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Doomsday Clock Moves Forward – Trump’s Fault?

In case you haven’t heard about this yet, the so-called Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock that a group of international scientists that no one can pin down use to theorize on how close the Earth is to an apocalyptic world-ending event. Today, it was moved forward by a larger amount than it had in the past. The mainstream media was more than happy to blame this on Donald Trump becoming President of the United States a few days ago. However, this isn’t something that works like that. While the media and the previous administration probably would prefer for Trump to shoulder that blame, the truth is that plenty other things have happened to influence this matter. The nuclear deal with Iran along with the gift of uranium marked some of the more infamous parts of Obama’s legacy. Also, the doomsday clock puts a lot of emphasis on climate change. While the Trump administration may be no friend to climate change activists, it’s not like things are any different in that regard than the last or previous Republican Presidents. Trump may usher in the end of the world as we know it, but it certainly had nothing to do with this moment in time.

Mainstream and Social Media Use Fake Photographs of National Mall to Detract From Trump Inauguration

You’ve no doubt seen the photos by now. There’s a picture directly comparing the scene at Donald Trump’s inauguration to that of President Obama. The insinuation of the comparison is clear. President Obama enjoyed record turnout for his inauguration, and Trump’s may be the worst ever in modern times. We are getting a lot of questions about whether this is true and what it means.
Well, as to the big question, it is true, although it doesn’t really mean anything. Trump’s inauguration is being estimated at 700,000 to 900,000 in attendance, far short of President Obama’s record numbers in 2009. However, those figures are deceiving as no President came even close to Obama’s number. See, President Obama’s inauguration was a much more historic event than any inauguration before because he was the first African-American President to be sworn into office. This caused his inauguration to have huge numbers that trump (no pun intended) all others before him. If you want to be realistic, Trump’s numbers are actually quite good. Check out these estimations from Snopes, a site that is not known for veering from the narrative of the mainstream media:
President Bill Clinton, 1993: 800,000 people
President Bill Clinton, 1997: 250,000 people
President George W. Bush, 2001: 300,000 people
President George W. Bush, 2005: 400,000 people
President Barack Obama, 2009: 1.8 million people
President Barack Obama, 2013: 1 million people

That’s right. Trump’s inauguration, if the higher estimate holds, may end up being the third best of all time, behind the two Obama events. And it is important to note that while both of Obama’s inaugurations were very high in attendance, the one in 2013 was not nearly as much. That’s because the event wasn’t as historic the second time it happened. In any case, it’s absolutely true that Trump’s numbers were far less than Obama’s, but that’s not as much of a slight as it sounds because his numbers are still higher than the average and may end up being the second best in the final tally.
So what about the photographs, you say? If Trump still had those kinds of numbers, what is with the empty looking National Mall picture that is now going viral on the mainstream media? Well, it’s not real, of course. The picture is of the National Mall, just not on the day of an event on the level of an inauguration. The picture is of a lesser event where there are enough people present to make the photograph believable, but not enough to look like Trump had a good day.

The mainstream media could dispel this, of course, but they wouldn’t dare. Reporting the actual news is not the business that they are in. But at the Women’s March taking place today, expect there to be plenty of pictures of how many people are in attendance. There’s a reason behind everything you see on the mainstream media’s television screen. Make no mistake, and while the jury is out on what Donald Trump is really all about, don’t think that the games being played for your mind have slowed down or are going anywhere.

New President Donald Trump Repeatedly Flashes Illuminati Hand Signs During First Speech as President

Donald Trump is now officially the 45th President of the United States. Some believe he is an outsider that took a political party by force to ride it to the White House. Others believe that he is just another puppet of the New World Order and we are about to see more of the same.
Well, in conspiracy circles, it didn’t take very long into the Trump Presidency for rumors to start circulating. Just after taking the oath of office, Trump gave a speech at the Inauguration ceremony and repeatedly flashed a well-known Illuminati hand signal (sometimes referred to as the “OK” sign). This is not something that he does on a regular basis, and many believe that his taking of the oath and actually becoming president are the reason that he is now using the gesture. What do you think? Is Trump giving the signal that the Illuminati is still calling the shots in the White House and the American shadow government? Or is this simply a sign that Trump is making accidentally?  Click the link below to watch the Trump video clip.

