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Climate Change, Terror Attacks, and a Perpetual State of Fear

In little more than a week’s time, we have seen multiple events that have made a lot of eyebrows rise worldwide in conspiracy circles. For veterans to this scene, this explanation is probably not necessary (although you might still find it interesting or want to pile on if you have any more information that you think is helpful). However, the political climate among other things has a lot of people on edge, and that means that more people than ever before are turning to alternative news sources and opinions. This is an overwhelmingly great thing, and we are proud to have all newcomers. This is a primer for those that might wonder why so many people think what they think when things like this happen in our world.
It is drilled into our minds from almost infancy that our government and civic system is designed to keep us safe. Safety is one of the cornerstones of true control, and the government (all over the world) takes it very seriously. However, what if you are safe already? What if there isn’t a threat? Well, that doesn’t work out well for them, and that’s why it will never happen. So, many in conspiracy circles believe that if things are going okay in the world, the powers-that-be will work overtime to make sure that it doesn’t stay that way. That is where all of the drama about false flag operations and such originates.
Situations like the terror attacks in Britain are a great example. Are they false flag operations? Who knows? We at Common Sense Conspiracy certainly have no real evidence to present for or against. But the reason it gets tossed around is because these sorts of things are just bad enough to cause mass panic and hysteria, but not bad enough to encourage people to revolt. In other words, they want us to feel just unsafe enough that we believe the government is taking care of us. Does that mean that every major violent event in the world is a false flag operation? Absolutely not, and the CSC has repeatedly gone on the record questioning the validity of claims. As always, we like to see some evidence, preferably tangible, before we start putting theories forward. Too many people out there (we’re not saying any names) in our line of work don’t follow this rule, and they lead to the rest of us getting labelled as tin-foil hat wearers and conspiracy nuts. The reality is that there are false flag operations, and we know this. Deciphering real ones from unfounded speculation is a big part of what we do here.
Climate change is another topic that was big in the news this past week. President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accords was a major news story and led to a lot of doomsday predictions. Now, we’re not here to give you a full scientific rundown or climate change and the evidence for or against. All we are saying is that it’s like a game. Is climate change real? Sure. Look around. Is it caused by man? Sure, probably doesn’t help anything. But is Florida going to be underwater in 2030? Now that’s getting a little crazy with it. Is the United States going to be consumed by a fireball as temperatures spiral out of control? The doomsday prophecies of climate change are ironic because of this. Almost every ardent supporter of climate change is probably vehemently against Donald Trump. Yet, they use his style of negotiation. Shoot high and hope to get something in the middle. They preach doomsday hoping that maybe they will get people to change somewhere down the line. This is probably a pretty obvious strategy to most reasonable people. However, what you may not have considered is that they also want you to be afraid. Too much gets made out of the politics of it. The Democrats want you to be afraid that the Republicans will cause your Earth to be destroyed and all your grandchildren’s children to perish. The Republicans want you to believe that the Democrats are wasting your money on a bunch of bologna. The reality is that both sides like it. Or a better description would be that the real government likes it. Once again, it promotes fear. It also promotes division. Those two things are critical aspects at keeping people (where the real power lies) in check.
So, we hope as you peruse our articles here at Common Sense Conspiracy both today and in the future, you will remember this one that kind of gives you a primer for what you will see here. No matter how one-sided a lot of things might look at first glance, a lot of times if you look closer, you’ll see that all sides benefit, not just one or the other. That’s what we call the machine at work, and believe you me, it has been working overtime in our world this past week.

ObamaCare Carriers Pull Out at Dizzying Rate, But It’s All Part of the Game for Single Payer

Whatever your feelings about the Affordable Care Act, more affectionately (or the opposite maybe) known as ObamaCare, there is no way to insinuate that it has gone off without a hitch. The whole “you can keep you doctor” dilemma was just part one of the disfunction that has come to be associated with ObamaCare. The latest obvious signs of failure are the dramatic pulling out of several major insurance carriers, citing losses in the hundreds of millions by participating in the program. Aetna is following suit today, making just another insurance carrier cutting its losses. So, why are you not hearing Democrats sweating it out in this controversial election year as President Barack Obama’s namesake and most well-known piece of legislation withers? Well, because they planned it that way of course.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats. Understand that plainly. Common Sense Conspiracy endorses neither party and has published a myriad of articles on how both parties are leading the nation (and the world) down the same path. Never mind that. But it’s not hard to figure out that ObamaCare was just a small step on the road to ever-growing government dependence, and its failure is scripted to push America toward a single-payer system where the government finally takes control of health care completely.

Don’t think so? Just listen to President Obama explain the plan himself.

Zika Virus Taking the Conspiracy World By Storm — Population Control?

