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The Government’s War on Fake News is a War on You

They are laying it on pretty thick.  In the wake of Donald Trump’s unlikely Presidential victory, the opposing party is pulling out all the stops to try to discredit his election win and explain it away.  Now, Common Sense Conspiracy is not a political site, and we have frequently explained our one-party two-party system theory about the American government.  However, in a case like this, it’s important for our readers to realize that while it looks like partisan politics playing out in a high stakes game, the loser and target is always you and I.  This situation is no exception.

The new battle cry against fake news seems like a turning point.  We all see the conservative and liberal versions of extremist news sources on our social media feeds and in our email.  It’s true that both sides are “liberal” with the facts, and in many cases, it is just spreading incorrect propaganda to forward an agenda.  However, when President Obama and company say they are going after “fake news” that is not what they mean.  Fake news to them is anything that directly takes on their narrative.  Fake news, according to the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton, would be sites like this one.  Any site that doesn’t go along with their absurd official story and tries to inject facts into the equation will qualify as fake news in a heartbeat.

That’s what is so sinister about what they are doing here.  It’s calculated.  It may seem like it’s about Trump, or just sour grapes from sore losers of a hotly contested election.  But it’s just the beginning.  They will start by targeting the extreme news sources we referenced earlier, but soon, they will expand it out to include sites like this and any other site out there that is presenting a fact-based approach to their disinformation campaigns.

You have to look at what the other hand is doing.  It’s like a sleight-of-hand trick they are playing right in your face.  They make you think one thing, and it is a reasonable one that makes a lot of sense.  Meanwhile, the other hand is up to something much more sinister.  The only thing you can always count on in their schemes is that the loser is always going to be you.

Fake news is bad.  But the biggest proponent of fake news in America is the mainstream media.  That alone should prove that their intentions are less than honorable.

The Irony of the Government’s Russian Hacking Probe — Mad Cause You Did It Better Than Us?

The CIA and other government agencies are indicating that Russia was involved in some sort of cyberwarefare activities to influence the United States’ Presidential election last month. As a matter of fact, they have been saying that for a while. It just didn’t matter that much until Donald Trump shocked the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College. Now, it’s a big deal.
Let’s put this in perspective for a minute though. The government is accusing Russia of using hacking as a means to influence the outcome of the United States’ election, the same election that Russia hacked emails from the Democratic National Convention and then gave them to WikiLeaks who in turn released them to the public revealing that the United States had fixed the Democratic Primary. Get that?
It’s now common, factual knowledge that Bernie Sanders was never in the running for the Hillary Clinton’s spot as the Democratic nominee. The fix was in. He made a good showing publicly, but he never had any chance. They made sure of it. And the same powers were at work in the general election. The government is angry because it appears that Russia was better at fixing the general election than they were. Now they have an outsider in the Presidency. Bummer for the elites.
Another big question is why Russia would want Trump to be President in the first place? The emails that they hacked are great material to control a Hillary Clinton as President. What could possibly be the rationale for Putin and the Russian government wanting a hothead like Trump as their primary competition amongst world superpowers? It seems much more likely that Russia was preparing for a Hillary Clinton presidency, and now the hacking is just being used as a means for the government to explain how an outsider could have infiltrated their elite system.
Of course, this theory all hinges on the idea that you truly believe that Donald Trump is an outsider that has used the Republican Party as a gateway to the Presidency. What do you think? Is Trump in league with Russia? Was this all part of an elaborate plot to deny Hillary Clinton her lifetime achievement award? Are there more sinister intentions of the Trump/Russia partnership? Or is this all an attempt to undermine Trump’s unexpected, shocking win by questioning its legitimacy and convincing the American people that the election’s outcome was influenced by an old enemy?

After all, there’s just no way that Trump could have just won without some help, right?