Fracking Goes to Center Stage in Questioning By Senator Bernie Sanders

You will have to navigate a whole lot of drama in this clip. Senator Bernie Sanders is grilling Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s nomination for head of the EPA, on climate change. As you might imagine, Pruitt rides the fence all the way through. This video has been widely spread around the Internet with it being spotlighted that Sanders broke Pruitt down by pointing out over and over again his reluctance to directly address his feelings on climate change. This is conventional Washington wizardry. The fracking commentary, if you wait for it, is much more compelling, and therefore completely ignored on social media and by the mainstream media.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders after asking about climate change: "I'm asking your personal opinion."EPA Administrator Nominee Scott Pruitt: "My personal opinion is immaterial."Bernie Sanders: "Really? You're going to be the head of the agency to protect the environment and your personal feelings about whether climate change is caused by human activity and carbon emissions is immaterial?"Watch complete hearing here:

Posted by C-SPAN on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Conspiracy Rumors Circle Around the Inauguration of Donald Trump — What’s Really at Work Here?

If all goes well, on Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. If Hillary Clinton had won the election in November, the only conspiracy theories being tossed about would relate to what she was going to do when she gets into power and how it might relate to things like the New World Order and the shadow government. Because she didn’t win, we have the most controversial moment in perhaps all of American history. Donald Trump being inaugurated as President of the United States is causing an unprecedented wave of paranoia and conspiracy rumblings. Common Sense Conspiracy is ready to dissect some of these theories that are being discussed and give our take as the big day approaches.

The bottom line in a lot of these conspiracy theories that are forming is that many, many people in conspiracy circles simply believe that Donald Trump will not be allowed to continue to live as the American President. It depends on how you look at it. If you believe that Donald Trump infiltrated the political system in the United States as an outsider and somehow won the election outright in a move that even the shadow government could have never predicted, then it probably seems highly likely that the shadow government might deem him unable to continue breathing. If you believe that Donald Trump is not really an outsider, and he is really just another iteration of the same things we have seen before, then his assassination seems markedly less likely. Compounding on this theory is the controversial news that the head of the security at the inauguration event will actually be stripped of his authority during the ceremony. Meaning that once Donald Trump legally becomes President, that guy loses his job. This is unusual and unorthodox. It means that there’s a guy that is supposed to be in charge of providing security at the inauguration that has a lot of reason not to be that concerned about it. This move is blessed by outgoing President Obama, which makes many wonder if we aren’t seeing a setup already from the very beginning of the would-be Trump Presidency.
Having said all of this, an Inauguration Day assassination of Donald Trump, while bold, seems unlikely. It’s not that we don’t think there are people in the highest levels of the American government that desperately want to see this never happen. Sure. But the bottom line is that while Donald Trump may very well be the best example ever of an outsider infiltrating the political system, he’s not the only one. As a matter of fact, it is entirely possible that one young Barack Obama was everything he claimed to be before he came into office. Barack ran for President wholly on the idea of change coming on the heels of a rocky George W. Bush Presidency and a divided nation over wars that many deemed unnecessary and ill-contrived. He made a lot of promises along the way. He promised to end the wars quickly. When he got into office, he quickly changed his tune. He also pledged to close the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. He would wait until the end of his second term to even start to make some sort of move on that front. The bottom line is that if Barack Obama was an outsider when he came into office, he quickly learned that if you say what you are supposed to say and go along with the agenda, they will let you live. And that is what happened. Good little Presidents don’t step out of line. When they do, well, see the Zapruder film for more information.
So, it’s unlikely that they would choose to assassinate Trump before he even becomes President. After all, he might dance the way they want him to. He might be shocked into submission when he learns how it really all works. They might find that they can use him as a fall guy for their evil intentions (see George W. Bush for more information on this one). The only way they would think that this situation was so severe that it had to happen in broad daylight in the heart of the nation’s capital before Trump even actually took one breath as President of the United States is if they actually perceived Donald Trump as such a dire threat to the American shadow government’s agenda that they had no other choice. We can’t see any reason they would feel that way. Donald Trump’s campaign served to divide America more than ever (although not all of his own doing), and the shadow government quite famously likes that. While Trump may have risen up as a surprise, it doesn’t mean that they don’t see some value in him as President. But only if they know they can use him and bend him to their will. If he doesn’t show that he is pliable, they will make a move.
But probably not on Inauguration Day.
Moving on, let’s look at some other theories. There are still those in conspiracy circles that believe that President Obama will not leave office on that day. They believe that martial law will be declared and President Obama will remain the President for the indefinite future. How could this happen? There are a couple of theories.
One theory is that President Obama will ignite a full-out war with Russia in the next five days, leading to a conflict where he can declare himself as having to stay President, especially referencing Trump’s supposed ties to Russia. This is unlikely at best, but we do have troops sitting along the Lithuania-Russia border, and it wouldn’t be as difficult to escalate as you might think.
Another theory is that full-on chaos will erupt on the eve of the inauguration. We have seen threats of “The Purge” movie becoming realistic in the wake of this event. Many, many protests are planned, and there’s no doubt that some things are going to happen. Could civil unrest be so dramatic that a martial law declaration was necessary? Not likely, but possible.
So, in recap, it is the opinion of Common Sense Conspiracy that the most likely outcome is that Donald Trump becomes President on that day without incident and the coming weeks and months will determine whether he lives to see the other side of said Presidency. However, these theories are not completely unfounded, and it is certainly possible that we could see a huge conspiracy-related event unfold in the coming days. Stay tuned.

