there won’t be any Pluto planet debates on this one.  Planet X, according to the calculations, will be massive, perhaps even rivaling Jupiter for the title of largest planet.

Astronomers aren’t the only ones to warn of the existence of the ninth planet (Pluto got ousted, remember?).  The legend of the dark planet Nibiru on a collision course with Earth from the far reaches of the solar system is a recurring conspiracy theory that won’t quit.  As a matter of fact, we have seen serious talk about Nibiru on several different occasions over the last decade, each instance turning out to be nonsense.  But now, it’s time for the Nibiru talk to heat up again as it seems almost like scientists are confirming that Nibiru exists after all.

Bear in mind that the undiscovered Planet X and Nibiru have some major differences.  Planet X is definitely not getting any closer to Earth or the sun, and there is no reason to think that it would be likely that i could harbor life at that distance.  But it is still interesting, and you can bet there will be plenty of people talking about it as the search is on.

The Doomsday Seed Vault in Norway — Modern Day Ark?

If you think the super-elite rich aren’t worried about a worldwide catastrophe, look no further than the “Doomsday Vault” in Norway for your answer. Funded enthusiastically by Bill and Melinda Gates, this vault built under the permafrost of Norway houses hundreds of thousands of seed samples intended to be used to repopulate the Earth if a real extinction event occurred. Basically, it’s a lot like Noah’s Ark for plants, and it is a way to protect Earth the way it is now and make it possible to return it if recent extinction talks become reality. In case you haven’t heard, scientists now say that the Earth is in its sixth mass extinction period, and even mankind could be on the chopping block. Add the constant threat of nuclear war and the damage done to the Earth environmentally and it’s easy to see why a seed vault might not be such a terrible idea.

Even the Pope Has Given Up on God? Call for Action on Climate Change?

In what can only be labeled as unorthodox, Pope Francis is set to give a special address today on the state of the world with climate change being foremost on the agenda. That’s right, the Pope, of all people, is about to urge people to change their ways and save the Earth from the evils of modern society. That’s the story. Now popefrancisCommon Sense Conspiracy will examine this from many different angle so buckle up your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.
First things first, this probably will leave many Catholics and general Christians alike scratching their heads. After all, the seriously religious tend to be less likely to believe in man-made climate change, and even less likely to think that anything short of an act of God can destroy the Earth or make it uninhabitable for humanity. After all, if you believe there is an omniscient being looking over things, then it’s hard to believe that humanity could just go kaput from environmental factors before all of the prophecies in the Bible come to pass. Basically, it’s like saying that everything in the Bible is coming in the future, unless of course we destroy the Earth before God’s timetable. Even the hardiest Saturday-night partying Christians probably view this as a no-go. So, having the Pope, who is supposedly the closest thing on this Earth to Jesus Christ, tell us that we are upsetting God’s apple cart has got to be a little disturbing. It’s just one of those things you don’t expect the Pope to say. At the end of the day, the Pope isn’t supposed to do anything to suggest that maybe God doesn’t have total power, and perhaps we do hold some cards in the fate of humanity. So, that’s your religious slant on this. It’s provocative at the very least.
Now, politically, Democrats and atheists (an atheist is probably a Democrat, but a Democrat isn’t necessarily an atheist) are about to crap all over themselves with sheer delight that the Pope is doing this for all of the reasons above and more. For them, it is the ultimate mutiny for the Republican Party and Tea Party and whatever other iterations and whatever they might call themselves. They know what an uproar this will be for religious conservatives, and Democrats desperately need something to harp on in the election year coming up since the Supreme Court will most likely take their beating of the gay marriage horse off the table once and for all. So, from political points of view, this will make conservatives’ heads explode and make every Democrat smile with delight.
We know you are waiting for it. Last but most definitely not least is the conspiracy perspective, the one that is far and away our specialty. People in the conspiracy circles are standing back and looking at the big picture and realizing that as usual, nobody wins. See, regardless of how you might personally feel about religion, many people have long recognized that the elimination of religion is a major tenet in the plan for a New World Order, no matter what kind of shadowy organization you might believe is in charge. This is a major score for them. The Pope coming forward and supporting something like this is not just a win for Democrats, but a win for a one-world government. The radicalization of the Pope is just one more step on the way to the kind of totalitarian domination that the powers-that-be have long sought and firmly believe will make the world a better place.
What do you think? Does the Pope’s latest stance bother you? Excite you? Or is it just another “I told you so” on your list?

