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Did The Vatican Kill JFK??

Another powerful speech by JFK. This one deals with the prospect that the Vatican may have been behind the conspiracy to kill JFK that fateful day in Dallas. JFK exposes the hidden conspiracy that he had first hand knowledge of and that same conspiracy ultimately cost him his life.

New World Order Plans Revealed By General Wesley Clark

General Wesley Clark reveals in 2007 insight into the New World Order’s plans for the Middle East. He is then invited to CNN in 2011 saying that Iran MUST BE INVADED. He is also defending the same plans that he exposed in 2007. What is going on here? It seems that the good general might be confused. What side is he on?

Inside The New World Order

Pastor Lindsey Williams found himself in a unique position. He was able to befriend some high ranking New World Order members. He claims that they opened up to him about their plans and goals. This is very interesting and we will be keeping up with Pastor Williams to see if his information turns out to be true.

Mario Monti, New Prime Minister of Italy, has New World Order Ties — Another Domino Falls?

Mario Monti, the new prime minister of Italy, is up to his eyeballs in ties to the New World Order movement.  He also has attended the Bilderberg conference.  This video breaks down his ties to the New World Order in detail.  Has Italy just become another domino falling in the race to a one world government?