WikiLeaks is Reason Enough for No Conspiracy Theorist to Ever Be Laughed At Again

Common Sense Conspiracy has been around for a while now, and many of our loyal readers know our message.  There is nothing that we hate more than the way the mainstream media, our government, and people that don’t know any better try to make it out that believing in conspiracy theorists is childish, paranoid, or foolish.  They’ve worked at this for years.  Anyone that questions the establishment, the way things are, and tries to insinuate that the official story that is being shoved down our collective throats might be false is ridiculed.  We’ve seen it time and time again, and it never fails to make us sick.

This year in the 2016 election, WikiLeaks ended this once and for all.  Yes, it should have ended with Edward Snowden, who came along and basically proved that all of the conspiracy theories about the government illegally watching your every move was absolutely true from the start.  There were others, but now, WikiLeaks has taken it to a whole new level.  After these revelations, there is absolutely no reason for conspiracy theorists to ever be ridiculed again.

Think about what we have found out.  Now, keep in mind the mainstream media has worked overtime trying to keep this story to a minimum, and a lot of its tactics revolved around unearthing more provocative stories about Donald Trump that would dominate the news cycle.  We’re not saying that Trump didn’t do these things.  That’s not what we are discussing here in this article.  What we are discussing is how the media uses Donald Trump’s latest atrocity of the week to cover up the absolutely damning revelations that WikiLeaks is pouring out day after day.

It’s sad.  Yes, these leaks are particularly damaging to the campaign of one Senator Hillary Clinton, but they are really damaging to our system of belief in our government in general.  Donald Trump has been lambasted for his refusal to pledge that he will accept the results of this election by the very people we now know 100% for certain rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.   No one is angry about it.  No one is going to jail.   No on is even being investigated.  It has just been accepted.  Oh well.  They know best, right?

WikiLeaks has revealed that Hillary Clinton did most certainly know what she was doing with her infamous email server.  But more importantly, it has revealed numerous instances where the government has acknowledge in electronic transmissions huge transgressions against the American people, and from there, the world.  And the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to cover it up.  We even saw the words “shadow government” acknowledge and recognized in official documents.  Still, conspiracy theorists are fodder for laughs, when they have been proven to be, in many cases, right all along.

Here’s the thing, those of you that are reading that happen to be awake.  No matter how much the mainstream media, the government, and Hillary Clinton want to conceal WikiLeaks’ information, it is out there for anyone that wants to read to take it all in.  That’s the beauty of what this company has done.  They can try to soften the impact of it, and they can try to conceal it from those that are still asleep and refuse to pay attention to what is happening around them.  But for those that want to know, it’s there.  You can find it.  This is the one bright spot from all of this.  No matter how hard they try, the truth is coming out, a little at the time.  For that, at least, we can be thankful.

Pokemon Go Tied to Satanic and Illuminati Rituals, Symbolism — Fun Past Time or More to the Story?

Well if you are alive in the summer of 2016, chances are you know something about the Pokemon craze.  Now, Pokemon is nothing new, mind you, but Pokemon Go is a new game that can be played wherever you are right on your smart phone.  The game uses global

Do these friendly guys really look like they are waiting to take you to the gates of Hell?
Do these friendly guys really look like they are waiting to take you to the gates of Hell?

navigation systems to create an experience that meshes an imaginary world with reality.  The Pokemon creatures can be “found” at real world locations and captured to be used in game.

The overwhelming popularity of Pokemon Go is taking the cult classic to a whole new generation, with thousands of people that knew next to nothing about Pokemon a few weeks ago quickly becoming certifiable experts.  But some in conspiracy circles are chattering that maybe there is more to the Pokemon story than is immediately visible.  Could Pokemon not be just a fun past time, but something more?

Regardless of what you think about some of the theories below, there is a question as to whether Pokemon Go’s mixing of imagination and real world locations is completely safe.  There are already reports of car wrecks because of Pokemon “sightings.”  There are also incidents where people with bad intentions have lured people to locations by use of the game.  That being said, the theories in the videos below go way past just thinking maybe it’s a little dangerous to be Pokemon hunting on the interstate at 80 miles per hour.  We’re talking serious stuff here.