What is an EMP Attack and Are You Ready?

So it was a slow news day at Common Sense Conspiracy. We decided to spend the breather talking about what many people in conspiracy circles think is a very likely future event. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse, and an EMP attack could send the United States of America back to the stone age in seconds. It would disrupt everything from communication, power, transportation, you name it. It’s the danger of a society that now depends on computers and increasingly the Internet for so many things. Even our vehicles have enough computer chips inside them that an EMP could render most modern cars useless. Yet, many people don’t even know what this is or that it is a real threat.
An EMP attack requires some serious energy, and the only way to set one off would be by detonating a nuclear level weapon in the air. This would not be a nuclear attack in the conventional sense. We’re not talking mushroom clouds. The bomb would be set off to create a situation in the atmosphere that basically destroyed everything electronic instantly (or at least made it stop functioning). An EMP attack would be a great precursor to a nation that wished to instigate a war against America. While it is assumed that the government and military have some sort of infrastructure in place to deal with the aftermath of such an attack, a country as spread out as America is would have major problems getting back to normal in any kind of reasonable time frame. It would also instantly make almost all warning systems in place useless. A lot of people get made fun of for stocking up for the “zombie apocalypse” or the end of the world as we know it, but the truth is that if an EMP attack were successfully launched against us tomorrow, those people would suddenly be the absolute top of the food chain. The video below goes in further detail about the threat and what you can do to be ready.

Does San Andreas Movie Contain Illuminati Symbolism? Prelude to the End?

As you might have imagined, some people out there have developed some pretty interesting videos that detail Illuminati symbolism in the new summer blockbuster disaster film San Andreas.  The movie has already been picked apart by scientists as to whether it depicts anything that could ever really happen.  Now, our good friend here has found how this foretells events that could lead up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Wow, these Hollywood blockbusters are more important than you thought, aren’t they?

Does the $50 Bill Foretell the Destruction of the Hoover Dam? False Flag of All False Flags?

In conspiracy circles, the Hoover Dam has long held plenty of theorists’ attention. The average person may not realize just what a big deal this is. The trillions of gallons of water the Hoover Dam tames could wreak havoc on not just the surrounding area, but the entire nation. So much electricity is created, so much irrigation water, and so much flooding is prevented by this awesome concrete structure that is 700 feet thick. The idea of a terrorist attack or false flag operation somehow unleashing that water is a popular theory that is discussed over and over again on conspiracy forums. However, it got a little creepier when it was discovered that the destruction of the Hoover Dam may be foretold on the $50 bill of American currency.
If you know your conspiracy facts, you probably remember the whole two towers being destroyed on another popular United States’ currency note. Well, the same people that came up with that have brought this one on, and the theory is that if you fold the $50 bill a certain way (incidentally a pentagram) the Hoover Dam is shown with four obelisks around it touting the legendary 11-11 symbology. Was this intentional? Who knows? There’s no way anyone is ever going to find out for sure. It does look like the Hoover Dam.
While this is a little creepy, let’s take a common sense look at it and ask a simple question. Is a terrorist attack (staged or otherwise) on the Hoover Dam even possible? The experts have weighed in and almost everyone agrees that not even a nuclear attack would be likely to infiltrate 700 feet of concrete. So, if you believe what the “experts” say, there is no way it is even possible. And if you are thinking September 11, a plane flying into the Hoover Dam wouldn’t even matter. It would be structurally insignificant. So, even if this is a message of sorts, it’s hard to believe that the Hoover Dam will ever be destroyed without a great unified intentional effort by the United States government. But it is weird, isn’t it?

Asteroid 2004 BL86 Poised for Earth Fly-By

In what seems to be a neverending stream of these,  NASA has once again announced that an asteroid is going to make a too close for comfort fly-by of planet Earth on Monday.  While this asteroid is one of the closest yet,  NASA contends that it is no threat to the Earth in any way despite it being so close it will be observable by small telescopes.  As usual, there plenty of people in conspiracy circles who disagree with this assessment.