While You Were Sleeping: Obama Deploys Special Forces to Russian Border

Congressional hearings trying to get to the bottom of the repeated Russian hacking accusations revealed some pretty eye-opening facts on Thursday.  The hacking is now being called an “act of war” by heads of intelligence agencies as well as Senator John McCain.  This represents a really scary coalition between party lines in America to justify an upcoming showdown with Russia.  But you won’t find much mainstream news coverage about this even more interesting (and frightening) fact.  President Barack Obama, who only has two weeks left before he is no longer in his current position of authority, has deployed United States Special Forces along the Lithuania-Russia border.  What for, you ask?  Oh, yes, the unthinkable.  There is growing fears that NATO might strike Russia in some sort of misguided punitive action, and Donald Trump may be just days too late to stop it.  Would Obama approve something that might launch an all-out war with Russia just days before he leaves office?  And what would happen if he did?  Could this be the moment so many conspiracy theorists have been waiting for when Obama somehow finds a last ditch effort to declare martial law and stay in power?

What do you think?  And did you hear this on your local news?  We’re betting not.

President Obama Will Punish Russia For the Least Flagrant Thing They Have Done

President Obama will announce “punishment” against Russia today in the last days of his Presidency for the as yet unproven allegations that Russia was engaged in hacking activities that helped Donald Trump win the United States election in November. Now, perhaps at the press conference to announce this punishment, President Obama will provide some serious evidence that Russia did indeed do this, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy consider this unlikely. Why, you say? Because this was never really what it appeared to be from the beginning.
During President Obama’s eight years in office, Vladimir Putin and his Russia have frequently embarrassed Obama on a variety of issues. From taking the other side in the Syrian conflict to the controversial actions in Ukraine, Putin has always been quick to do whatever he can to make Obama look foolish. While almost everyone recognizes that Putin has done this, Obama has continued to take the high road and act as if he has taught Putin a lesson. This is not true by anyone’s standards. Now, for all of those actions, some of which were major international intrusions, President Obama shook his head, made vague threats that everyone knew would not come to fruition, and continued to mostly just do what he was doing. But now, he’s getting tough. Why? Because he thinks that Russia caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election.
Never mind the fact that there has not been one allegation or shred of proof of actual hacking of election results. That’s not what they are insinuating. They are saying that Russia helped influence the United States’ election by revealing information it did not acquire honestly. Now, no one anywhere has debated whether the information released in WikiLeaks was true. This is actually disconcerting, because it would have made a lot more sense to deny all the way. Instead, they are admitting the corruption revealed by whoever hacked those emails is absolutely true, but it’s not fair because ordinary Americans weren’t supposed to know about it. To summarize, Russia is supposedly guilty of interfering with the American election because he revealed the corruption that was taking place within the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They are mad because Russia revealed all of the dirty tricks that were taking place beneath the surface. These dirty tricks were not something that Americans didn’t already believe was there, they just didn’t have proof. Russia may or may not have provided proof.
In any case, all of a sudden big bad Obama thinks something must be done because the Democratic Party was supposed to dominate America for decades after the mess of the George W. Bush years and there’s just no way that Americans could have voted against his party unless an evil person from halfway across the world were somehow involved.
Seems legit.