You’ve got it all.  There are people that actually think that Pokemon is demonic and is a gateway to worshipping Satan.  Others believe that Pokemon is connected to the Illuminati and go really in depth pointing out symbolism throughout Pokemon’s many iterations over the years.  There’s  even a feel-good Pokemon rap that when played backwards references, well, all of the above with a 666 thrown in for good measure.  So, what do you think?  Is Pokemon Go another harbinger of the New World Order takeover?  Is it demonic?  Do you think there are Illuminati and sex symbols buried inside Pokemon?

Or do you think that maybe it’s just a fun and convenient game to play with friends, and at least it has a lot of people out moving and basking in the sunshine this summer instead of binging on Netflix or cranking up the Playstation?  Is anything safe from Illuminati conspiracy theories?  We want to hear what you think in the comments below.

Not all of the videos below support the theories, as you will see.  Some people find it quite humorous.  Of course, those same people might not even notice if the Illuminati knocked on their door.



Mark Zuckerberg is a Generous Guy But He Is Not Giving Everyone Who Shares a Post on Facebook $4.5 Million

It’s sad that Common Sense Conspiracy has to report on this, but we have to.  There is a post going around on Facebook (no less) that Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire+ founder of Facebook is giving everyone that shares a ridiculously stupid post will get $4.5 million at midnight from Zuckerberg’s charitable ambitions.

Yes, it’s true that Zuckerberg is giving away a crap-ton of money.  But he ain’t giving it to you.  This is a hoax designed to make everyone that clicks that “Like” and “Share” into an idiot.  As if you didn’t do enough to make that known on your own by yourself.

Come on guys. Really?
Come on guys. Really?

Hoax Alert: Facebook to Charge $5.99 to Keep Your Profile Private and “Legal Notices” of Copyright

It happens once or twice a year.  All of your friends post a legalese-looking message that says if you just cut and paste it to your own wall, it will prevent Facebook from claiming all of your posts, photographs, and other content as it’s own intellectual property.  To take it a step further, this year we have posts that are now saying Facebook is about to start charging everyone $5.99 to keep their information private.

Both of these are total hoaxes and not founded in fact whatsoever.

For starters, the silly message that everyone is cutting and pasting into their newsfeeds wouldn’t hold up a second in a court of law, assuming Facebook did pull a fast one on its own terms and conditions (which you claim to have read when you signed up and each time it has changed since).  It’s not that simple to absolve yourself of all responsibility, and it’s not that simple to make another party have to go along with your feelings.  The reality is that Facebook has never tried to take its users posts and content as its own, and the terms and conditions continue to lay that out as of the publication of this article.

As for the $5.99 thing, it’s another hoax that doesn’t even make sense.  If you did pay $5.99 to have Facebook keep your profile private, it would defeat the purpose of having a Facebook profile in the first place.  Having no one able to see your page would make it in effect useless.  What’s more, the idea that $5.99 represents more to Facebook than using your information to sell to other companies in the form of advertisements and your internet habits is ridiculous.  If Facebook did offer a service like that for $5.99, they would be undercutting their entire business model.  And there is one other piece of evidence to consider… you can block anyone from seeing your profile at any time.

Facebook is a very smart company.  Genius, really.  No way they would go for either of these strategies.  And saying “Gotcha” to Facebook does not mean that your content is suddenly copyrighted in the Library of Congress.

Unbelievable Video Details All the Ways the Government Watches Over You on a Daily Basis

Our friends at created this excellent video that we want all of our readers to know is worth your time.  This video reminds us of just how far “Big Brother” has reached into our lives already.  Some of the ways that the government is peaking over your shoulder may be quite surprising.  It’s definitely worth a look, and it might change the way you view the world around you.