SPOILER ALERT: In Dan Brown’s book Inferno, a “mad scientist” found a way to limit the Earth’s population (which he felt was our biggest danger) by releasing into the air a bug that had no ill effects on people except it affected their ability to procreate. This was, of course, fiction, but ever since the Zika virus made its way into the mainstream media’s rotation recently, conspiracy theorists have been wondering if fact and fiction weren’t closer together than previously thought.
The Zika virus is not new. It has actually been around for decades, but something about the way it has mutated in recent years is allegedly causing a much more potent breakout than every before, leading the CDC to declare it a real health emergency. With mosquito season just firing up, the summer of 2016 will no doubt be the summer of Zika, be it a real threat or a conflicting government psy-op campaign.
In any case, the video below shows some important facts about Zika that the mainstream media doesn’t like to tell anyone about, and some of them may make you have a better understanding of what Zika is, where it came from, and whether or not the threat is real. Are you ready for Zika?

Sneaky Vaccinations — Implanted in Bananas and Other Food?

We all know the controversy surrounding mandatory vaccinations in California, and the ever-growing fear that they are on the way for adults as well.  Well, the video below shows how GMO fruit can give our dear government the option of simply tricking us into taking our vaccinations, much like you might trick a child or pet into taking its medicine.  That’s right… that ripe banana you are holding might have a little something extra on board.  This engineering shows that they are not going to quit trying to find a way to get whatever substances they want into our bodies, and there just simply isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.

Actor Jim Carrey Blasts California Mandatory Vaccination Law — Calls Governor a “Fascist”

Jim Carrey is probably easily the most famous person to believe that vaccinations and autism are linked. He has spoken out on this issue for years now, ever since his relationship with Jenny McCarthy who has an autistic son. The two of them believe that vaccinations are responsible at least in part for the rising autism epidemic. Carrey wasted no time lashing out against a new law that California has put in place that is the toughest law on vaccination in the country by far. Carrey went as far as to brand the governor of California (who has now signed the bill into law) a “corporate fascist.”
It’s nice to know that not everyone in Hollywood is a blind follower of the mainstream media. We salute Jim for standing up for what he believes in, especially in an industry where it could have quite a backlash against him. Our hat’s off to you, Jim.

The Doomsday Seed Vault in Norway — Modern Day Ark?

If you think the super-elite rich aren’t worried about a worldwide catastrophe, look no further than the “Doomsday Vault” in Norway for your answer. Funded enthusiastically by Bill and Melinda Gates, this vault built under the permafrost of Norway houses hundreds of thousands of seed samples intended to be used to repopulate the Earth if a real extinction event occurred. Basically, it’s a lot like Noah’s Ark for plants, and it is a way to protect Earth the way it is now and make it possible to return it if recent extinction talks become reality. In case you haven’t heard, scientists now say that the Earth is in its sixth mass extinction period, and even mankind could be on the chopping block. Add the constant threat of nuclear war and the damage done to the Earth environmentally and it’s easy to see why a seed vault might not be such a terrible idea.

Is the New World Order Movement Seeking to Eliminate Gender Differences?

With a new movement for transgender individuals rapidly taking shape (especially in the aftermath of the Bruce Jenner to Caitlin Jenner transformation) paired with increasing acceptance of homosexuals in American society, it seems like gender identities are the most confused they’ve ever been.  Children in this day and age don’t have stark black and white portrayals of who or what they should be based on their gender.  Now, granted, that is a great thing in many ways.  Society has reshaped itself in such a way that females are no longer secondary to males in various industries, and when they are, it’s not just unfair but also illegal.  Despite all the good, though, there are people out there that feel that there is a movement not for transgender or gay rights, but to eliminate gender identity altogether.

Perhaps the male gender was already doing enough to render itself defenseless already.
Perhaps the male gender was already doing enough to render itself defenseless already.

New World Order?  Illuminati?  Oppressive Big Brother-style government?  Whatever name you put on it, there are plenty of theories that gender identity elimination is a big part of a one-world government movement where everyone is mostly just the same… a cog in the wheel of the machine.  The video below points to figures in modern culture that are really pushing the envelope on gender identity.  Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, is a great example.  As far as the world knows, Jaden is neither gay nor transsexual, and yet he seems to find enjoyment in shocking the world with his fashion choices that often mingle the sexes liberally.  Is this just a way of being different?  Or is this pushing people to stop making the distinction?  What would the world be like if genders suddenly disappeared altogether?

Some people believe the reason for this movement is to feminize men.  The concept there is that if men are bombarded with this from day one, they are less likely to fall under male stereotypes.  We already live in a society where young men are increasingly behind computer screens at work and video game consoles at home.  No longer are young men the hunters and gatherers of society, and they look like it.  Many people in conspiracy circles believe this is a government-sanctioned movement to weaken males to make it easier for domination.   Males today are less likely to be interested in guns and less likely to be a great physical specimen.  They are also much less self-sufficient, which means that almost all the bases are covered with lowering the chance of resistance as the New World Order takes shape.

What do you think?  We all basically agree that everyone should have the same rights (although there is widespread disagreement as to what those rights are and how they are defined), but are we also being conditioned to not just treat everyone equal, but to eliminate the concept altogether?  And what does that mean for our future?